APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2017

Dependability is crucial to any band’s fanbase and 2017 did not disappoint.  All of the bands that we’ve come to depend on for great music more or less delivered the goods.  One band stood out to us all were the death metal gods from Yonkers, New York, IMMOLATION.  They continue to stand as a pillar for metal with their unending well of creativity and longevity.  Atonement blew us away with its complexity, ominous atmosphere, and inventive brutality.

Enjoy our lists of our favorite albums of 2017. And remember: Buy or die!

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Cryptopsy live 01The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles certainly looks like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but on this night, pure death metal was held at this venue.

ABYSMAL DAWN returned home to butter up the crowd with their technical brand of death metal.  Emphasizing a few tracks off their latest album, Obsolescence, Charles Elliott and company delivered an enthusiastic set that kicked off this wonderful show.

Cryptopsy live 02A buzz was in the air as fans were awaiting CRYPTOPSY’s return to Los Angeles, and the Canadian death metal quartet did not disappoint.  Despite their short set, the band blasted  through some brutal classics, notably fan favorites such as “Slit Your Guts” and “Phobophile.”  Vocalist Matt McGachy pleased old Lord Worm-era fans with his guttural delivery, and bassist Olivier Pinard showcased his fantastic skill on bass.  Of course, the highlight of the band is to watch Flo Mounier’s precise delivery on destroying the drum kit with his intricate fills and sheer bad ass mastery of the kit.  Wish they played longer – maybe next time.

Obituary liveThose who are familiar with the swamp groove masters, OBITUARY, know that the band always delivers live.  They punished the crowd with old classics, which only sound heavier in the live setting.  Guitarist Trevor Peres’ one-of-a-kind distortion is always great to hear, and the band was firing on all cylinders.  Glad to see these classic bands are still on top of their game.  “Chopped in Half/Dying” and “Slowly We Rot” brought the crowd into a frenzied, bloodied mess…leading the way to the headliners…

Cannibal Corpse liveThe crowd was getting anxious for CANNIBAL CORPSE, and while some songs sounded a bit slower than normal, they ripped through their gems from all eras of the band, from “Born in a Casket,” “Covered With Sores,” the love ballad “I Cum Blood,” to “Unleashing the Bloodthirsty,” and tracks like “Kill or Become” from the latest album, A Skeletal Domain.

CANNIBAL, while a bit older and slower, still deliver the goods, and the boys are still going strong.  Kudos to Rob Barrett for wearing MONSTROSITY’s Imperial Doom shirt, which was Corpsegrinder’s first band (for the uninitiated).

This was definitely one of the more killer packages with four great bands, so be sure to check this tour out if you haven’t already!


Twelve years after breaking up, underground death metal favorites, BROKEN HOPE, recently announced their return. The band are set to make their return to stage on the Carnival of Death Tour with headliners OBITUARY and support bands DECREPIT BIRTH, JUNGLE ROT and ENCRUST.

In a recent statement, BROKEN HOPE guitarists Jeremy Wagner and Shaun Glass stated, “For over a decade, we’ve listened to fans worldwide who’ve asked us to return. We’ve listened to our peers in bands who seen us at shows and said, ‘when is BROKEN HOPE coming back?’ Well, you have finally been heard, and frankly, we just miss it too goddamn much—the clubs, the metal, but especially you: the diehards, the most.

“We decided as a first step to return back to the place that always felt like home: the road! So we are proud to announce that this fall, BROKEN HOPE will join forces with OBITUARY and join the Carnival Of Death tour! This tour will solidify that extreme music is still alive and well, we are ready, focused, and hungry to show you what we have in stored for you all! Moreover, we cherish and promote the legacy of our fallen brother, vocalist Joe Ptacek, as we travel from show to show and honor him, he will not be forgotten. With this being said, we would like to introduce Damian Leski of GORGASM on vocal duties, who will handle the tough task for the upcoming tours. Be ready to be ‘Swamped in Gore‘!!!!”

Deicide – To Hell with God

DEICIDE have paid their dues long ago and have become so (in)famous that their fans will buy anything – even if it’s a subpar release, such as the horrendous Insineratehymn and In Torment in Hell albums. While the band made a huge comeback with The Stench of Redemption, they used up their good riffs on that release and promptly released the weak Till Death Do Us Part album soon thereafter.

