AGE OF SILENCE & WINDS’ Andy Winter New Solo Album Available Now

Andy Winter - IncomprehensibleKeyboardist/composer Andy Winter of WINDS and AGE OF SILENCE fame has a new solo album, Incomprehensible, which is available now via The End records.  The album features an impressive roster of guest vocalists from MADDER MORTEM, AGALLOCH, GREEN CARNATION, EDGE OF SANITY, PECCATUM, BORKNAGAR, NOVEMBERS DOOM, and WINDS.

Also appearing are Jan Axel von Blomberg aka Hellhammer (MAYHEM, WINDS), Carl August Tidemann (WINDS, ex-ARCTURUS), Øystein Moe (WINDS, ex-ULVER), Don Anderson (AGALLOCH, SCULPTURED) and Mike Young (THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT).

Having continued his approach of always applying a very genre-defying style, “Incomprehensible” is yet another unmistakable and unique record from Andy Winter, and one that provides a different experience altogether when compared to anything else in metal, or indeed most music.

MADDER MORTEM to Release New EP, Where Dream and Day Collide

Norway’s MADDER MORTEM are set to release a new EP, Where Dream and Day Collide, containing three new tracks and album and single versions of the title track, taken from their 2009 release, Eight Ways.  The disc drops on May 10th.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. “Where Dream and Day Collide” (single edit version)
2. “Jitterheart
3. “The Purest Strain
4. “Quietude
5. “Where Dream and Day Collide” (album version)

Check out the video for “Where Dream and Day Collide” (which will be included on the CD).

Visit Peaceville‘s microsite for to pre-order the release:

APESHIT’s Top Albums of 2009

It’s that time where we take a look back on the year as 2009 comes to a close. So we, the APESHIT goons, asked ourselves, what albums moved us, kicked our asses, and reminded us of why we love metal (and music)? Read on for our top albums of 2009…
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Preview the New MADDER MORTEM Album, Eight Ways

MADDER MORTEM‘s new album, Eight Ways, is set for a June 16th release date in the U.S.  It will be their first album for Peaceville Records. The album tracklisting is as follows:

01. “Formaldehyde
02. “The Little Things
03. “Armour
04. “Resolution
05. “A Different Kind Of Hell
06. “Riddle Wants To Be
07. “Where Dream And Day Collide
08. “The Flesh, The Blood And The Man
09. “Get That Monster Out Of Here
10. “Life, Lust & Liberty
11. “All I Know
12. “The Eighth Wave

Preview the album here:

WINDS – Prominence and Demise

It took three years to see what Norway’s WINDS have been working on but the final product exceeds all expectations. First off, WINDS have taken everything to new levels. The songs are significantly more dense, catchy, and compelling. While it’s obvious that the band are talented artists, the true exhibition of their talents and skills are on full display on Prominence and Demise. Guitar master Carl August Tidemann takes his playing to another level by reaching a perfect balance between his technical prowess with stronger, catchier guitar parts. Prominence and Demise is also their most guitar-heavy album as well as featuring plenty of acoustic guitar. Vocalist/bassist Lars Erik Si lays down his best vocal performance by far with strong vocal lines. Keyboardist Andy Winter and drumgod Hellhammer’s performances might just be the best of their respective careers. Additionally, Prominence and Demise features the notable contributions of Agnete M. Kirkevaag (MADDER MORTEM), Lars Nedland (SOLEFALD, BORKNAGAR), Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY), and Oystein Moe (ex-TRITONUS, ULVER). Their contributions, though still guest appearances, prove to be of high value in terms of adding new dimensions to WINDS. Highlights can be found all over Prominence and Demise with so much content and quality to digest and understand over time. WINDS have taken strong hold of their artistic destiny and produced an absolutely brilliant album. The next album should be an even bigger monster. (The End Records)