Stream KHANATE’s New and Final Album, Clean Hands Go Foul

The new and final album, entitled Clean Hands Go Foul, from legendary New York doom-metal supergroup, KHANATE, can be streamed online here. The four song mini-epic features James Plotkin and Alan Dubin (OLD), Tim Wyskida (BLIND IDIOT GOD) and Stephen O’Malley (BURNING WITCH and SUNN O)))). A limited CD/DVD also available on Hydra Head.

KHANATE Announce Next and Last Album, Clean Hands Go Foul

KHANATE‘s next album, Clean Hands Go Foul, is scheduled for a May 26th release on Hydra Head Records.  The band, featuring James Plotkin (OLD, PHANTOMSMASHER), Stephen O’Malley (SUNN O))), BURNING WITCH), Alan Dubin (OLD), and Tim Wyskida (BLIND IDIOT GOD), also announced that Clean Hands Go Foul will be their final album.

Here’s the tracklisting:
1. “Wings from Spine” (6:47)
2. “Clean My Heart” (11:05)
3. “In that Corner” (9:13)
4. “Every God Damn Thing” (32:52)

For vinyl fans, the album is already available through in black, gold, and vanilla bean swirl vinyl. Also, upon its release, the initial 1000 copies of the CD edition will include the limited DVD release End: Capture & Release Live DVD.

Download an excerpt of “Wings from Spinehere.

Southern Lord Artists Picked by Leonardo Dicaprio for New Film, 11th Hour

Leonardo Dicaprio has hand picked songs by Southern Lord Recording artists, KHANATE and TOADLIQUOR, for the soundtrack of his forthcoming film, 11th Hour. 11th Hour is a documentary concerning the environmental crises caused by human actions and calls for restorative action through a reshaping of human activity. The KHANATE track: “Torching Koroviev” (from their self-titled debut album) and TOADLIQUOR track: “Charred” (from their eponymous album: The Hortators Lament) can be heard during the opening montage over the main title early in the film. 11th Hour opens in LA and New York theaters on August 17th.

For more information on 11th Hour, visit the following websites:

Extreme Doomsters KHANATE Call it a Day

KHANATE, featuring Stephen O’Malley (THORR’S HAMMER, SUNN 0))), BURNING WITCH) and James Plotkin (OLD, ATOMSMASHER), have called it a day.  The band will follow through with the release of their fourth studio album (which is in the mixing phase) and the Japanese reissues of their first two albums, Khanate and Things Viral, via Daymare Recordings.