Fortunately, To Hell With God is a beast of an album, with tasty riffs that haven’t been seen since the Serpents of the Light disc. The title track surprisingly kicks everything off, and while Glen Benton’s typical barking vocals are still the weakest link, the drums are processed and tight, with guitar riffs that are thick and intense. This type of energy was revamped with The Stench of Redemption but now kicked into high gear with songs like “Save Your” and “Conviction.”

With furious blast beats and double bass in tow, speed and intensity are emphasized heavily throughout the album, and To Hell With God definitely proves naysayers and detractors wrong. Drummer Steve Asheim is the main songwriter now, and he shows that the Hoffman brothers aren’t missed at all. Asheim and Jack Owen have taken it upon themselves to write some old school riffs that DEICIDE fans have missed for so long.

Since the addition of guitarist Ralph Santolla, DEICIDE has incorporated some amazing solos, opposed to the haphazard uninspired SLAYER whammy bar style that the Hoffman brothers favored so much. “Angels of Hell” shows off exactly how Santolla likes to shred, and his style fits DEICIDE much better than it does with OBITUARY. Benton has started a new habit of writing hilarious and long song titles, such as “Hang in Agony Until You’re Dead,” but fortunately, the music is fast, furious, catchy, and diabolical.

With flashbacks of “When Satan Rules His World,” “Into the Darkness You Go” has a similar feel and pushes the intensity to the max. The closer, “How Can You Call Yourself a God” contains one of the most hilarious chorus lines ever written, but you’ll soon find yourself happily singing along to this line.

As always, DEICIDE albums purposely end around 30 minutes so that the listener can press play again. The lyrical content and song titles are unintentionally hilarious, but it’s the music that counts, and To Hell With God is a fantastic album for a band that was thought of already as dead and buried. (Century Media Records)

Scion Rock Fest 2011 Line Up Announced: MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, More

The full line up for this year’s Scion Rock Fest, which was just revealed to take place on March 5th in Pomona, CA, was announced today. Here is the full line up:


According to the poster, more bands will be added, and of course, the line up is always subject to change.

RSVP list for the free event opens tomorrow at http://www.scion.com/rock. Also, be sure to follow Scion A/V Metal on Facebook for all the lastest updates.

Pulverised Signs Thrash Supergroup MEMORAIN

Pulverised Records is proud to announce the addition of MEMORAIN to their growing roster of brutality. The thrash metal supergroup, founded by guitarist Ilias Papadakis, formed in 1999 and currently features: Gene Hoglan (FEAR FACTORY), Steve Digiorgio (SADUS), Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY) and Chris Valagao (ZIMMERS HOLE). Guest musicians on previous offerings have included Nick Menza (ex-MEGADETH) and James Murphy.

The band recently completed work on the fourth full-length, Evolution. Further details and artwork to be revealed soon.

Commented Papadakis of the signing: “I’m really happy with the way things are going! Pulverised Records is the new home of MEMORAIN and I’m sure that with their experience they will do an amazing job with our new album! On Evolution, we have succeeded to combine oldschool thrash metal, with a modern touch. Fast and aggressive, but at the same time, melodic with powerful. I’m sure that Evolution will satisfy the appetite of the diehard fans of thrash metal! I can’t wait to perform this material live!”


GORGOROTH – Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt

After a lengthy legal battle with ex-members over the band name, GORGOROTH leader Infernus has unleashed Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt by recruiting a few well known musicians for this project – vocalist Pest from back in the band, along with Frank Watkins (OBITUARY) and Tomas Asklund (ex-DISSECTION, DARK FUNERAL) to round out this super group of sorts.

Immediately, the dry production of Quantos reminds the listener of DISSECTION‘s Reinkaos album, and a few of the same mundane beats used by Asklund are also featured on the opening track. While Pest’s vocals are quite tormenting and fit the black metal genre perfectly, the bland riffs and stale drumming turns off the listener to this hyped up album. The first few tracks show that the band has lost its edge and power of earlier GORGOROTH material, as witnessed on Antichrist and Pentagram.

