Ex-EXODUS vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza and lead guitarist Glen Alvelais (FORBIDDEN/ex-TESTAMENT) has joined forces with ex-STRAPPING YOUNG LAD members Jed Simon, Byron Stroud and Gene Hoglan in a project known as TENET. The debut album, Sovereign, is set for an Aug. 25th release. While it took a rather long while to launch this entity, TENET are nowset to mercilessly explode onto the global metal scene with a high quality, furious thrashing old school metal album. Be sure to visit www.myspace.com/tenetforce for all news updates.

Guitarist and TENET mastermind Jed Simon comments as follows: “After years of work, setbacks, more work and more setbacks…I am so happy that this ‘storm in my mind’ has finally come to fruition. So, TENET has now become a band. It is no longer ‘I’. It has evolved, grown up and become more than I ever thought it would be. Without the help of Zetro, Gene, Glen and Byron, this very well could still be residing in the furthest corner of my brain…this album is very personal for me and the anger that has driven it is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. This album is the shedding of a skin that I had been carrying around far too long.”

EXODUS: Live at Wacken DVD in the Works

In an interview with HardTimes, EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt and frontman Rob Dukes confirmed that they are working on their first official live DVD. Here’s what Holt had to say:

“Right now, we’re working on finishing up our first official live DVD, Live At Wacken… which also comes with a bonus audio-only CD, so you actually are getting a live album out of the deal… and like an hour-and-a-half of behind-the-scenes insanity.”

Dukes also commented:

“All of it is really just parts of the band that the fans never get to see. There’s some really funny shit on there. There’s us just being regular people… It seems people have a perceived idea of what it’s like [to be in a band], and they’ll get to see a lot more of it. It’s surprisingly funny. My favorite is [guitarist] Lee [Altus] drunk on vodka. We’d sneak the camera in and hide it on him and just let him talk… [laughter] It’s fuckin’ hysterical.”

View the full interview with HardTimes here:

[myspacetv 55699917]

CARCASS, EXODUS, SAMAEL, More to Play 3rd Annual California Metalfest

The third annual California Metalfest, presented by Nederlander Concerts and Headbang For The Highway, is confirmed for March 28th at The Grove of Anaheim.  Confirmed talent thus far includes CARCASS, EXODUS, SUFFOCATION, THE FACELESS, WHITECHAPEL, SAMAEL, ARSIS, DECREPIT BIRTH, VEIL OF MAYA, PSYCROPTIC, and others to be announced in the coming weeks.

The first California Metalfest in 2006 featured headliner NECROPHAGIST in their first Southern California appearance. 2007’s edition was headlined by TESTAMENT.

Visit the official MySpace page for all the latest show info: http://www.myspace.com/californiametalfest

KREATOR Announce Spring 2009 in Support of Hordes of Chaos

With Hordes of Chaos (the follow-up to 2003’s ultra-successful Enemy of God), KREATOR delivers ten tracks of pure unadulterated thrash metal like only the true masters can. Long known for often incorporating lyrics that confront political hypocrisy and inhumanity, our current world climate provides a natural well of inspiration for guitarist, vocalist and bandleader Mille Petrozza. “The global political situation has come apart at the seams. The Eastern and Western Blocs no longer exists, today it’s a case of dog eat dog.” Petrozza considers the album’s furious finale (featuring the songs “To The Afterborn,” “Corpses Of Liberty,” and “Demon Prince“) “a warning to the coming generation. Everybody has to go their own path in life and should try not to buy into the propaganda lies that governments feed us.”

Hordes of Chaos was recorded at Berlin’s Tritonus Studios under the direction of producer Moses Schneider. Schneider is renowned for his fresh and exceptionally dynamic working methods with a variety of cutting-edge, successful artists across Europe. “We consciously decided on Moses as our producer for the live recording of the basic tracks at the studio,” Petrozza explains. “This was the first time since Pleasure to Kill that we worked in this way. The new album is a 100% realistic reflection of KREATOR‘s live qualities. Instead of exploring every little detail to sterile perfection with the help of computer technology, this time around we wanted to deliver as dynamic a production as possible. There can be no doubt that we’ve achieved our target in Hordes of Chaos. The album was mixed in London by Colin Richardson.

The Hordes of Chaos world tour kicks off in early 2009, with a six-week trek across North America in place for April. KREATOR will be joined by fellow thrash metal pioneers EXODUS in what will undoubtedly be one of the premier metal events of 2009!

