While some bands in the metal genre (i.e. PANTERA, MANOWAR) choose to celebrate the excesses of the wild side of rock ‘n roll lifestyle on their DVDs, THE HAUNTED have chosen to give their fans a more sobering and perhaps more well-rounded look into the touring life of an underground metal band.

The centerpiece of Road Kill is a 65-minute documentary about life on the road, warts and all. The documentary is broken up into different topics/aspects of touring, such as “Hygiene” and “Partying,” with interviews with all of the band’s members, past and present, and their crew and fellow tourmates throughout the years. In a way, it’s a nice history of the band starting from the time that former vocalist Marco Aro quit and original vocalist Peter Dolving rejoined the band. The documentary gives a painfully accurate and thorough education of the trials and tribulations of road life. It’ll leave a different impression on the viewer depending on the viewer’s personal knowledge about this unglamorous side of rock ‘n roll.

The remainder of the DVD is comprised of a 2009 live show in Amsterdam, and THE HAUNTED’s last six music videos. The show is tastefully captured with a dash of subtle style in the form of its sepia color tones, and intimate camera views. The crowd is kept dark while the performance of the band is the sole subject. Road Kill also comes with a CD which is the audio companion of the Amsterdam show along with a few extra songs from the show. And yes, bass is nice and audible. Lastly, five unreleased studio tracks are included. While these aforementioned tracks won’t blast your face off, they are pretty cool and are essential additions to any HAUNTED fans’ collections.

Even though Road Kill intentionally omits the pomp and circumstance of other depictions of the touring life, it’s just as honest and down to earth as THE HAUNTED. (Century Media Records)

New AMORPHIS DVD, CD Companion Coming this Summer

Finnish progressive metallers, AMORPHIS, have revealed the cover artwork and tracklisting of their forthcoming DVD package entitled Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes. The DVD will be released on June 25 (Europe) and June 23 (Finland) and not on June 4th, as announced earlier. A July/August release is expected in North America. The tracklisting can be found here.

AMORPHIS’ latest effort Skyforger was certified gold in Finland for sales in excess of 15k. Their previous albums, Eclipse and Silent Waters, were also certified gold.

DARK TRANQUILLITY – Where Death is Most Alive DVD

It’s been a long while since DARK TRANQUILLITY fans got treated to a DT DVD release. While Live Damage was good, Where Death is Most Alive is the definition of fan service.

Disc One contains a show recorded in Milan on Halloween night 2008. Visually, the performance is very pleasing as the stage has a nice set up with great lighting through out their set. Musically, the set is focused mostly on their last four albums with some classic gems from their earlier albums. For diehard fans, the inclusion of classics such as “Edenspring,” “Lethe,” and “Dreamlore Degenerate” is truly a godsend. They are still as invincible as the day they were recorded on their respective albums. Performance-wise, DT play with the kind of energy and enthusiasm that they’ve been known for. The crowd is great as well as they are actively involved. It should be noted that this show is what appears as the Where Death is Most Alive double CD release. The CD release sounds great and is a worthy stand alone release. And yes, bass is audible!

Disc Two is really where the fan service comes in as it is packed with a band history documentary, all their promo videos starting from Damage Done, and an archive of just tons of live footage that spans the band’s history. The documentary, “Out of Nothing,” is an interesting look at the band’s roots. Mikael Stanne, Niklas Sundin, and Martin Henriksson guide the viewers through the band’s first rehearsal space and the neighborhood where they all grew up together and formed the band. Every member of the band, past and present, are interviewed and try to give more insight into the history of Gothenburg’s longest running band. The most poignant aspect of the documentary is that the band make clear that they were the first melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. The massive archive of live footage leaves virtually no stone unturned. You get to see the band in almost every phase of their history.

There’s nothing further to analyze or mull over. If you are a DT fan, then this is a mandatory addition to your collection (Century Media Records)

IGGY POP – Lust for Life DVD

While this documentary was filmed in 1986, the subject matter and content is timeless. The film is interspersed with live footage of Iggy Pop with his solo band in 1986 in Germany, STOOGES performance clips, various photos relating to his career up to that point, and various other clips. The heart of the document is the insightful interview with Iggy, and the interview with STOOGES‘ guitarist Ron Asheton.

