Sample Two Songs from IN THE WOODS… Comeback Album, Pure

The legendary IN THE WOODS… will release their comeback album, Pure, after returning to the stage last year.  Pure is set for a September 16, 2016 release via Debemur Morti Productions.   Two songs have been posted, “Cult of Shining Stars” and “Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War)“:

Important to note that this is not a complete band reunion as vocalists, Jan Kenneth Transeth and Synne “Soprana” Larsen, as well as deceased guitarist Oddvar A:M are not included.  The current vocalist is James Fogarty.

The Legendary IN THE WOODS… Announces Return

It’s been 14 long years but Norwegian legends, IN THE WOODS…, have announced their return.  The line-up includes the Botteri brothers and Anders Kobro along with some as yet unannounced members.  Truly a beautiful announcement for a band that didn’t get the amount of respect they were owed.

Here’s the band’s official announcement:

“Back into the woods The woods are full of trees, some old, some not. Some have been cut down, some recycled, and some are still standing, defying the harshness of the nature. This goes for the Kristiansand-based band as well. Some of the trees have decided to rear their ugly heads once again, with a battle plan including the recording of two albums, two albums which were planned released back in the year 2000. Later this month the members will get together, rehearsing and polishing the songs. During the period prior to the farewell gig in Kristiansand 14 years ago, on the 29th of December at Caledonien Hall, the lineup changed several times. But a core, consisting of original drummer Kobro and the Botteri twins Chris and Christopher, has always been present. The lineup today consists of these three aforementioned gentlemen, as well as several other musicans will be announced soon, also a very good replacement that will fill the shoes for Oddvar who tragically left us last year. The band will not rush the production of the material, but state they will take their time to ensure a high quality process resulting in music which will stand the test of time.”

IN THE WOODS… Guitarist Passes Away

Oddvar MoiGuitarist Oddvar A:M of legendary Norwegian avant garde metal band, IN THE WOODS…, has passed away.  No details of his death have been released.  While he may not have been as well known as Jeff Hanneman, Oddvar certainly made his mark in underground metal with his work in IN THE WOODS…  Let’s remember the man’s work by enjoying some of his music.

The band’s last record label, Prophecy Productions, released this statement:

“With sadness we heard about the death of former In the Woods… guitarist Oddvar A:M who also contributed to the Prophecy Productions releases ‘Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage‘ and ‘Live At The Caledonien Hall.
Rest in peace, mate. Confusion will be your epitaph, and today we’ll be crying.”

Germany’s Prophecy Productions Make Back Catalogue Available on Youtube

German record label, Prophecy Productions, have posted the majority of their back catalogue on youtube for fans to enjoy.  Famous for their niche of eclectic folk, progressive, and dark metal, the label has released many classic albums, including releases by IN THE WOODS…, EMPYRIUM, GREEN CARNATION, TENHI, DRAWN, and BLAZING ETERNITY.

Check out their youtube channel, Prophecy Broadcast:


The legendary Norwegian black metal/avant garde/progressive band, IN THE WOODS…, recorded one of the best cover songs you can find in KING CRIMSON‘s “Epitaph.” The song appears on IN THE WOODS…‘s final release (in terms of studio recordings), Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage (2000). The original song is truly godly and the band makes sure to add their own touches to it. The vocal performances by Jan Kenneth “Transit” Transeth and Synne Diana Soprana are absolutely honest, soulful, and powerful.