ABSU to Join IMMORTAL on February 2011 American Performances

Texas-based, mythological occult metal band, ABSU will join IMMORTAL on their return to the US for six shows early next year.

Drummer/vocalist Proscriptor notes, “We feel extremely privileged to have been invited to participate on IMMORTAL’s All Shall Fall US tour in February 2011. Even though it is only a six-date tour, it’s a colossal one for ABSU to be performing with our former label mates of many years. We had the opportunity to share the stage with IMMORTAL over eight years ago and this will be a very good experience for us.”

These upcoming performances will mark the first time that ABSU will appear live as a trio. Proscriptor comments, “I am here to announce that guitarist Aethyris McKay has decided to quit ABSU and has recently relocated to Oslo , Norway to join PANTHEON I. Working with Aethyris for the past three years has been a prosperous experience and I have the utmost respect for him as my comrade and a superlative musician. He assisted me in resurrecting the band from its hiatus stage and I truly thank him for helping me recast the spell of “mythological occult metal.”

After completion of the tour dates, ABSU will enter the studio to begin recording their new album, titled Abzu. The recording will be the second of a three-part series. Proscriptor reveals, “this recording will feature our signature sound in maniacal fashion. Now, we’re appending dirtier elements of psychedelia and fusion characteristics. Lyrically, it will descend deeper into Enki’s lower world as well the Enochian Magic(k) System. I can tell you this album will definitely not be a “natural progression” from previous releases, but a feat of metaphysical conquest and murkiness.”

Tour dates can be found at here.

IMMORTAL @ Masonic Temple, Brooklyn, NY (03/30/10)

Having experienced some heavy storms that past weekend, New York residents eagerly awaited the arrival of Spring. But before April would usher in the sunshine, there would be one more night of rain and darkness. As irritated patrons waited impatiently through the unnecessarily long security lines, many (adorably adorned in corpse paint) waited with baited breath for the arrival of Norway’s darkest northern sons.

I missed 99% of BLACK ANVIL‘s set due to the lines. However, I was still able to catch their staple song “777” a dark catchy mid-tempo track that comes across as an unreleased CELTIC FROST song with Jeff Walker from CARCASS on vocals. The band has made a name for themselves with a relentless touring schedule and should definitely be checked out for all those interested in another band that worships at the HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST altar. Plus, they usually end with a solid rendition of “Dethroned Emperor.”

After a fairly quick set up, an ominous marching snare signaled the arrival of the Norwegian troupe as they launched into the title track of their new album, All Shall Fall. Mosh pits quickly unfurled and drinks were spilled. A thunderous tom pounding from man mountain Horgh quickly followed as he propelled follow-up, “Rise of Darkness,” with driving rhythm. As tight as bolts and nuts, the three-piece sounded like an army as they plowed through tracks from Sons of Northern Darkness, including the title track and the punchy fist-raising anthem, “Tyrants.”

Returning to more All Shall Fall material, the band kept the faithful alive with continuous permeating fog, lights, corpse paint, spikes, and an all encompassing sound that reflected all things great about a metal show. While showmanship these days seems to be heading out as a thing of the past or perhaps deemed as cliché or campy, the band has handled such trends with aplomb, ably backing up their onstage theatrics with strong, powerful, catchy material.

Heading into the past, fans were then treated to classic material from Pure Holocaust as well as tracks such as “Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms,” “Withstand the Fall of Time,” and “Battles in the North” before ending the set with “Blashyrkh the Mighty Raven Dark.” No encores, no nonsense, just a sharp effective live experience from one of the few remaining originators of True Norwegian Black Metal.

HYPOCRISY – A Taste of Extreme Divinity

In between touring, working on his other project, PAIN, and his producing duties, HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tagtgren has introduced A Taste of Extreme Divinity to the world, and it is a throwback to the ole’ death metal days. Everything has some old school feel to it, from Peter’s old death metal style, to the old HYPOCRISY logo on the special edition disc, and the cover art by Kristian Wahlin (aka Necrolord).

