APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2016

VirusAnother strong year is in the books for heavy music, so strong that making a year end list seemed unfair to every release that we did not include in our lists.  The underground continues to thrive with releases from legendary bands such as DARK FUNERAL, VADER, and NEUROSIS that will stand the test of time. Actually, most of the long running bands did not fail to meet or exceed expectations.  Thrash metal pioneers, MEGADETH, VOIVOD, and TESTAMENT, certainly released excellent records.  What is more important is that 2016 saw a lot of great releases from less trendy, more obscure bands.

Trees of EternityThis past year is personally notable as lost a dear friend and contributor, Brandon Stratton AKA rocknro11chef13.  As a small tribute, we’ve included albums that he would’ve likely picked for his year end list.  Life is short, my friends.  Embrace it.

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Video of the Day: INTRONAUT’s Sacha Dunable Joins MESHUGGAH on Stage

Today’s video of the day comes fresh from the current U.S. tour with MESHUGGAH, INTRONAUT, and ANIMALS AS LEADERS.  As a special treat, INTRONAUT frontman, Sacha Dunable, joined MESHUGGAH on lead vocals for a performance of the MESHUGGAH classic, “New Millenium Cyanide Christ” this past Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

What an awesome performance.  The APESHIT goons are insanely proud of Sacha!

INTRONAUT: Album Number Four Details Announced

LA’s psychedelic, doom, progsters INTRONAUT are set to release their fourth album, Habitual Levitations, on March 19, 2013.   The new video for “Milk Leg” can be viewed below.  The 7″ of the song can be purchased here.

The band are currently on tour on headlining dates followed by a tour with MESHUGGAH and ANIMALS AS LEADERS.


APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2012

As another great year for heavy music comes to a close, APESHIT takes a look back at our favorite pieces of music of 2012. This year had some great comebacks in CRYPTOPSY and STRIFE. There were also some nice surprises in the new sheer quality of the new SIX FEET UNDER and brutality of the new SOULFLY.

We want to thank all our readers, friends in the industry, and all the amazing artists, big and small, that we get a chance to work with for a great 10th year of existence. As the music industry as a whole continues to take an economic hit, let us all remember: If you like a band or one of their releases, support it!

Here’s hoping for a great 2013!

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National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2012 Show Report

Every year, NAMM bestows upon us shiny new toys for musicmakers of all genres to make new (and old) sounds with. NAMM 2012 was no less a musical heaven for the products, gadgets, and innovations that help make metal happen. We took a spin through the showroom floor at Anaheim Convention Center to check out some new equipment that our metal cohorts use and abuse. Full report after the jump.
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New MESHUGGAH Album Set for March 23, 2012 Release

MESHUGGAH have chosen Koloss as the title to their eighth studio album, set for North American release on March 27th and European release on March 23rd.

Drummer Tomas Haake has issued the following warning:

“As always, we try to take our music in a slightly different direction with each album and with Koloss we feel that we really nailed what we were going for. Organic brutality, viscera and groove all crammed into a 54-minute metalicious treat, best avoided by the faint of heart!!”

Industry Profile: Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez (credit: Sarah Vanessa Photography)

Metal t-shirts – we all own them and likely have amassed a lot of them in our closets as the years have gone by. Behind those shirts are hardworking, dedicated people who do their best to supply this essential part of metal culture. We caught up with our good friend, Oscar Martinez, to not only learn about what’s going on with the merchandise business but also about his over 10 year journey through the music industry. In our interview, he schools us on the multidimensional aspects and considerations of being a touring band trying to make a profit in this day and age, and shares some of his surreal rock ‘n roll adventures.
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Watch MESHUGGAH’s Alive DVD Trailer

Sweden’s MESHUGGAH will be releasing their first DVD, Alive, on February 9th, 2010. Alive will be a 2 disc set consisting of a DVD and an audio CD. Guitarist Mårten Hagström comments:

“So we finally got around to making a live DVD. People have been asking us to make one for ages it seems, so we guess it was about time. It was quite a different experience to have all those cameras around for those shows but in the end, we feel it really came out great in a ‘not so flashy but more toward the gritty’ type of way. More true to what we are about. Capturing what a MESHUGGAH show is like. For real… without the trimmings, so to speak… just the way both us and Ian [McFarland, producer] wanted it. Enjoy!”

Contents of the Alive concert film include:

01. Begin
02. Perpetual Black Second (Tokyo)
03. Twenty Two Hours
04. Pravus (Tokyo)
05. Dissemination
06. Bleed (NYC)
07. Ritual
08. New Millenium Cyanide Christ (Montreal)
09. Cleanse
10. Stengah (Montreal)
11. The Mouth Licking What You’ve Bled (Montreal)
12. Machine
13. Electric Red (Tokyo)
14. Solidarius
15. Rational Gaze (Tokyo)
16. Moment
17. Lethargica (Toronto)
18. Communicate
19. Combustion (Toronto)
21. Straws Pulled At Random (Toronto)
20. Humiliative (Montreal)
22. Straws Pulled At Random (Toronto)
23. End

01. “Bleed” Music Video
02. “The Making Of ‘Bleed’”
03. Micha’s Guitar Tour
04. Tomas Haake’s Drum Tour

01. Perpetual Black Second
02. Electric Red
03. Rational Gaze
04. Pravus
05. Lethargica
06. Combustion
07. Straws Pulled At Random
08. New Millenium Cyanide Christ
09. Stengah
10. The Mouth Licking What You’ve Bled
11. Humiliative
12. Bleed

Watch the trailer below:

[youtube _fihV8IxlxM]

MESHUGGAH w/ CYNIC and THE FACELESS @ Irving Plaza, New York, NY (2/19/09)

Both fans and scalpers alike converged in front of Irving Plaza scrambling for last minute tickets to MESHUGGAH‘s sold out return to New York back on February 19th, 2009. Braving harsh winds, frigid climate, and recession, devoted metal fans prevailed packing the main floor to the gills well before before opening act, THE FACELESS.

As one of the 200 bands featured on last year’s Summer Slaughter tour, THE FACELESS unfortunately lived up to their name and didn’t particularly stand out amongst the competition. With the daunting task of opening up for two influential, highly acclaimed acts, THE FACELESS held their composure, but did little to impress. The band offered a surplus of arpeggios, sweeps, blast beats, and technical tomfoolery, but provided little in the way of memorable riffs or a powerful live experience. The apathetic crowd was unmoved, and the band looked just as bored playing the material as the audience was to hear it.

Up next was CYNIC, who I hadn’t seen in some 15 years since their tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and SINISTER.  The band launched in to a subdued, introspective performance, perfectly recreating the experience of their new album Traced in Air. CYNIC effortlessly transitioned between newer tracks, such as “The Space for This,” and classics from Focus such as “Veil of Maya“, “How Could I” and “A Celestial Voyage“. The crowd wasn’t particularly fired up as much as they were captivated, and offered a rousing applause upon set’s end.
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