During the interview with Iggy, he goes through his musical roots, what really made him want to play music, and working with David Bowie. One of the best moments is when the interviewer plays the STOOGES‘ “No Fun” and Iggy gets a huge smile and you can see his instantaneous happiness. Iggy then goes into how the song came about and the attitude behind it.

The interview with the late Ron Asheton is gold for STOOGES fans as he discusses the band’s early days and shares some really cool stories. He also takes the interviewer to where the band first practiced in his mother’s basement as well as other pertinent locations in the band’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Asheton is very candid and reveals much about the band’s drug habits and their untimely demise.

Lust for Life may not be packed with tons of content or is of average documentary length, but it’s short and sweet. The documentary was created by German filmmakers, but there is minimal use of German in the documentary’s narration so it should not be a hinderance. Overall, Lust for Life is recommended for fans of the STOOGES and IGGY POP. (MVD Visual)

DIR EN GREY to Release New DVD, entitled Average Blasphemy, on October 27th

On October 27th, 2009, The End Records will release a brand new DVD from Japanese rockers DIR EN GREY. The DVD, entitled Average Blasphemy, is the first comprehensive collection of DIR EN GREY‘s amazing music videos released in the United States. This disc includes the ten minute epic “Vinuska” and the MTV Headbanger’s Ball award winner “Dozing Green.” Also gathered here for the first time is extensive ‘making of’ footage of the band’s videos, along with never seen before director’s cuts and alternate edits. For DIR EN GREY fans worldwide this is truly a must have collection showcasing one of Japan’s most aesthetically progressive bands.


Dozing Green
Glass Skin
Reiketsu Nariseba
Agitated Screams of Maggots” (restricted ver.)
Ryoujoku No Ame
Clever Sleazoid
Red Soil
Vinushka” (promotion edit ver.)
Clever Sleazoid” (despair in the womb ver.)
Agitated Screams of Maggots” (despair in the womb ver.)
Conceived Sorrow” (in weal or woe ver.)

DARK TRANQUILLITY Announce Details About Where Death is Most Alive DVD

Gothenburg, Sweden’s DARK TRANQUILLITY have announced details about their upcoming DVD, Where Death is Most Alive. Here is official word from the band:

“After a lot of work, we’re proud to announce that the ‘Where Death Is Most Alive‘ DVD will see the light of day on October 26th, 2009 in Europe and November 17th, 2009 in North America via Century Media Records. This little baby took quite some time to deliver, but when you’ll see the scope and quality of the material, you’ll understand why it wasn’t done over a fortnight.

“Our first official DVD, ‘Live damage‘ (2002), was OK for its time, but hardly spectacular, so this time we wanted to make sure that we could offer people something more substantial that would live up to the high expectations. For the main feature, we had our headline show in Milano last October professionally documented by Finnish production company Vasara Films. As expected, they did a stellar job with both the filming and editing and really managed to capture the vibe of the evening. Italy is home to some of the most devoted and enthusiastic D.T. fans on earth, something which is very obvious from the footage. The show is the longest one in D.T. history (and one of the very last concerts held at the legendary Rolling Stone club), and features a guest performance by Nell Sigland on ‘The Mundane and the Magic‘ and ‘Insanity’s crescendo‘. For the mixing, we once again let Tue Madsen work his magic at his Antfarm Studios in Denmark, and the result is simply amazing.

“In addition to that, Village Road films have put together ‘Out Of Nothing’, a true stroll-down-memory-lane documentary about the band. All current members as well as Michael Nicklasson (ex-bass) and Fredrik Johansson (ex-guitar) are interviewed, and a host of people from the early Gothenburg scene share their anecdotes and memories. Among others, Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES, GROTESQUE etc), Anders Iwers (TIAMAT, CEREMONIAL OATH) and Fredrik Nordström (Studio Fredman) appear in the film, which spans for approx. 47 minutes.

“The DVD will also mark the premiere of the ‘Misery’s Crown‘ promo video, shot earlier this year by Roger Johansson and Vasara Films. All our other promo clips from recent years are featured as well.

