SLAYER: Paul Bostaph In; Dave Lombardo Remains Out

SLAYER‘s Tom Araya and Kerry King have announced that Paul Bostaph has rejoined the band on a full-time basis.

Paul‘s a great drummer and a good friend, and we’re very happy that he’s decided to rejoin the band,” said Tom Araya. “We’re still pretty numb from the loss of Jeff, but we don’t want to disappoint our European and South American fans, and we need to begin moving forward…having Paul back in the band makes that a whole lot easier.”

“I’m very excited to be rejoining SLAYER,” added Bostaph. “We spent a very intense ten years of our lives together, had a lot of fun, made a lot of great music, so for me, this feels like coming home.”

Bostaph was SLAYER‘s drummer from 1992 until 2001 and recorded four albums with the band.

Basically, this means Dave Lombardo is out.

Paul Bostaph Replaces Nick Barker as TESTAMENT Drummer

Paul Bostaph (ex-FORBIDDEN/SLAYER/EXODUS) will join the ranks alongside originating classic thrash legends Chuck Billy on vocals, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar, Eric Peterson on rhythm guitar and Greg Christian on bass.

Unfortunately Nick Barker will not be recording with TESTAMENT on this new album, due to Homeland Security and International Work Visa issues. Rather than delaying this long awaited return of TESTAMENT, the band has chosen to recruit Paul Bostaph, long time friend and member, to record on the much anticipated album, which is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2008 release via Nuclear Blast.

Drummer Tom Hunting Reunites with EXODUS

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt checks in with this breaking news from the EXODUS camp:

“I’d like to take a moment here and welcome back Tom Hunting to EXODUS‘ drum throne. It was always understood that when and if Tom was ever ready to resume his drumming duties for the band, his seat would be waiting. Paul [Bostaph] always knew this, and was the first to say it upon joining the band. Paul and Tom have always been good friends and we, as a band, cannot thank Paul enough for his services on Shovel Headed Kill Machine and all the subsequent tours he did to support that album. We had a great time and kicked many asses along the way. Paul has given this reunion his whole-hearted endorsement with no mixed blessings and is happy to see Tom back in the fold. Now, some band out there may just become the luckiest bunch of suckers in the world, because one hell of a drum is on the market! We wish Paul all the best, and he will always be a member of the extended EXODUS family.

That having been said, we are so excited to have Tom back in the band he co-founded. He, other than the time spent out of the band, is the only drummer I’ve ever played with, and he & I have an unspoken language of metal that I am stoked to continue. We are hard at work on the new songs, and this shit is the best and heaviest music we’ve ever written. I’ve kept quiet until now – because everyone always brags about how great their new shit is – but this is no boast. This album will redefine thrash metal as we know it. We will be hitting the studio mid-May with Mr. Andy Sneap. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.”