NAPALM DEATH’s Mitch Harris Launches New Project, MENACE

MenaceLast month, Season of Mist announced the signing of MENACE, the brainchild of NAPALM DEATH axeman Mitch Harris. MENACE‘s debut album is entitled Impact Velocity and will hit the stores on March 14th (March 18th in North America). Impact Velocity¬†features contributions from Derek Roddy (drums), Fred Leclercq (bass), Nicola Manzan (violin, cello, viola), Shane Embury (bass), and Russ Russell (producer and navigator of paradoxology).

MENACE is a project for those who dare to be challenged. It is a journey across genres; neither claiming nor conforming to any particular known style, and a result of all musical history and culture.

Mitch comments: “The band is called MENACE, but to me, it is more than just a band or a solo project. It is the result of my life’s work. It’s a concept that has been in production for some time with most of the songs and intense work done in the last two years. The initial idea for MENACE began with a plan to work with Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) and drummer Brann Dailor (MASTODON). Although Brann recorded two songs initially, his responsibilities with MASTODON didn’t allow time for such an intricate collaboration. In fact, we all became incredibly busy and as a result, new directives evolved, and to achieve my goal for MENACE I needed to see the album through myself.

“To me, MENACE is the old meeting the new; heavy and melodic, descriptive and adventurous, epic and futuristic, carnal and primitive, and so on. MENACE brings unrealized dreams closer to fruition. It is about overcoming loss and hardship, and a combination of many interests, including spiritual philosophy, psychology, science, physics, theatrics, the supernatural, the paranormal, film, poetry, photography, art, sculpture and video; the things I’ve focused all my energy on over the last twenty years. It’s an organic meets technological approach to exploration and self discovery through a direction I term audio-installationism (A.I.).”

Harris concludes, “Those familiar with my previous work will be in for a surprise and should expect the unexpected, but I’m a firm believer that even the most improbable dreams should be explored. MENACE is a statement in itself, a way of saying that there is always a way forward, no matter how difficult it seems. If you are still alive, then there is still something to achieve.”

TODAY IS THE DAY – Axis of Eden

Steve Austin is one underground music’s ultimate survivors. He has reinvented his vision in TODAY IS THE DAY numerous times throughout the years not to mention introducing the world to two of today’s biggest metal acts: LAMB OF GOD and MASTODON. While most bands would have folded following the amount of lineup and record company changes, Austin has endured. He managed to soldier on, delivering his most powerful, focused release in years with Axis of Eden. Aiding and abetting Austin in his mission of destruction and chaos is none other than death metal elite drummer Derek Roddy (MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATE ETERNAL, NILE, etc.) whose fast and furious drumming propels much of the album on tracks such as “IED,” “Broken Promises and Dead Dreams,” and “Total Resistance.” Meanwhile bassist Chris Debari‘s serpentine bass lines create an unstoppable groove on “Circus Maximus” and the disharmonic “The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me.” As expected, much of the energy and power of Axis of Eden is the result of Austin‘s painstaking performances and while his fury and anguish is pronounced throughout the entire proceedings, he also manages to get under the listener’s skin with the creepy “Free at Last” and the ominous title cut. A much more concise work than his ambitious yet somewhat overindulgent Sadness Will Prevail and the chaotic Kiss the Pig, Axis of Eden is a nightmarish descent in to the trappings of one of the most tortured voices underground. Welcome to back to the abyss. (Supernova Records)