A song like “Rebirth” fits Asklund‘s simpler drumming style better and the band can actually write good, slow songs; something that MARDUK has failed to do. “Building A Man” kicks in with an older GORGOROTH feel, which finally brings some life to this album. That is until the next track, “New Breed” – which sounds like a b-side from the Reinkaos sessions. After a few uninspired tracks, Quantos builds some momentum, but it’s too little, too late. “Satan – Prometheus” becomes one of the best tracks on the album, as Asklund finally blasts like he used to with DARK FUNERAL, and Pest shows off his clean vocals, with a much better range than Gaahl. “Introibo ad Alatare Satanas“, a short outro, is an excellent song for all 53 seconds, but leaves the album ending abruptly.

Quantos, like all GORGOROTH albums, are short and to the point, but it seems as if the album is more of a cluster of riffs mixed in a pile, and the arrangement of the songs are a little too haphazardly placed together. GORGOROTH is still living due to the name and reputation, but the music is not as brash and exciting as it once was. (Regain Records)

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Death metal vets OBITUARY are readying to embark on a North American headlining tour in support of latest long player Darkest Day, released via Candlelight Records this past June. The tour will kick off on September 3rd at The Rock in Tucson, AZ and pillage its way through a month’s worth of shows before coming to a close on October 4th at Headliner’s Music Hall in Louisville, KY. The band will be joined by KRISIUN, GOATWHORE, THE BERZERKER, and WARBRINGER.

Tour dates:
9/3/2009 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
9/4/2009 U.B.’s Bar – Mesa, AZ
9/5/2009 Gator’s – Farmington, NM
9/6/2009 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
9/8/2009 Galaxy Theatre – Santa Ana, CA
9/9/2009 Key Club – Los Angeles, CA
9/10/2009 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
9/11/2009 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
9/12/2009 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
9/14/2009 Sugar – Victoria, BC
9/15/2009 Plazza Club – Vancover, BC
9/17/2009 Warehouse – Calgary, AB
9/18/2009 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
9/19/2009 The Riddell at University of Regina – Regina, SK
9/20/2009 Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg, MB
9/22/2009 Rave – Milwaukee, WI
9/23/2009 The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL
9/25/2009 Opera House – Toronto, ON
9/26/2009 Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC
9/27/2009 FouFounes – Montreal, QC
9/28/2009 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
9/29/2009 The Blender Theatre at Gramercy – New York, NY
9/30/2009 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
10/2/2009 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
10/3/2009 Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
10/4/2009 Headliner’s Music Hall – Louisville, KY


OBITUARY, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, and HEMLOCK are teaming up for a U.S. tour this fall. Confirmed dates are as follows:

09/11 Jaxx Nite Club – Springfield VA
09/12 BB King Blues Club – New York NY
09/13 Funhaus – Toronto ON
09/15 ADC Performance Center – Southbridge MA
09/16 Club Infinity – Williamsville NY
09/19 Emerald Theatre – Mt. Clemens MI
09/20 Peabody’s Down Under – Cleveland OH
09/21 The Rock – Maplewood MN
09/22 Indianapolis Metalfest – Indianapolis IN
09/24 Aztlan Theatre – Denver CO
09/26 House of Blues – Anaheim CA
09/28 Bourbon Street – Concord CA
09/30 Knitting Factory – Los Angeles CA
10/03 Emos – Austin TX
10/04 Granada Theatre – Dallas TX
10/05 Meridian – Houston TX
10/06 The Hangar – New Orleans LA

OBITUARY: New Album and iTunes Exclusive Single

OBITUARY‘s forthcoming new album, Xecutioner’s Return, is set to hit North America August 28th via Candlelight Records. An exclusive iTunes-only advance single Evil Ways will be available July 31st.

Tampa-based OBITUARY‘s current incarnation features original members, vocalist John Tardy, guitarist Trevor Peres, bassist Frank Watkins, drummer Donald Tardy and new guitarist Ralph Santolla (ex-DEICIDE, ex-DEATH).

John Tardy commented on the band’s working with Candlelight Records, “we are really looking forward to having a record company that wants to work with us. We feel rejuvenated and this new album is gonna be sick!” Donald Tardy added, “we couldn’t be more pumped about teaming up with Candlelight. It is an unbelievable feeling to know that a record company cares about our music as much as we do.”

Album art for Xecutioner’s Return was created by artist Andreas Marshall. Marshall has worked with the band for The End Complete and their most recent record Frozen in Time. The album was produced by the band with mastering completed at Morrisound Studios in Tampa on June 16.  View the album art here.

OBITUARY will embark on a headline tour of the US on September 11. Tour details will be announced shortly.