Valley of the Damned” starts the album exactly where Virus left off, and Peter executes more of his death metal vocals on the entire disc instead of the screeching eagle screams he has incorporated in the later HYPOCRISY albums. “Hang Him High” continues the journey of catchy songs with The Fourth Dimension-style solos thrown in. These songs allow the listener to appreciate the great songwriting the band has achieved, as “Solar Empire” delivers a catchy “grunt-a-long” chorus. Blastmaster Horgh finally gets to show off his machine gun-like precision on “Weed out the Weak” before the band goes into another catchy and melodic masterpiece. The album wanes a bit towards the middle but finishes strong as “The Quest” is reminiscent of songs from the self-titled album, with lush keyboards, melodic solos, and the mid-paced feel that HYPOCRISY was known for. “Sky is Falling Down” is a perfect closer to this album, filled with a brutal beginning, melodic main verse, and a decrescendo leaving the listener yearning for more.

HYPOCRISY experimented a little with the nü-metal sound on the dreaded Catch-22 album, but A Taste of Extreme Divinity fuses the old HYPOCRISY style with the newer, more melodic efforts; the result is a combination of enjoyable death metal without resorting to gimmicks or over-technical guitar wankery. This trio is stronger than ever and gives old death metal fans something to look forward to in the live setting. (Nuclear Blast Records)

IMMORTAL Announce “Blashyrkh in North America 2010” Tour Dates

Norway’s IMMORTAL have revealed plans to return to North America in 2010 for a few select performances. The band pulled off two successful reunion shows in New York and Los Angeles in 2007 and will visit those cities again in addition to two stops in Canada.

Confirmed dates are as follows:
03.27.10: Toronto, ON – CANADA @ Opera House
03.28.10: Montreal, QC – CANADA @ Metropolis
03.30.10: Brooklyn, NY @ Masonic Temple
04.02.10: Los Angeles, CA @ The Avalon

VIP Meet & Greet tickets are/will soon be made available for purchase here:

Toronto http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004390B99F6D1E
Montreal https://ww4.ticketpro.ca/achat_MET28CS10.html?lang=en
Brooklyn http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=936505
Los Angeles http://www.livenation.com/edp/eventId/416448

They will be limited to 75 at each show and will include a laminate pass, early entrance to the venue, a limited print poster, and a signing session with the members of IMMORTAL following their performance. The VIP tickets for the Brooklyn, New York show will include an additional Meet & Greet with the band after their sound check.

IMMORTAL – All Shall Fall

Awakened from hibernation in the freezing depths of Norway, IMMORTAL has returned to offer seven new cold, forest frolicking tunes to the world. Although the Norwegian trio has abandoned their raw, primitive, black metal roots, All Shall Fall continues where the band left off after Sons of Northern Darkness, with some ideas from the last few albums thrown in for good measure.

As soon as the opening track blares with Horgh‘s machine gun like double bass and trademark IMMORTAL riffs, the sound is undeniable. There is no sign of let down from IMMORTAL‘s hiatus, as the track rips through with tasteful blasts mixed in with Abbath‘s unique Popeye-esque vocals. Unfortunately, the album quickly moves into familiar territory as “The Rise of Darkness” sounds like a B-side track leftover from the Damned in Black sessions, and a rehashing of their older material. “Hordes of War” picks up the tempo, but the album still lacks any depth until the following track kicks in. Paying homage to BATHORY, “Norden on Fire” displays obvious BATHORY influences, everywhere from the acoustic intro, to the catchy mid paced riffing, and the album hits its apex at this point.