“Furthermore, we undertook some extensive detective research, raiding our old homes to dig up long forgotten VHS tapes from the archives. A surprisingly large amount of footage was found, most of which never even got spread through the tape trading network at the time. In total, the “Live Archive” portion of the DVD features 21 tracks with a strong emphasis on old (‘Skydancer‘ and earlier) material including some real rarities. Most of these songs were only performed live a handful of times, as shows weren’t that frequent back then. Two of them (‘Soulbreed‘ and ‘The Dying Fragment Of An Elderly Dream‘) are actually the only D.T. songs that were 100% completed but never recorded properly in studio. Both were written in the autumn of 1991.

“To conclude – we’re damn proud of this release, and more than sure that it will satisfy the high expectations of both old and new fans alike. Here’s to the next 20 years!

“More news including full track listing to be posted shortly.


EXODUS: Live at Wacken DVD in the Works

In an interview with HardTimes, EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt and frontman Rob Dukes confirmed that they are working on their first official live DVD. Here’s what Holt had to say:

“Right now, we’re working on finishing up our first official live DVD, Live At Wacken… which also comes with a bonus audio-only CD, so you actually are getting a live album out of the deal… and like an hour-and-a-half of behind-the-scenes insanity.”

Dukes also commented:

“All of it is really just parts of the band that the fans never get to see. There’s some really funny shit on there. There’s us just being regular people… It seems people have a perceived idea of what it’s like [to be in a band], and they’ll get to see a lot more of it. It’s surprisingly funny. My favorite is [guitarist] Lee [Altus] drunk on vodka. We’d sneak the camera in and hide it on him and just let him talk… [laughter] It’s fuckin’ hysterical.”

View the full interview with HardTimes here:

[myspacetv 55699917]

DIR EN GREY to Release A Knot Of, Their First-Ever North American DVD Release

DIR EN GREY, who recently landed at the top of Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, have planted their roots firmly in every region they have traversed, reaching out of Japan to the rest of the world and participating in world class festivals like Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Wacken Open Air, Family Values and more. Now, fans in North America can get a glimpse behind the scenes with A Knot Of, DIR EN GREY‘s first North American DVD release. The DVD follows the band through three long mettle-testing years on the road, giving fans a window into DIR EN GREY’s unique world.


01. TOUR 05 It withers and withers
02. Rock am Ring 2005 / Rock im Park 2005
03. Showcase Tour / TOUR 06 IT WITHERS AND WITHERS
04. Rock am Ring 2006 / Rock im Park 2006
09. Wacken Open Air / Ankkarock Festival

Various Artists – Immortalised: Earache Records 1986-2000

The golden age of Earache Records is simply legendary. Rarely has there ever been such a collection of pioneering bands of extreme music on one label at a special period of time. This DVD features many of the greatest bands ever such as MORBID ANGEL, CATHEDRAL, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, and ENTOMBED as well as some that never quite broke big such as GANDALF and DUB WAR. The most glaring and immediate characteristic of this compilation is the grainy visual quality of it all. The DVD looks as if it was taken off of an old VHS master tape. Some videos look worse than others. Immortalised finds redemption for this flaw in the fact that the material on the DVD is just too strong, diverse, and entertaining to deny. There are serious and dark videos such as “God Emptiness” from MORBID ANGEL and just some straight out annoying songs such as “Meat” by LINEA 77. Comedic highlights can be found in the blatant musical equipment endorsements in SLEEP’s “Dragonaut” or the pro wrestling highlights in IRON MONKEY’s “Supergorgonizer.” There are also bonus live songs from bands in which Earache has already released live DVDs of. Whether you’re a metal newbie, a seasoned veteran looking to relive the good old days or just somewhere in between, there’s truly plenty for everyone. (MVD Visual)

MAYHEM Documentary DVD Pure Fucking Mayhem Out in November

Index Verlag proudly announces the release of Pure Fucking Mayhem, a MAYHEM documentary by Stefan Rydehed. Pure Fucking Mayhem is an impressive account of the history of this legendary band, clearly focusing on the years 1984-1993 with their tales of unrelenting, brutal black metal and bloody crimes. Including exclusive interviews with, amongst others, Necro Butcher, Attila Csihar, and Manheim, this documentary attains a maximum of authenticity, and with rich, often unreleased footage, it brings MAYHEM‘s infamous story to life.

As a bonus the release also features an audio CD with eight tracks of calm and eerie piano music inspired by MAYHEM and other black metal classics.