THE DEATHTRIP – Deep Drone Master

The Deathtrip - Deep Drone MasterA pure underground gem was released in late 2014 that is mandatory for all Norwegian black metal devotees.  Yup, an all-star cast brings THE DEATHTRIP to light: Host (AKA Paul Groundswell, THINE guitarist and GM of Peaceville Records), the return of Aldrahn (DODHEIMSGARD, THORNS) from a long hiatus, and THORNS mastermind Snorre Ruch as producer.

On their debut full-length, Deep Drone Master, THE DEATHTRIP carry the spirit, sound, and sense of mysterious aura of early 90’s Norwegian black metal.  The influences are apparent yet this is not some retro-rehash job.  Deep Drone Master is not only musically relevant for the present time, it’s better than most of the other extreme metal releases that have come out in recent years.  The album also serves the great purpose of being the next best thing until the next THORNS album is eventually released.

Deep Drone Master is well-rounded while also being direct and catchy.  Whether they blast through blazing melodies or hypnotize with mid-tempos, the dark, cold atmosphere is omnipresent.  Riffs are brilliantly repeated for long periods of time to create this feeling of swirling chaos (i.e. “Cosmic Verdict“).

Longtime fans will find much enjoyment in not only hearing Aldrahn‘s voice again but hearing him at the top of his game.  His distinct vocal style and delivery on Deep Drone Master are simply powerful.

It took years and years for the band to release this, their first full length, so if there’s any justice in life, THE DEATHTRIP will have their second album out soon.  Mandatory. (Svart Records)

KATATONIA: Viva the Great New Misery

To say that KATATONIA are one of the best exports out of Sweden is an understatement. Starting out as a death/doom band 16 years ago, they’ve carved out several niches with each evolution of their sound. Their groundbreaking early to mid-era sound of infectious, melodic guitar leads played over down stroked eighth notes has influenced more than a few bands around the world. However, it’s their last couple of albums that has seen the biggest growth from the band with their ever growing dark somber tones, progressive-minded riffs, and growing songwriting prowess. APESHIT spoke with founding member/guitarist Anders Nystrom during their first U.S. tour last Fall to learn more about their past struggles, their brilliant new album, The Great Cold Distance, and the fight to claim the success that they deserve.

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