Dark Tranquillity - ConstructAlbum number 10, Construct, is finally here from the kings of Gothenburg, Sweden.  After making their biggest leap in sound and style in recent times with We Are the Void, DARK TRANQUILLITY continue moving forward.

Those ghostly, eerie, and beautifully sublime and sad feelings from We Are the Void are further explored.  New melodic sensibilities and angles are born here as well.  There are also nods to the past but presented with the wisdom that the band has attained through out the years.

Songs such as “The Silence in Between,” “Apathetic“,  “Endtime Hearts” and “Weight of the End” are a piece of cake for them.  Catchy as hell with some of the best riffs DT have ever written, and I’m referring to those distinctly invincible DT riffs.

Where they shine the brightest on Construct is when they shift into the somber, subdued atmospheres.  The sad melodic lead guitar riff on album opener, “For Broken Words,” speaks volumes.

Uniformity” calls to mind the band’s love of DEPECHE MODE as well as the cold atmospheres from We Are the Void. It is this track where we hear Mikael Stanne  utilizes those soulful clean vocals that we all love so much. The song ends likes glaciers in the distance silently and slowly toppling into the sea.

Construct goes to another level with the soulful “What Only You Know.” The song is a culmination of the best elements of the album – soul, massive keyboards, different tempos, great transitions between quiet and heavy parts, and clean vocals.

State of Trust” is an exercise in dichotomies with the band at its cleanest crashing against heavy, jagged rocks of tension.  The volatility and contrast are awesome.

Album closer, “None Becoming,” sends Construct into the depths of oblivion.  It ranks as one of the band’s most powerful, epic songs, and is a true culmination and summary of present day DT.

Bonus tracks, “Immemorial” and “Photon Dreams,” are definitely worth the few extra bucks.

The subtleties on Construct should never be ignored, whether it be technical brilliance, song arrangements, well placed drum fills, or great lyrics.  Those are the crucial details that distinguish DT as standing high above the pack.  Res ipsa loquitor.


Gothenburg gods, DARK TRANQUILLITY, have never been guilty of musical complacency. Even with their last few albums, new angles and ideas can be found, even if they are, at times, only subtle nuances. With We are the Void, the band have easily created their most artistically challenging album since Haven. Their new work surely takes many listens over the course of time to fully understand that this isn’t the same animal that you’ve heard previously. There are plenty of stimulating and interesting song arrangements (“Iridium“), new riffing territory (“Her Silent Language”), and some new avenues (“Arkhangelsk”) that DARK TRANQUILLITY traverse that give the album a fresh feel.

However, that’s not to say that We are the Void is some 180 degree shift. The melancholy, the soul, invincible riffs (“I Am the Void”), and tasteful and tight musicianship are here as they’ve always been. New bassist Daniel Antonsson fits in seamlessly with the rest of the band with not only his bass lines but also his songwriting.

As mentioned above, the baring of the soul and the deep, honest emotions and thoughts expressed on We are the Void exemplify the greatness of this band. We are the Void reminds one that life is short and thus, time should never be wasted on lesser music. (Century Media Records)

LAETHORA: Listen to “Humanae” From Their Forthcoming Album, The Light in Which We All Burn

LAETHORA, the Swedish death/grind band featuring DARK TRANQUILLITY guitarist Niklas Sundin and members of progressive metal band THE PROVENANCE will release their second album The Light in Which We All Burn worldwide through The End Records on April 27th, 2010. The thirteen track album was mastered by Peter In de Betou (DARK FUNERAL, MESHUGGAH, HYPOCRISY).

A new song “Humanae” is currently streaming on the band’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/laethora

Here’s the full album tracklist:
1. “Ekpyrosis
2. “I As Infernal
3. “A.S.K.E
4. “World Deluge
5. “A New Day
6. “Humanae
7. “The Sightless
8. “Saevio
9. “Uproar
10. “Cast To Ruin
11. “To The Point
12. “Damnable Doctrine
13. “Algoia

LAETHORA Issues Update, Two New Songs Posted Online

LAETHORA, the Swedish death/grind band featuring members of DARK TRANQUILITY and THE PROVENANCE, has just posted two new tracks on their MySpace page. Said the band:

“We recently did a pre-production demo of some new songs– nothing fancy, just the old school way with a bunch of microphones in the rehearsal room. Two of the songs are now uploaded to our MySpace page. The first is called ‘Uproar‘ and has been featured earlier on the site in live format. The second one is brand new and is called ‘New day.’

“The songwriting continues, and it will be one hell of an album! That we guarantee!

“Anyway, much pleasure listening! Cheers!


Listen to the rough demos of “Uproar” and “New Day,” which will appear on the band’s forthcoming as yet untitled full-length album here: www.myspace.com/laethora.

LAETHORA released their debut album, March of the Parasite, on The End Records in February of last year.

LAETHORA – March of the Parasite

Sweden’s LAETHORA are a breath of fresh air. Featuring members of DARK TRANQUILLITY and THE PROVENANCE, LAETHORA are equipped with some able metal blokes who’ve been around ye olde death metal block. March of the Parasite is a refreshing debut album that tips its hat to old school Swedish death metal but without feeling stuck in the 90’s. The band accomplish that very feat by incorporating both styles and techniques of NWOSDM (New Wave of Swedish Death Metal) and black metal intensity and darkness into their foundation of old school flavor. Opening number “Parasite” sets the tone–fluttering blast-beats, Swedish death metal one-two, one-two beats, and Jonatan Nordenstam‘s demonic bark. The excitement of a blistering introduction builds after only a couple songs when LAETHORA exhibit some multi-dimensional dynamics. “Imposters” breaks it up with some slow, dark passages, while “Black Void Remembrance” opens it up with clean, ringing melodics DARK TRANQUILLITY-style. Closing track, “Facing Earth,” is a monumental piece that’s slow yet Earth-shakingly crushing. Throughout the song (and the album), subtle synths dress the heavy guitars with tasteful majestics. Though March of the Parasite is rooted in death metal, there’s certainly enough here that makes LAETHORA far-reaching in appeal…and certainly what makes such a bright album. (The End Records)