GODFLESH’s Hellfest Appearance Marred by Technical Difficulties; Justin K. Broadrick Apologizes

The much ballyhooed reunion performance by GODFLESH at this year’s Hellfest Open Air in France over the weekend was unfortunately affected by issues out of the band’s control. Despite getting through the set, mainman Justin K. Broadrick was not pleased with the situation and issued the following recap:

“Okay, if you were in attendance for this then I am sure you are aware of how disappointed we were with what transpired, and we are sure you are/were most likely disappointed too.

“I am afraid that it was all utterly beyond our control, we salvaged a performance out of what was a fairly ridiculous set of events. The power generator blowing during the set from THE YOUNG GODS, on just prior to us, was the catalyst for the ensuing chaos. At one point, performing at all was even in doubt. We had an hour allocated for both soundcheck and stage set up, since there is no soundcheck prior to the start of the festival, unfortunately, something that we really did need, but we were having to put our trust in the one hour allocated before performance, this one hour then became 20 short and extremely stressful minutes, with the stage management proclaiming that we must start immediately without any check of the sound, disastrous for us – additionally, the backline they hired in for us was not entirely correct or had faults with it, Ben‘s bass rig specifically, my guitar amp was not right either, the monitors were awful without the time for us to correct them sufficiently, resulting in not hearing virtually any of the Machine in the monitors for nearly all of our opener ‘Like Rats‘, the DVD machine for our films was also somewhat faulty. In short, this was an absolute frustrating catalogue of disasters, presenting the band in, for us, one of the worst ways imaginable. We do though consider that we somewhat forged a performance out of a significantly bad situation.

“We played 40 of our intended 60 minutes; quite literally onstage I managed to turn 30 minutes into 40 due to ongoing arguments, during our set, with the stage management.

“We’re really sorry to everyone concerned that all this happened and hopefully this will all be rectified at the forthcoming GODFLESH performance at the Supersonic Festival.”

Download Song from GREYMACHINE’s Debut; Album Drops August 4th

GREYMACHINE, the collaboration between JESU/GODFLESH‘s Justin K. Broadrick, ISISAaron Turner, Diarmuid Dalton (JESU), and Dave Cochran (HEAD OF DAVID, GOD, ICE), will be releasing their debut album, Disconnected, on August 4th through Hydra Head Records.

The album is a jarring yet ethereal summation of each band members’ unique and caustic musical paths.  For a preview, listen to “Vultures Descend” here: http://www.avalancheinc.co.uk/greymachine.html

The album’s full track listing is as follows:
1. “Wolf At the Door
2. “Vultures Descend
3. “When Attention Just Ain’t Enough
4. “Wasted
5. “We Are All Fucking Liars
6. “Just Breathing
7. “Sweatshop
8. “Easy Pickings

Earache to Reissue GODFLESH’s Songs of Love and Hate and Love and Hate in Dub as One Set

The Earache Records reissuing machine is chugging along as the label are reissuing a pair of GODFLESH releases, Songs of Love and Hate (1996) and it’s accompanying remix album, Love and Hate in Dub (1997).  The two albums will be combined into one set along with an also out-of-print In All Languages DVD, featuring all of the band’s promotional music videos.  The mega CD/DVD set will be sold for the price of one regular CD from the Earache European Webstore: http://www.earacheshop.com/store/godflesh.html

New Five-Song JESU EP Scheduled for September 9th

Justin Broadrick‘s JESU are set to release a new five-song EP entitled, Why Are We Not Perfect?, on September 9th (pushed back from August 19th) through Hydra Head.  Two tracks originally appeared on the vinyl-only 12″ split with ELUVIUM.

Why Are We Not Perfect? track list:

1. “Farewell
2. “Blind and Faithless
3. “Why Are We Not Perfect?
4. “Farewell (Alternate Version)
5. “Why Are We Not Perfect? (Alternate Version)

