Download MetalSucks’ Free Compilation NYC Sucks, Volume 1

MetalSucks has released a free (as in beer) compilation called NYC Sucks, Volume 1 featuring 14 New York area extreme metal bands.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. EAST OF THE WALL, “The Ladder”
2. MADE OUT OF BABIES, “Invisible Ink”
4. BLACK ANVIL, “The Evil of All Roots”
5. NAAM, “Frosted Tread”
6. BATILLUS, “The Children of the Night Make Their Music”
7. MEEK IS MURDER, “Sundowners” (demo)
8. THE BINARY CODE, “Encircled”
9. CASTEVET, “Stones”
10. HUNG, “Desert of Sad”
11. WIZARDRY, “The Falconer”
12. PYRRHON, “King of All Tears”
14. INCENDIARY, “Victory in Defeat”

Download the album here:

Volume 2 comes out February 22nd!

Metal Swim: Free Compilation of Rare, Unreleased Metal Courtesy of Adult Swim and Scion A/V

Adult Swim, the home of DETHKLOK and Metalocalypse, and Scion A/V, who have been responsible for a wave of metal fests and free shows, have come together to bring you Metal Swim, a collection of 16 rare or unreleased metal. The album is free to download and features the following tracks:

SKELETONWITCH – “Bringers of Death”
TORCHE – “Arrowhead”
LUDICRA – “Path of Ash”
KYLESA – “Forsaken”
BLACK TUSK – “Fatal Kiss”
RED FANG – “Hank is Dead”
BLACK COBRA – “Frozen Night”
SAVIOURS – “Dixie Dieway”
WITCH MOUNTAIN – “Veil of the Forgotten”
ISIS – “Pliable Foe”
JESU – “Dethroned”
PELICAN – “Inch Above Sand”
ZOROASTER – “Witch Hammer”
WITHERED – “Extinguished With the Misery”
BORIS – “Luna”

Visit the Metal Swim site to download the free album and view interviews and performance footage from past Scion Rock Fests:


JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE‘s New Album, The Audacity of Hype, is being offered as a free download from for one week and from eMusic today only!

Download the album from

Download from eMusic here:

Read the APESHIT review of The Audacity of Hype here:

DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz Releases Second Free Compilation for Vice Magazine

Fenriz of DARKTHRONE has compiled a second compilation for Vice Magazine called Trapped Under Vice Vol. II. In contrast to Vol. I‘s thrash metal mix, Vol. II is what Fenriz calls “soulful proto-metal (metal before there was metal)” from 1968-1978.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. FEVER TREE (USA) “Filigree & Shadow” (1968)
2. ICE CROSS (Iceland) “Jesus Freaks” (1978)
3. CARAVAN (UK) “Cecil Rons” (1968)
4. GUN (UK) “Race with the Devil” (1968)
5. SPOOKY TOOTH (UK) “Better by You, Better Than Me” (1969)
6. LUCIFER’S FRIEND (Germany/UK) “Lucifer’s Friend” (1970)
7. CACTUS (USA) “Parchman Farm” (1970)
8. SCORPION (USA) “Take A Look At Yourself” (1969)
9. SIT LORD BALTIMORE (USA) “Lady of Fire” (1970)
10. BLACK WIDOW (UK) “In Ancient Days” (1970)
11. THE OPEN MIND (UK) “Thor, the Thunder God” (1969)
12. FLAX (Norway) “Demon in Your Heart” (1976)
13. LOBBY LOYDE & TGE CIKIYRED BAKKS (Australia) “Human Being” (1973)
14. AMON DÜÜL II (Germany) “Archangel [Live]” (1975)
15. JANE (Germany) “Janesession” (1975)
16. BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (USA) “When Electricity Came to Arkansas [Live]” (1973)

Read the Vice Magazine announcement and download the compilation.

SANCTUS Make Rarities Available for Free Download

Deactivated death/black metal band, SANCTUS, have made a pair of rare recordings available for free download on their new discography site at

Fateshifter, the band’s swansong EP released in 2003, and their original demo from 1998 (when the band was called PANTHEON) have been posted for download. Only 50 copies each the EP and the demo were ever made. The once band from Southern California encourage sharing and online distribution of the music.

SANCTUS, who’s only full-length release, Aeon Sky, was released on Metal Blade Records in 2000, disbanded in 2004. Though Aeon Sky is no longer in print, it is not currently available for download on the site.

2 CD ULVER Tribute Album Available for Free Download

An ULVER tribute album entitled, My Own Wolf: A New Approach, has been released by Asphyrical Asphyxia to commemorate the Norwegian band’s 15 year anniversary. The 2 CD set has been posted as a free download, and will receive an physical release on May 8th. The tracklisting is as follows:

CD 1:
01. UNFURL – Lost in Moments
02. AVATHAR – Utreise
03. MURA HACHIGU feat. NOKTURNES – Blinded by Blood
04. SMOHALLA РLe Tr̫ne de la Trag̩die
05. ASMODÉE – Wolf and Hatred
06. SELVMORD – Wolf and Devil
07. SAEL – Wolf and Passion
08. OTZEPENEVSHIYE – Wolf and Destiny (Forest Fire version)
09. WARDAEMONIC – Nattens Madrigal
10. FB[FORCE] – Graablick Blew Hun Vaer
11. KARNA – Naturmystikk
12. FLUORYNE – Not Saved
13. YEAR ZERO – Nowhere / Catastrophe
14. SINESTESIA – Tomorrow Never Knows

CD 2:
01. PRYAPISME – In the Red
03. AIDAN BAKER – Eitttlane
04. PANACEA ENTERPAINMENT – Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses
05. PROJECT:A – Ulver (medley)
06. CATAPLUS – Høyfjeldsbilde
07. JÄÄPORTIT – Gnosis
08. WHEEL OF KNOWLEDGE – Lyckantropen Themes (medley)
09. ZWEIZZ – Kledt I Nattens Farger
10. BOSQUE – Utreise
11. NOISES OF RUSSIA – Darling, Didn’t We Kill You?
12. ASHTAR – The Marriage of Heaven & Hell (medley) (bonus track)

Download the album at the official site:

GC Records Launches Digital Download Store

GC Records, home of THE ANSWER LIES, ESL?!, NECKTIES MAKE ME NERVOUS, and more, has launched a brand new online store for digital downloads at  Full length albums and single mp3s are available for purchase.  A select few rare and out-of-print releases  from EAST ARCADIA, AS I…, PASSPORTE, and KILL THE SCIENTIST are also available for free download.