MANNGARD – European Cowards

Norwegian metal bastards MANNGARD have followed up their impressive debut, Circling Buzzards, with an equally fulfilling album in European Cowards. Those familiar with MANNGARD‘s style know well that they sound like no other extreme metal band out there. Athletic and mathematic, MANNGARD is a complex smattering of death metal and thrash metal with sprinkles of hardcore aesthetics, and technical and progressive musicianship. While others often attempt to merge such a potpourri of styles, MANNGARD do so with finesse and razor sharp execution. Opening track, “Pests in Pools of Stagnant Water,” blasts forth furiously with odd time signatures, breakdowns, dissonance, syncopated rhythms, blast beats, and more, setting the tone for what is an exciting album. A frenzied pulse gallops throughout each track with busy drumming and atypical guitar work. The frenzied pace is further accentuated by the bad ass vocal delivery of Olav Iverson. Iverson utilizes several “voices,” high and low, all sinister. But not all is over-the-top madness…and such is the beauty of MANNGARD. There’s no shortage of dynamics as they can slow things down with “Expulsion of the Assailants Part I: Surgical Removal of Your Evil Thoughts” and mix things up throughout the epic “Part II.” European Cowards is a delightful release from a band with a refreshing sound in an oft stale genre of piddling filth. (Candlelight Records/Nocturnal Art Productions)

MANNGARD Ready to Unleash European Cowards

Norway’s MANNGARD have completed their second album, European Cowards, and has set an August 27th European release date via Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

Here is how the band described the new album:
“All the beer-infested thrashiness from the initial recording sessions was preserved, but as always, there are plenty of elements adding a bit more depth to the evil brew. A MANNGARD album will never be a one-dimensional presentation. Make no mistake, our thrash roots are more pronounced on this album, with the signature MANNGARD mix of death, black and progressive metal lurking around throughout.”

European Cowards was produced by Iver Sandoey, recorded in the Tonreich, Sodoma Sound and Duper Studio. Mixed by Jørgen Archibald Træen in Duper Studio.

Complete tracklisting:
1. “Pests In Pools Of Stagnant Water
2. “Horrordementia
3. “European Cowards
4. “Republic Of Texas
5. “Expulsion Of The Assailants Pt 1: Implicit Approval Of Your Uninvited Guests
6. “Expulsion Of The Assailants Pt 2: Surgical Removal Of Your Evil Thoughts
7. “Divine Justice
8. “Evil Raping Evil
9. “Miasma
10. “You Smell Of Dust, Are You Alive?

MANNGARD Enter Studio to Begin Work on Sophomore Album

MANNGARD entered Lydriket (The SoundREICH) today in order to start recording their sophomore album, title TBA. The band will update their MySpace site with studio reports and pictures from the sessions along the way.

The band states: “In the years that have passed since we originally released Circling Buzzards,” we’ve all been busy in the metal field, it not necessarily keeping MANNGARD in the public eye at all times.”

Vocalist Olav Iversen has seen major exposure and massive gigging activity with his doom outfit SAHG, also featuring members of AUDREY HORNE and GORGOROTH. Guitarist Olav Kristiseter has made his Norwegian debut as a novelist with “Blodlenka” (The Bloodchain), a morbid tale of Norwegian backwood monstrosity, largely based on the lyrical themes from Circling Buzzards, as well as appearing on the JAZKAMER album METAL MUSIC MACHINE, alongside Ivar Bjørnson and Iver Sandoy. Drummer Iver Sandoy has seen his services being utilized by ENSLAVED (the Terje Vigen movie project), more JAZKAMER recordings and gigs around Europe, and is now also a member of TRINACRIA, the new band featuring Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson and Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal of ENSLAVED, Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja Ratkje of FE:MAIL and Espen Lien (SLUT MACHINE, BARBIE BONES).

While staying busy with other projects, MANNGARD have kept writing new material and fine tuning it in rehearsals. Their considerable collective energy is now focused on the recording of the new MANNGARD album, which promises to be even more massive, twisted and evil than the debut.