GALLHAMMER – Ill Innocence

GALLHAMMER is a most unique musical entity consisting of a trio of Japanese girls with only death and hopelessness on their mind. Dressed like crusty, black metal vixens, these unsuspecting ladies serve up an unfiltered blend of only the most primitive, HELLHAMMER-inspired nastiness on their second album, Ill Innocence. GALLHAMMER summons the nihilistic, punkified, black metal grimness of Norwegian black metallers, DARKTHRONE (who themselves can be traced back to HELLHAMMER), on tracks “Killed by the Queen” and the awesome “Speed of Blood.” They capture the authentic cold and stale black metal sound with blast beats, grinding riffs, suicidal screams, and raw production. Elsewhere, they perfect the doom and gloom of Swiss purveyors, HELLHAMMER (obviously their main musical influence). Song ideas are very, very simple, but Tokyo’s GALLHAMMER steer clear of sounding like high-school beginners. Quite interestingly, in fact, is that their songs draw influences from various “indie” or post-punk musical nebulas. “Delirium Daydream” could resemble the early, unpolished works of anyone from JOY DIVISION to PJ Harvey. Of course that may be hard to envision given the band’s (black) metal roots. More appropriately relative would be Justin K. Broadrick (JESU/GODFLESH), in which the dreamy epic, “Slog,” is very reminiscent of (save for the blasting interlude). Though GALLHAMMER are clearly very singular in their musical approach, they succeed by assembling basic ideas effectively and unexpectedly. If you tire of dense, over-the-top ridiculousness, invert your diet with a sampling of Ill Innocence. (Peaceville)

Listen to JESU’s Forthcoming Conqueror Album in It’s Entirety

Conqueror, JESU‘s forthcoming new album, has been posted in it’s entirety for previewing at this new website: http://www.jesuconqueror.com/. The album comes out on February 20th in the U.S.

The band will also be kicking off on a North American tour on the same day Conqueror drops. The first show will be an exclusive CD release show, followed by a full scale tour with ISIS, and an appearance at this year’s SXSW. Dates are as follows:

2/20 – Spaceland, Los Angeles CA (CD release show)

with ISIS
2/22 – Casbah, San Diego CA
2/23 – The Clubhouse, Tempe AZ
2/24 – Launchpad, Albuquerque NM

2/26 – Conservatory, Oklahoma City OK
2/27 – Ridglea Theater, Fort Worth TX
2/28 – Emo’s Alternative Lounging, Austin TX
3/1 – Numbers, Houston TX
3/2 – Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge LA
3/3 – Bottletree Lounge, Birmingham AL
3/5 – The Social, Orlando FL
3/8 – 40 Watt Club, Athens GA
3/9 – Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC
3/10 – Alley Katz, Richmond VA
3/11 – 930 Club Washington, DC
3/13 – Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia PA
3/14 – Irving Plaza, New York NY

3/15 – SXSW (Hydra Head showcase)

3/17 – The Middle East, Downstairs Cambridge MA
3/18 – Theatre National, Montreal QC
3/19 – Barrymore’s, Ottawa ON
3/20 – Opera House, Toronto ON
3/21 – St Andrews Hall, Detroit MI
3/22 – Metro, Chicago IL
3/25 – Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis MN
3/26 – The Picador, Iowa City IA
3/27 – Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS
3/28 – Marquis Theater, Denver CO
3/30 – In The Venue, Salt Lake City UT
4/1 – The Big Easy, Boise ID
4/2 – The Big Easy, Spokane WA
4/3 – Neumo’s Crystal Ball Reading Room, Seattle WA
4/4 – Hawthorne Theatre, Portland OR
4/6 – Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco CA
4/8 – Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles CA

JESU – Conqueror

Justin Broadrick has already made his mark with the now-defunct GODFLESH, but the man certainly isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s churned out some refreshing sonics with JESU‘s self-titled debut and last year’s great Silver EP. New album Conqueror follows JESU‘s brand of thick and heavy GODFLESH-tinged dirge. Songs are long and the pace is slow. And as with any JESU release, tracks aren’t instantly engaging. The atonal, brooding nature tests a listener’s patience. Although this time around, the melodies are consistently dreamier. In fact, it seems like Broadrick has adopted a far more pleasant atmosphere on Conqueror compared to some darker and harsher elements found on the Jesu album. “Transfigure” is easily the most instantly ear-friendly tune on the album. Similarly, “Medicine” almost has an almost singable chorus. This is possibly questionable for long-time followers of Broadrick who are used to rust, not polish. But perhaps all is with positive intent as Broadrick has never been one to limit his own capabilities having dabbled in electronic and hip hop beyond his metal and industrial realm. The ethereal sounds of Conqueror flirts with subtle indie rock appeal…albeit with Broadrick‘s signature guitar, familiar voice, and always essential low frequency trembling. Conqueror may not be the most favorable album in JESU‘s young catalog, but it is more evidence that it is truly one Justin K. Broadrick who is thee very conqueror of music. (Hydra Head Records)