While an onslaught of double bass is unleashed in “Arctic Swarm,” the overall feel of the album is still trite and too familiar, as a sloppy solo at the end of the track segues into the last few songs. “Mount North” breathes second life into the album, with a few memorable lines and riffs, but at this point it’s too little, too late. As always, IMMORTAL has one epic track, and All Shall Fall closes with “Unearthly Kingdom” – a slow, BATHORY inspired song from hell. The track would not be classic IMMORTAL without the acoustic breakdown towards the middle, and after the well inserted break, the album comes to a close as the slow, catchy riff lulls the listener into feeling as if they were in the snowy fields of Norway.

This album is one of those albums where you more or less already know how it will sound, even before putting the disc in. At the end of the day, All Shall Fall is a mediocre album with a few great songs, but the catchiness that was found on Sons of Northern Darkness is not quite there this time around. While the band clearly still has the talent and drive, how much left is in the tank for these Norwegian warriors is to be determined. (Nuclear Blast Records)

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IMMORTAL Announce New Album Title: All Shall Fall

Longstanding Norwegian black metallers, IMMORTAL, have titled their forthcoming new album, All Shall Fall. The album will be their eighth full-length, and is tentatively scheduled for a fall release through Nuclear Blast Records. All Shall Fall was recorded at Grieghallen Studio in Norway and Abyss Studio in Sweden.

Also, the band will be returning to the stage with a performance at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival on June 6th.

Visit www.immortalofficial.com and www.myspace.com/immortalofficial for all the latest info.

I – Between Two Worlds

After waiting four years after IMMORTAL‘s last album, mainman Abbath breaks his silence with his new solo project, I. I can loosely be described as IMMORTAL sans blast beats and ice cold atmospheres, with classic heavy metal and Viking-era BATHORY throughout. It’s obvious that Abbath had a fun time creating his most diverse album yet alongside friends, King ov Hell (SAGH), Ice Dale (ENSLAVED), and Armaggeda (ex-IMMORTAL). Opening track, “The Storm I Ride,” shows Abbath singing like Lemmy Kilmeister (as he did in his MOTORHEAD cover band) over classic metal riffs. “Warriors” and “Between Two Worlds” are more in tune with latter day, mid-tempo IMMORTAL and the battle marches of BATHORY. Abbath even gives his best Quorthon imitation on these two songs. The remainder of Between Two Worlds sound like IMMORTAL b-sides mixed in with classic metal riffs. There is plenty to get into on this album and it’s sure to please IMMORTAL fans, particularly fans of their most recent albums. But we all know that Between Two Worlds serves to satisfy the cravings of fans before IMMORTAL finally returns from retirement. (Nuclear Blast Records)

AOL Music to Preview I’s Between Two Worlds This Monday, 11/13

AOL Music has teamed up with Nuclear Blast Records to debut I‘s new album, Between Two Worlds, this Monday, November 13th at 12:01am EST (9:01am PST) and will be available for streaming for seven days at this location:
The album officially hits stores Tuesday, November 14th.

I is the new band fronted by IMMORTAL vocalist/guitarist, Abbath. I‘s line-up is rounded by a host of Norwegian metal veterans including Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal of ENSALVED, ex-GORGORTH bassist Tom Visnes (T.C. King), ex-IMMORTAL drummer Armagedda, and also showcasing the lyrical penmanship of ex-IMMORTAL member Demonaz.

In related news, IMMORTAL recently announced exclusive U.S. reunion shows. Click here for more details.

IMMORTAL Announce U.S. Reunion Shows For 2007

Norway’s IMMORTAL have announced two exclusive reunion show in the U.S. in addition to their previously announced headlining appearance at Germany’s Wacken Open Air 2007.  The band officially disbanded in 2003 following the release of their last studio album, Sons of Northern Darkness. IMMORTAL‘s line-up for the confirmed shows will feature members Abbath (vocals, guitar) and Horgh (drums) with AURA NOIR‘s Apollyon on bass.

Tickets are set to go on sale October 13, 2006 at 12:00 p.m. noon.  Dates are as follows:

Jul. 13 – New York City, NY – B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Jul. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – The Avalon