THE FUCKING WRATH Sign With Goodfellow Records

THE FUCKING WRATH, featuring members from bands such as MISSING 23RD and OX VS. THUNDERBIRD, have signed a deal with Goodfellow Records. The band hailing from Montalvo, California, just finished their debut for Goodfellow entitled, Season of Evil. The album is scheduled for an August release followed by some extensive touring.

THE FUCKING WRATH consists of three long-time friends that all work in record stores and live on the same street. While the members have each been playing in bands for more than ten years, THE FUCKING WRATH formed a year-and-a-half ago as a result of jamming for fun after work.

Since their initial gig in November of 2005, they have played nearly 70 shows to date, including the No Idea Fest IV in Florida. The band recently completed a five-and-a-half week U.S. tour with GLASS & ASHES and is set to embark on another nation-wide tour with and OX VS. THUNDERBIRD in the summer of 2007.