Good old KATAKLYSM…unlike some of their countrymen who felt the need to fuck up a good thing with some whiny clean vocals and keyboards, these Northern hyperblasters have stayed the course, maintaining their integrity once again with the steadfast and true, Prevail. The album opens with the catchy barn-burning title track, before hyperblasting their way through “Taking the World by Storm” and “The Chains of Power.” “Blood in Heaven” sees the band settle in to a melodic, mid-tempo groove at times reminiscent of HYPOCRISY, with a fine solo from OVERKILL‘s Dave Linsk offering some icing on the cake. The song actually features some of the band’s most memorable, dynamic songwriting. Oddly enough, after a strong opening, the album drops off considerably with tracks six through nine failing to register anything particularly memorable or unique. Although each of these songs contains plenty of blastbeats, double-bass, and heavy riffs, little distinguishes them from one another, and they become virtually interchangeable. “The Last Effort” however ends things on a high note with the band exploring different tempos and variation on this closing instrumental track, which makes you wonder why the band doesn’t take more chances. Nonetheless, Prevail is uncompromising, consistency defined from one of Canada’s most reliable metal institutions. (Nuclear Blast Records)