KREATOR Hordes of Chaos North American Tour 2009

4/07/2009 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
4/08/2009 Nokia Theatre – New York, NY
4/09/2009 Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
4/10/2009 Palladium – Worcester MA
4/11/2009 Medley – Montreal, QC
4/13/2009 Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC
4/14/2009 Opera House – Toronto, ON
4/15/2009 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
4/16/2009 Rave – Milwaukee, WI
4/17/2009 House of Blues – Chicago, IL
4/18/2009 The Rock – Maplewood, MN
4/19/2009 Garrick Centre – Winnipeg, MB
4/20/2009 The Distrikt – Regina, SK
4/21/2009 Warehouse – Calgary, AB
4/22/2009 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
4/24/2009 Plaza Club – Vancouver, BC
4/25/2009 Sugar – Victoria, BC
4/26/2009 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
4/27/2009 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
4/28/2009 Slims – San Francisco, CA
4/30/2009 House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
5/01/2009 House of Blues – San Diego, CA
5/02/2009 House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
5/04/2009 Gator’s, Farmington – NM
5/05/2009 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
5/06/2009 Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
5/07/2009 Ridglea Theate – Ft Worth, TX
5/08/2009 Scout Bar – San Antonio, TX
5/09/2009 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
5/11/2009 The Garage – St. Petersburg, FL
5/12/2009 Culture Room – Ft Lauderdale, FL
5/13/2009 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
5/14/2009 Headliner – Louisville, KY
5/15/2009 Orange Peel – Ashville, NC
5/16/2009 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
5/17/2009 Jaxx – West Springfield, VA

APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2007

It’s been a grossly successful 2007 for APESHIT, and though we find it hard pressed to make that same general claim for metal in 2007, a handful of albums did manage to leave a strong impression on us. We here at APESHIT individually compiled our own top 10 metal albums of 2007 lists for a new “blog” category that we look forward to experimenting with in 2008. Let us know what you think and post your own top 10 metal albums of 2007 in the comments section below. Cheers!

dr.park’s top 10

1. MANES How the World Came to an End

This album really just came out of nowhere and turned out to be one of the best albums in recent years. The album is so deep in its scope, ambition, and execution and is a winner in every facet. Ideally, this should be an underground/indie hit. [Read our full review]

2. ULVER Shadows of the Sun

It’s sounds tired to say but ULVER have done it yet again. Shadows of the Sun is another creative gem. The strong melancholic, subdued atmospheres make for some of the best mood music you can find. [Read our full review]


Retox is far better and more solid than their recent efforts. Finally, fans have been given an album that comes as close to their zenith, Apocalypse Dudes, as the band can get. Retox is also prime party music. [Read our full review]

4. MAYHEM Ordo Ad Chao

Just when you thought Norwegian black metal had grown too safe, accessible, and popular, MAYHEM makes an essential album that crushes all. Ordo Ad Chao is a powerful statement of true Norwegian black metal the way it used to be: pure, dark, raw, and evil. [Read our full review]

5. SHINING V: Halmstad

SHINING are one of the best underground Swedish death/black bands that many underground fans have yet to hear. Great riffs, flow, balance and strong vocal presence from band leader and raging maniac, Niclas Kvarforth. V: Halmstad is some of the best (Swedish) metal not coming from Gothenburg. [Read our full review]

6. DIR EN GREYThe Marrow of a Bone

Though most of their U.S. fans are teenage girls with Japanese pop culture fever, don’t let that subtract and detract from this quality album. The Marrow of a Bone is ugly, dark, and has the right balance of hooks and brutality that has allowed it to be another worldwide hit for the band. [Read our full review]

7. WATAIN Sworn to the Dark

To steal a thought from shady rajah: This is the album that DISSECTION should’ve written as their final album. WATAIN keep the flame of classic Swedish black/death metal burning with no peers in sight. [Read our full review]

8. PRIMORDIAL To the Nameless Dead

Ireland’s premier metal band, PRIMORDIAL, have written yet another excellent album of folk/black metal that is so much grander, powerful, and spirited than so much else out there. [Read our full review]

9. MELECHESH Emissaries

If you haven’t heard this band or this album, you are missing out on a lot. There’s nothing like MELECHESH‘s Mesopotamian metal and Emissaries is easily their best album. NILE is good and all but MELECHESH are better at conjuring the ancient rhythms, spirits, and mythology of the gods. [Read our full review]


