TURBONEGRO: Rocking Hard On

Norway’s least classiest band, TURBONEGRO, are now three albums strong since their much ballyhooed reunion in 2003. Their latest, Retox, certainly isn’t a return to their filthy deathpunk past, but it’s timeless much like their feel-good-but-feel-naughty rock ‘n roll they’ve perfected of late. Having recently taken their raunchy rock ‘n roll rollercoaster on the road, we pulled bassist, Happy Tom, aside for a quickie and a lightening round of questions to uncover the mystery of the German Shepherd, the homo shtick, and the magic of Retox.

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TURBONEGRO: Studio Update and New Website to Launch in December

TURBONEGRO bassist Happy Tom issued a very brief studio report via the Norwegian band’s MySpace page:

“Fellas.  FELLAS.  Last day of bass guitar today, which means that the songs have more or less been STRUCTURALLY completed.  New titles are kept secret until further notice, SORRY.

“We’re STILL trying to get ahold of Nate Dogg for some backing vocals.

“Gotta go; the beer ain’t gonna drink itself.”

Meanwhile, it has been announced that a new and official TURBONEGRO website is under construction with a December launch date.  The site will feature a complete historical biography, band diaries, tour dates, videos, an official merchandise store, and other exclusive stuff.