NADER SADEK – In the Flesh

Avant-garde artist Nader Sadek has brought his project to life with a supergroup of metal warriors respected in the underground scene. By recruiting Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL), Rune Eriksen (AVA INFERI, ex-MAYHEM), and Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY) as the core of the band, this brutal album coincides with his art and vision. While the project is called “NADER SADEK,” Sadek himself is the mastermind and “director” while the musicians bring In the Flesh to life.

The eerie intro features the maniacal sounds of MAYHEM vocalist Attila Csihar, and leads directly into the brutalizing track, “Petrophilia.” The track pounds away with the masterful blasting and double bass magic of Mounier, and some of the riffs are quite reminiscent of MAYHEM’s Ordo Ad Chao. Tracks like “Soulless” are largely death metal influenced, with huge hints of CRYPTOPSY found within them, and guest shredder Destructhor (MORBID ANGEL) provides some ZYKLON-esque leads to balance out the culmination of thrashy black/death metal riffs.

Mechanic Idolatry” is catchy, brutal, and utilizes the skills of all the musicians involved. Tucker’s vocals never sounded better, and Mounier attacks the drum kit with a barrage of continuous double bass and flashy cymbal hits. While all of the songs on In the Flesh are excellent, “Sulffer” is one of the best tracks, and some riffs sound lifted from MAYHEM’s Chimera album. There’s no better track to end an album such as “Nigredo in Necromance,” with a crescendo leading up to a monstrous riff and solo, and finally crashing down to a melodic end. The album is short, with six real tracks, and three artistic tracks that break up the brutality, and the listener will yearn for more.

In the Flesh is an amazing mish mash of the disharmonic riffs from MAYHEM, the brutality of MORBID ANGEL, and the complex speed and intricate drumming of CRYPTOPSY. Forget the atrocities of CRYPTOPSY’s The Unspoken King or MORBID ANGEL’s Illud Divinum Insanus, and feed your ears with this album instead. The artwork and packaging of the CD also illustrates how Sadek went through great lengths to produce an amazing product. There is no doubt that In the Flesh will end up as one of the top albums of 2011 in many polls at the end of the year. (Season of Mist)

NADER SADEK – Mechanic Idolatry by HeavyHardMetalmania

CRYPTOPSY Forced to Cancel South American Tour; Announces New Album Title

Extreme metal titans CRYPTOPSY have been forced to cancel their recently announced tour of South America in March, after drummer Flo Mounier broke his knee cap. Mounier had completed the drum tracking process for the group’s new album prior to the incident, so it did not affect the recording. The tour of South America is expected to be re-scheduled later in 2008.

CRYPTOPSY are currently putting the finishing touches on their sixth full-length, The Unspoken King, which will surface through Century Media this summer. The group recently announced the addition of new frontman Matt McGachy (3 MILE SCREAM) and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand to their line-up.

Alex Auburn (guitars) states: “Right now the band is plunged deeply into the production of the new album and so far everything is going well. Fans will be amazed by the diversity and open minded vision of extremes for this particular entity. Some song titles we’ve been working on are ‘Worship your Demons,’ ‘Resurgence of An Empire’ and ‘Silence the Tyrants.’ More news to follow soon.”

CRYPTOPSY will be featured on this year’s installment of the Summer Slaughter tour throughout North America this summer, which will be preceded by a tour of Mexico and Europe (with DECREPIT BIRTH and UNMERCIFUL).

Tour dates:

Apr. 03 Saltillo
Apr. 04 Tampico
Apr. 05 Monterrey
Apr. 06 San Luis Potosi
Apr. 10 Toluca
Apr. 11 Guadalajara
Apr. 12 Leon
Apr. 13 Mexico City

May 30 Berlin, GER @ K17
May 31 Tilbug, NL @ Neurotic Death Fest
June 02 Genk , BL @ Rondepunt26 Death Feast
June 02 Hamburg , GER @ Logo
June 03 Copenhagen, DEN @ The Rock
June 05 Prag, CZ @ Chmelnice
June 06 Wachenroth @ Suffering Life festival
June 07 London, UK @ Underground Death Fest
June 08 Paris, FR @ LaLocomotive Death Feast
June 09 FR Strasbourg, FR @ TBA
June 10 GER Trier, GER @ Ex-Haus
June 12 SLO Zilina, SLO @ TBA
June 14 Huenxe, GER @ Death Feast Open Air