It’s always a great thing when underground legends can continue to make high quality music so deep into their careers. In Requiem is not your flavor of the month underground metal but who cares…it’s timeless stuff. [Read our full review]

shady rajah’s top 10

1. WATAIN Sworn to the Dark

As the only worthy successor to the departed DISSECTION, WATAIN has carved their own bloody path to black metal glory. Sworn to the Dark is an album filled seething aggression and evil atmosphere that is complex in details, but undeniable in song craft. WAITAIN are a band that’s made black metal dangerous again. [Read our full review]

2. DOWNIII: Over the Under

DOWN‘s third album couldn’t have had a more fitting title, as the band overcame a mountain of adversity. Over the Under successfully captures all the pain, sweat and struggle with all the heat and density of an Louisiana swamp, resulting in 2007’s most heartfelt, honest and real album. [Read our full review]

3. EXODUSThe Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A

A recent thrash metal trend has surfaced ushering hordes imitators still trying capture that classic 80’s sound. EXODUS isn’t it making it any easier for these wannabes as The Atrocity Exhibition drove shards of razor sharp thrash in to the jugular of pretenders everywhere. Nearly thirty years later, these Bay-area bruisers just seem to keep getting heavier, and are keeping true thrash alive and killing. [Read our full review]

4. SHININGV: Halmstad

Niklas Kvarforth has kept the flame of darkness and hatred burning for a decade now, with each album becoming increasingly more complex and intricate while retaining the feeling dread and despair that has existed since the band’s beginning. V: Halmstad is the band’s masterwork, engulfing the listener in darkness. Suicide has never sounded better. [Read our full review]

5. MIDDIANAge Eternal

Formed from the ashes of YOB, MIDDIAN was the vision that continued Mike Scheidt‘s path of doom metal mastery, laying the foundation for the future of sludge. Age Eternal brought the power of slow and the strength of the riff. Unfortunately the band was dropped and forced to change their name, but in their brief moment time, MIDDIAN created a small piece of doom metal history. [Read our full review]

6. DIMMU BORGIRIn Sorte Diaboli

Norway’s premier black metal(ish) super group, DIMMU BORGIR delivered yet another powerful entry in their already considerable catalog, with a driving guitar heavy album that was catchy as it was complex. Having Hellhammer on board didn’t hurt either, as Jan Axel carved layer of intricate drum patterns to enhance the band’s already ambitious anti-Christian concept album. A successful anti-Christian concept album…how awesome is that? [Read our full review]

7. ABORTEDSlaughter and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture

Sven De Caluwe may have lost all his original members, but nothing detered the growling machine. He simply assembled a new death squad and delivered another precise, surgical slaughter of bludgeoning death metal. Relentless and furious yet containing some of the catchiest songs about mutilation written in recent memory, Slaughter and Apparatus continues the band’s excellent carnage. [Read our full review]

8. MACHINE HEADThe Blackening

After dabbling in bland nu-metal for a spell, MACHINE HEAD came roaring back with their return to form, Through Ashes of Empires. But that was just the warm up. The Blackening is the main course, with the band firing on all levels, encompassing MACHINE HEAD‘s most challenging work to date. The Blackening serves as both a defining moment in the band’s history as well as one of 2007’s finest albums. [Read our full review]

9. IMMOLATIONShadows in the Light

These death metal veterans helped shape and form death metal in it’s earliest stages, but the Yonker’s natives still show they have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. IMMOLATION deliver an intricate maze of riffs, complex drum patterns, and heapings of sinister atmosphere…not to mention an ample amount of guitar shredding. Their legacy of death continues to grow. [Read our full review]

10. SOILWORKSworn to a Great Divide

Despite losing a pivotal member with the departure of Peter Wichers, the band nonetheless stepped up to the plate, dove in to their considerable arsenal of hooks, and soldiered on with one of the year’s catchiest records. Balancing song craft and drummer Dirk Verbeuren‘s well thought out drum patterns, Sworn to a Great Divide is full of hooks that stick in your head. [Read our full review]

roycifer’s top 10

1. HIM Venus Doom

These Finns have always been top-notch songwriters, and they succeed again while under the delicious influence of doom. Ville Valo‘s singing and songwriting don’t miss a step, and the band sound at home with the heavier vibe. “Sleepwalking Past Hope” is a magnificent epic of “November Rain” proportions.

