TURBONEGRO – Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment marks the beginning of a new era for TURBONEGRO with new vocalist, Tony Sylvester AKA Duke of Nothing.  Replacing a long time frontman is never an easy task, especially a charismatic one like Hank von Helvete.  The band made a wise decision in recruiting a vocalist that is fresh and different as opposed to a Hank clone.  Having said all that, the Duke of Nothing‘s rougher, rawer vocals gives TURBONEGRO a different feel and a bit of an edge.

Also important to mention is the recording debut for drummer Tommy Manboy, who arguably gives the best drumming performance on any TURBONEGRO album thus far on Sexual Harassment.  His style is subtle yet very musical as he fills the songs with plenty of great fills and unassuming embellishments.

Fans will be happy to know that Sexual Harassment is just solid. The focus, execution, and balls out enthusiasm that we expect from TURBONEGRO are all there.  Great riffs, clever lyrics, catchy vocal lines, and an excellent production also help make it a winner.  Stylistically, the album focuses mainly on the band’s 60’s/70’s rock influences (i.e. the STONES) and TURBONEGRO‘s raw and uglier deathpunk sound.

There are plenty of highlights on Sexual Harassment. The band come out with lots of energy with driving opener, “I Got a Knife,” and “Hello Darkness.”  By the time third track, “Shake Your Shit Machine,” comes on, longtime fans will feel more than comfortable and in the groove.  The main verse riff and bridge section on “Dude Without a Face” are just so nice and dark.  The best song on the album is by far the dynamic and soulful “Rise Below.”

At the end of the day, TURBONEGRO prove that they are still going strong and are as relevant as they always were.  The train keeps rolling.  (Volcom Entertainment)