AGE OF SILENCE & WINDS’ Andy Winter New Solo Album Available Now

Andy Winter - IncomprehensibleKeyboardist/composer Andy Winter of WINDS and AGE OF SILENCE fame has a new solo album, Incomprehensible, which is available now via The End records.  The album features an impressive roster of guest vocalists from MADDER MORTEM, AGALLOCH, GREEN CARNATION, EDGE OF SANITY, PECCATUM, BORKNAGAR, NOVEMBERS DOOM, and WINDS.

Also appearing are Jan Axel von Blomberg aka Hellhammer (MAYHEM, WINDS), Carl August Tidemann (WINDS, ex-ARCTURUS), Øystein Moe (WINDS, ex-ULVER), Don Anderson (AGALLOCH, SCULPTURED) and Mike Young (THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT).

Having continued his approach of always applying a very genre-defying style, “Incomprehensible” is yet another unmistakable and unique record from Andy Winter, and one that provides a different experience altogether when compared to anything else in metal, or indeed most music.

NOVEMBERS DOOM Start Recording New Album; Reissue of The Knowing Set for Release

American dark metal pioneers NOVEMBERS DOOM have commenced recording of their 8th full length studio album, entitled Aphotic. The album is set to be released on The End Records in Spring 2011. Aphotic is being recorded at Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin with longtime NOVEMBERS DOOM collaborators Chris Wisco at the controls and Dan Swano mixing.

Frontman Paul Kuhr said, “We plan to capture something new from the band. This recording builds upon the foundations the band has laid over the years, but we are taking it into a new direction. We plan to redefine where we stand in our current genre. The darkness is coming, and we can’t wait until you’re able to hear it.”

Throughout the recording process, NOVEMBERS DOOM will be uploading videos and studio reports to the band’s official YouTube channel. Clips of new material as well as band member updates will be available.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of The Knowing, The End Records is re-issuing this long out of print album, one of the most sought after in the NOVEMBERS DOOM catalog. The 2-disc set will include a completely re-mixed and re-mastered version of The Knowing, featuring new versions of “In Faith” and “Silent Tomorrow,” to be available as originally intended. The set will also include the original 2000 pressing, unaltered. An expanded 24 page booklet accompanies this reissue with original photography by Tony Myles of Cage XXI.

Kuhr explains, “Being able to revisit these recordings in a studio setting also allowed us to fix a few mistakes which have stood out in our ears for 10 years. We realize many people are fond of the original recording and hate when bands ‘fix’ old material, so for the fans of the original, we’re including the original release as a bonus disc. “

NOVEMBERS DOOM Enter Studio to Record Into Night’s Requiem Infernal

NOVEMBERS DOOM entered recording studio Belle City Sound to begin recording their 7th full length CD, to be titled Into Night’s Requiem Infernal. Tracking duties will be handled by Chris Djuricic (engineer and NOVEMBERS DOOM bassist), and the mixing of the disc by Dan Swano at Unisound. The band comments:

“We’re using the same Recording / Mixing formula we’ve used on ‘The Pale Haunt Departure‘ and ‘The Novella Reservoir‘. In our opinion, the combination of Djuricic and Swano creates the perfect sound for us, and we’ve received nothing but stellar reviews of sound quality from this combination in the past.

“Every band hypes their new material, and says it’s the best they’ve done, and the hardest and the heaviest… You can judge that for yourself in time. What we can say is that this is the first time going into a recording the entire band feels confident and believes the material will please fans of the band, as well as turn many new heads in our direction. It’s dark, aggressive, and melodic, and compliments the last three releases.”

During the recording sessions, the band will keep a daily journal including photos, videos, and comments. A direct link to the journal on the official forum can be found here:

MAYHEM Announces the Deconsecrate the States 2007 Tour

For the first time in 6 years, and quite possibly the very last, MAYHEM’s Deconsecrate the States Tour 2007 is sure to be the hottest on record.

Their long awaited new Ordo Ad Chao album and tour feature the return of vocalist Attila Csihar, who sang on the band’s pinnacle album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Attila has never before performed on US soil as a MAYHEM member, which makes this tour the closest North America will ever have of witnessing the classic MAYHEM line-up.

Here the tour dates:
July 16th – DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
July 17th – Galaxy Club – Santa Ana, CA
July 18th – Key Club – Los Angeles, CA
July 20th – Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
July 22nd – Joe’s – Chicago, IL
July 23rd – BB Kings – New York, NY
July 24th – Jaxx – Springfield, VA
July 25th – The Sterling Hotel – Allentown, PA


NOVEMBERS DOOM – The Novella Reservoir

It’s always refreshing when a band can revisit influences and alter their style enough to show both intelligent evolution of their sound and competent understanding of where they came from. This is exactly what NOVEMBERS DOOM did with their most recent release, The Novella Reservoir. Both longtime fans and newcomers alike should be delightfully surprised by this release. NOVEMBERS DOOM has long been known for their prowess as a doom metal powerhouse, but the doom aspect of their songwriting takes a vacation for this release. Instead, this album features some straight up death metal with melodic interludes, some clean vocals, and only a couple of lighter tracks reminiscent of their usual style. Overall, this album is a heavy road less traveled by this talented band. The opening track “Rain” quickly establishes that this album is far different than what your typical NOVEMBERS DOOM expectations would lead you to believe. Paul Kuhr‘s growling vocals establish a menacing mood that persists throughout the album, and the overall heaviness of The Novella Reservoir should please fans all around. The title track and “They Were Left to Die” contain a greater balance between heavy and melodic elements, while “Drown the Inland Mere,” “The Voice of Failure,” and “Dominate the Human Strain” are the heaviest tracks of them all. The softer songs, “Twilight Innocence” and “Leaving This,” provide a nice break to the heavier tracks, although they do seem somewhat out of place on this album.

Fans of recent OPETH and MY DYING BRIDE releases should find this album quite tasty on their musical palette. However, some long time fans may find this change a bit too drastic. Either way, none can deny that this is an excellent and very mature metal release, and it is worth noting that The End Records offers a version of the album accompanied by an 84-page book detailing photos from every era of the band plus the lyrics of the new album. (The End Records)