2. MAYHEM Ordo Ad Chao

With Ordo Ad Chao, MAYHEM made black metal sound exciting and totally fucking evil again! The album trembles with such unnerving, nihilistic ferocity not heard since the inception of black metal. Hellhammer‘s best performance. [Read our full review]


Josh Homme is a music making beast with such a distinct style and vision. Everything he touches, turns into gold. Their best album since Rated R. [Read our full review]

4. SCARVE The Undercurrent

Guitar music hasn’t been this exciting since SOILWORK emerged onto the scene. But SCARVE are not merely a guitar band. Drummer Dirk Verburen really helps shapes the band’s sound and provides a necessary dynamic with his drumming. [Read our full review]

5. CHIMAIRA Resurrection

This was the album that should have followed The Impossibility of Reason. CHIMAIRA have always had a lot of potential and are continuing to show their steady growth as musicians and songwriters. Move over LAMB OF GOD, CHIMAIRA are the true heir to PANTERA‘s throne. [Read our full review]

6. SHINING V: Halmstad

V: Halmstad is uniquely black metal in that it draws a lot of influence from rock and classical music but is pieced together in a very progressive manner. The excellent songwriting is topped by the tortured vocals of Niclas Kvarforth. Suicide never sounded so damn inviting. [Read our full review]

7. MANES How the World Came to an End

How the World Came to an End is an eclectic album for the ages that spans rock, electronic, and hip-hop while still feeling every bit metal. ULVER, eat your heart out. [Read our full review]

8. AMORPHIS Silent Waters

Silent waters was where the band was treading about for a few releases. But their latest album is solid collection of timeless listening. Singer Tomi Joutsen has breathed new life into a group of vets making waves once again. [Read our full review]

9. MARDUK Rom 5:12

Black metal’s ever-black sons of Swedish blackness keep getting better (and blacker) with age. New singer Mortuus‘ is ferocious and has a voice all his own. To quote dr.park, “it sounds like he’s gurgling blood.” Rom 5:12 also marks a newfound reach to diversify and expand their style…and those risks certainly pay off. [Read our full review]

10. ION DISSONANCEMinus the Herd

While the bees were busy buzzing about JOB FOR A COWBOY, ION DISSONANCE were having a ho down of their own. Minus the Herd tops JOB FOR A COWBOY‘s Genesis on technicality, dynamics, and lasting interestingness. [Read our full review]

EXODUS – The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A

EXODUS needs no introduction. For nearly 27 years the band has stayed true to their cause of uncompromising, blistering metal. The Atrocity Exhibition (the band’s eight studio album) is no exception. “Call to Arms” brings forth an epic, almost patriotic feel as an opener before the band blazes through what they do best, full-throttle speed. “Riot Act” sets the stage for the carnage to follow which continues well into the ending final notes of “Bedlam 1-2-3.” Vocalist Rob Dukes has come into his own on this album, comfortably spitting forth the rage needed to get the job done and improving on his performance on Shovel Headed Kill Machine. Guitarists Gary Holt and Lee Altus have a thousand metal tricks up their sleeves, from twin guitar harmonies to ripping solos to the chainsaw riffing that has always put EXODUS ahead of the pack. The Atrocity Exhibition also marks the return of drummer Tom Hunting who pounds away like a hammer on an anvil, anchoring in the songs with bassist Jack Gibson that provide the weight to make the album so heavy. Unlike many of their peers who have sought to mix up different genres into their sound, EXODUS has stayed the course, true to form, ballad-free with maximum crunch and riffs set to kill. A powerful statement for the band and their continuing evolution of cutting, razor-sharp Bay Area Thrash. (Nuclear Blast Records)

Drummer Tom Hunting Reunites with EXODUS

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt checks in with this breaking news from the EXODUS camp:

“I’d like to take a moment here and welcome back Tom Hunting to EXODUS‘ drum throne. It was always understood that when and if Tom was ever ready to resume his drumming duties for the band, his seat would be waiting. Paul [Bostaph] always knew this, and was the first to say it upon joining the band. Paul and Tom have always been good friends and we, as a band, cannot thank Paul enough for his services on Shovel Headed Kill Machine and all the subsequent tours he did to support that album. We had a great time and kicked many asses along the way. Paul has given this reunion his whole-hearted endorsement with no mixed blessings and is happy to see Tom back in the fold. Now, some band out there may just become the luckiest bunch of suckers in the world, because one hell of a drum is on the market! We wish Paul all the best, and he will always be a member of the extended EXODUS family.

