ENDORPHINS – Where Evil Lies

True to their name, Canadian four-piece, ENDORPHINS, deliver high-octane, metal-inspired rock n’ roll with youthful exuberance and gusto on their debut, Where Evil Lies. The one-two punch of “Flux” and “Welcome to My Hell” sets the pace with energetic, four-on-the floor rockers that keep the foot tapping and the fist pumping. Musically the band draws from Wolverine Blues-era ENTOMBED with hints of THE HELLACOPTERS thrown in to create something out of a lost Threeman Recordings or Man’s Ruin session. Vocalist/guitarist Michael Amaral screams his lungs out doing his best L.G. Petrov tribute while the band keeps things moving and shaking, with a strong sense of groove in addition to turning things up to “11.” But while the band is adept at bringing the rock, ENDORPHINS are also capable of whipping up thrash- inspired frenzies as seen on “Haunting Them” and “The Rise and Fall of Lord Hades.” However, Where Evil Lies isn’t a perfect album and oddly enough, the last two cuts tend to drag lazily, as if the band had run out of gas, with the band offering up slow, plodding riffs that are somewhat of a downer after what the band had established early on. Regardless, Where Evil Lies is a solid debut from a promising band that serves as the perfect soundtrack to a night of drunken revelry at the bar of your choice. (Urgent Music Records)


ENTOMBED were forced to drop off their upcoming US tour with DISMEMBER and GRAVE.  Here’s a statement directly from the band:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, ENTOMBED sadly has had to postpone their upcoming USA West Coast trek.

“We were very much looking forward to this tour, but conflicts with the promotor, breach of trust and straight-up lies have unfortunately forced us to cancel at the eleventh hour. Never in 15 years of touring the States has this happened, which really is saying something. We are appalled, and you should not be surprised if you see/hear more lies spread about how it is ENTOMBED‘s fault that we could not do the tour because we changed our minds or some shit like that. Simply not true. We’ve never seen blame passed around like this ever before and deeply regret having lent our name to this madness.

“We abominally want to apologise to good folks like Dinis of THE MIGHTY NIMBUS, who have taken time off work and rented a car to come see the show, but look forward to hitting American shores in 2007, hot on the heels of our upcoming studio album release, ‘Serpent Saints’.”

Tour dates will remain as follows:

12/01 – Hollywood (CA) Knitting factory
12/02 – San Francisco (CA) TBA
12/03 – Bend (OR) Domino Room
12/04 – Portland (OR) Rock N Roll Pizza
12/05 – Vancouver (B.C.) Richards On Richards
12/06 – Seattle (WA) Studio 7
12/08 – Salt Lake City (UT) Kamikaze’s
12/09 – Denver (CO) Hubba’s
12/10 – Albuquerque (NM) The Launchpad
12/11 – Tulsa (OK) Cain’s Ballroom
12/12 – El Paso (TX) Chics
12/13 – Phoenix (AZ) Clubhouse
12/14 – Mexicali (MX) The Forum
12/15 – Corona (CA) Showcase Theater
12/16 – San Marcos (CA) The Jumping Turtle

DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED to Team Up For Tour Dates

DISMEMBER will hit the US for their first tour in years. Beginning September 30, the band will headline alongside GRAVE, VITAL REMAINS, DEMIRICOUS and WITHERED for an East Coast/Midwest run. The band will return alongside US labelmates ENTOMBED and GRAVE for shows in December. ENTOMBED‘s new EP, When In Sodom, will see its awaited American release on November 14.

09/30/06 Mark’s Showplace/Bedford, NH
10/01/06 Bb Kings/New York, NY
10/02/06 Jaxx Nite Club/Springfield, VA
10/04/06 Culture Room/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10/05/06 State Theater/St. Petersburg, FL
10/06/06 Swayze’s/Marietta, GA
10/07/06 Creepy Crawl/St. Louis, MO
10/08/06 House Of Rock/Eau Claire, WI
10/09/06 Station 4/St. Paul, MN
10/10/06 Abbey Pub/Chicago, IL
10/11/06 Agora Ballroom/Cleveland, OH
10/12/06 Backstreet Billiards/Saratoga Springs, NY
10/13/06 Middle East/Cambridge, MA
10/14/06 Medley/Montreal, QU

12/01/06 Knitting Factory/Hollywood, CA
12/02/06 Pound/San Francisco, CA
12/04/06 Rock N Roll Pizza/Portland, OR
12/06/06 Studio Seven/Seattle, WA
12/09/06 Hubba’s/Denver, CO
12/10/06 Launch Pad/Albuquerque, NM
12/12/06 Chic’s/El Paso, TX
12/13/06 Clubhouse/Tempe, AZ
12/14/06 Forum/Mexicali, Mexico
12/15/06 Showcase Theater/Corona, CA
12/16/06 Jumping Turtle/San Marcos, CA

More dates for December are expected.