CYNIC to Play Focus in its Entirety on U.S. Tour with INTRONAUT, DYSRHYTHMIA

CYNIC‘s Re-Traced / Re-Focused Live tour will see progressive metal icons CYNIC perform Focus in its entirety, along with tracks from the group’s lauded second album, Traced in Air, and more. Direct support comes from progressive masters INTRONAUT and DYSRHYTHMIA.

Tour dates:
22 Jul 10 Los Angeles, CA (US) El Rey Theatre
23 Jul 10 San Francisco, CA (US) Slim’s
24 Jul 10 Portland, OR (US) Hawthorne
26 Jul 10 Vancouver, BC (CA) Commodore
28 Jul 10 Denver, CO (US) Marquis
30 Jul 10 Minneapolis, MN (US) Station 4
31 Jul 10 Chicago, IL (US) Bottom Lounge
01 Aug 10 Detroit, MI (US) Magic Stick
02 Aug 10 Toronto, ON (CA) Opera House
04 Aug 10 Montreal, QC (CA) Café Campus
05 Aug 10 Boston, MA (US) Harpers Ferry
06 Aug 10 New York, NY (US) Bowery Ballroom
07 Aug 10 Philadelphia, PA (US) Trocadero
08 Aug 10 Washington DC (US) The Rock and Roll Hotel
09 Aug 10 Carrboro, NC (US) Cat’s Cradle
10 Aug 10 Atlanta, GA (US) Masquerade
12 Aug 10 Orlando, FL (US) The Social
13 Aug 10 Ft Lauderdale, FL (US) Culture Room

JARBOE – Mahakali

Legendary vocalist/avant garde rock pioneer Jarboe brings her ethereal voice and vision to her latest album, Mahakali. It takes only a few seconds for the album to take your take hold of your spirit and mind as Jarboe‘s hypnotic siren call glide through opening track, “Mahakali, of Terrifying Countenance.” Atmospheric, emotional, and powerful, the band quickly traverses much terrain shifting from the brooding, the dark, the desolate, and the sobering. There are just enough layers of instrumentation and musical darkness to set the mood without overloading the listener. Particularly, there is plenty of tasty percussion work to be found.

There are plenty of guest appearances from Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Colin Marston (DYSRHYTHMIA, BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS), Josh Graham (NEUROSIS, A STORM OF LIGHT), and Phil Anselmo (DOWN). “The Soul Continues” is an absolutely fantastic track combining the black and sinister, low-end vocals of Attila Csihar with absolutely haunting vocal lines by Jarboe. The song is a great juxtaposition of different vocals stylings coming together to create a very powerful single expression. If there was ever a song that perfectly captured the sounds of a nightmare, “A Sea of Blood and Hollow Screaming…” would be it. The sheer power of the song is undeniable. Phil Anselmo‘s lead vocal contribution on the melancholic, acoustic song, “Overthrown,” is a great showcase of his creativity and ability to bear his soul in pure honesty.

Before you realize it, the album is over and the silence really resonates within your mind after being taken on such a trip. Mahakali is perfect for those seeking something more and something that is true and powerful. Many rewards await the listener. (The End Records)

[blipfm 4800590]

Translation Loss Record’s ROSETTA Complete New Record

Philadelphia’s acclaimed noise manipulators/Translation Loss recording artist, ROSETTA, have completed their highly anticipated follow up to 2005’s The Galilean Satellites entitled Wake/Lift.

Wake/Lift was co-engineered by Colin Marston of DYSRHYTHMIA/BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS and Matt Weed of ROSETTA.

Matt Weed of ROSETTA explains:
“Wake/Lift is the first that we haven’t engineered completely by ourselves, and also our first to analog tape. Colin Marston of DYSRHYTHMIA took care of the drums for us, and we’re tracking everything else in our own studio. The production has jumped up a few notches since our earlier records — just due to outside insight, some new gear, and a ton more experience on our part. In the end, it won’t sound “slick” because we’re not into that, but we are shooting for as much clarity as possible. We want it to have a wide-open quality, but still be dynamic enough to smack people in the face.”

When confronted with the direction of the new ROSETTA material, Matt Weed had this to say:
“Musically, it picks up where we left off. Paradoxically, it’s both more technical and more experimental. We have moved in a more melodic direction, with more contrast between the heavy and the soft material. I would almost say it’s not a “metal” record anymore. It’s post-post-rock tuned down to hell with lots of screaming. Imagine MOGWAI fighting PINK FLOYD at a COALESCE show… on a space station.”

Wake/Lift will see a fall release and be garnished by artwork from the highly praised Philadelphia artist Paul Romano. ROSETTA’s Wake/Lift will be released on CD and Limited Edition Double LP.