That having been said, we are so excited to have Tom back in the band he co-founded. He, other than the time spent out of the band, is the only drummer I’ve ever played with, and he & I have an unspoken language of metal that I am stoked to continue. We are hard at work on the new songs, and this shit is the best and heaviest music we’ve ever written. I’ve kept quiet until now – because everyone always brags about how great their new shit is – but this is no boast. This album will redefine thrash metal as we know it. We will be hitting the studio mid-May with Mr. Andy Sneap. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.”

BIOMECHANICAL Post Empires of the Worlds Guitar Tabs Online

UK metal band, BIOMECHANICAL, have posted guitar tablature for their most recent album, Empires of the Worlds. All tabs for the album (except for the track “Sibelius“) are available here in Guitar Pro 5 format:

For those without Guitar Pro 5, two PDFs have been made available here:

Empires of the Worlds is set to be re-released with bonus footage and a cover of JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Painkiller” on November 13th through Earache Records. Also, the band’s forthcoming new album has been named “Cannibalised,” and will see an April 2007th release.

Meanwhile, BIOMECHANICAL are about to kick off a European tour with EXODUS. Here are the tour dates:

11/1 UK Manchester Music Box
11/2 UK Nottingham Junktion 7
11/3 UK Bradford Rio
11/4 Ireland Dublin Voodoo Lounge 5 UK Newcastle Trillians
11/6 UK Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
11/7 UK London Underworld
11/8 France Paris – venue
11/9 Holland Eindhoven Effenaar
11/10 Holland Haarlem Patronaat
11/11 Belgium Hasselt Muziek-o-droom
11/13 Germany Osnabrück Rosenhof
11/14 Germany Bochum Matrix
11/15 Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof
11/16 Germany Berlin Kato
11/17 Germany Saarbrucken Roxy
11/18 Denmark Copenhagen Kino
11/19 Norway Olso John Dee
11/20 Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers
11/22 Finland Oulu Teatria
11/23 Finland Helsinki Tavastia
11/25 Poland Poznan Eskalup
11/26 Czech Rep Brno Faval club
11/27 Austria Wien Arena
11/28 Hungary Budapest Wigwam
11/29 Serbia Belgrade SKC
11/30 Italy Padova Sottosopra
12/1 Italy Siena Sonar Club
12/2 Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia
12/3 Italy Naples Duel Beat
12/4 Switzerland Wil Remise
12/5 France Lyon
12/7 Spain Villareal Salatal
12/8 Spain Bilbao Santana
12/9 Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
12/10 Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

HATEBREED Head Out on Monsters of Mayhem Tour

HATEBREED begins their Monsters of Mayhem Tour today in support of their new album, Supremacy. Special guests for the tour include THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, NAPALM DEATH, EXODUS, FIRST BLOOD, and DESPISED ICON.

Tour dates:
9/1/2006 The Palladium Worcester, MA
9/3/2006 Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA
9/4/2006 Jaxx Springfield, VA
9/5/2006 Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
9/6/2006 Club Zoo Pittsburgh, PA
9/7/2006 NorVa Norfolk, VA
9/8/2006 Crocodile Rock Allentown, PA
9/9/2006 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
9/10/2006 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
9/12/2006 Jester’s Pub Fayetteville, NC
9/13/2006 Amos’ Southend Charlotte, NC
9/14/2006 Headliners Music Hall Louisville, KY
9/15/2006 Harpo’s Detroit, MI
9/16/2006 Agora Theatre Cleveland, OH
9/17/2006 Huntington Music Hall Huntington, WV
9/19/2006 House of Blues Chicago, IL
9/20/2006 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
9/21/2006 Piere’s Ent Ctr Ft. Wayne, IN
9/22/2006 The Eagles Club Milwaukee, WI
9/23/2006 The Rock Maplewood, MN
9/24/2006 Pop’s Sauget, IL
9/26/2006 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK
9/27/2006 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX
9/28/2006 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
9/29/2006 Concrete Street Pavilion Corpus Christi, TX
9/30/2006 Ridglea Theatre Ft. Worth, TX
10/1/2006 South Beach Lubbock, TX
10/2/2006 Dos Amigos Odessa, TX
10/3/2006 Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, NM
10/4/2006 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO
10/6/2006 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ
10/7/2006 Soma San Diego, CA
10/9/2006 House of Blues Hollywood, CA
10/10/2006 Pound, The San Francisco, CA
10/12/2006 The Premier Seattle, WA