LOCK UP – Demonization

In grindcore, there is a holy triumvirate: NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, and LOCK UP.  It’s no coincidence that all three bands are related in history and members.  LOCK UP does the most in terms of honoring the legacy of the other two bands while sounding, arguably, the most fresh overall.

So should you care about the fourth album from a band, one that is essentially a side project, in their 18th year of existence?  The answer is a definitive “yes.” Demonization is all about godly riffs, intensity, and most important, excitement.  The feeling of a speeding training flying off the rails is invigorating.  Right from the start, the album starts rolling and never stops until the final note.  It’s unfair to single out songs to be highlighted as they are all of equal quality.  Just listen to the whole thing.

While underground metal super groups have become so common and often fail to live up to their hype, the gang of Shane Embury, Kevin Sharp, Nick Barker, and Anton Reisenegger are unequivocally delivering the goods.  Without a doubt, Demonization is one of 2017’s best releases.

Bow down to LOCK UP or be damned to a life of subpar grindcore.  (Listenable Records)

Grind Supergroup LOCK UP Announces First U.S. Tour

LOCK UP, the grindcore supergroup featuring genre veterans, Tomas Lindberg, Shane Embury, Nicolas Barker and Anton Reisenegger, has announced its first ever North American tour, a headlining run with GOATWHORE and STRONG INTENTION.

Said drummer, Nick Barker, “After many attempts in the past, sadly to no avail, Lock Up finally gets to make it stateside for a string of shows with our good friends from Louisiana, GOATWHORE. For us in LOCK UP, to play with GOATWHORE in the US is like a dream tour, as they are one of our favorite bands – and being good friends with them too only makes this package even more special to us. Be prepared North America ‘cause we’re coming over to blast your minds into deathgrind oblivion!”

Tour dates:
2/08 – Buffalo, NY @ Club Infinity
2/09 – Albany, NY @ Bogies
2/10 – Boston, MA @ Club Lido
2/11 – Montreal, QC @ Katacombes
2/12 – Tortonto, ON @ Wreck Room
2/13 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
2/14 – Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
2/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
2/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Europa

LOCK UP – Necropolis Transparent

LOCK UP have set the bar pretty high for properly executing blistering grind albums, and their TERRORIZER-inspired grind/death style is seemingly unstoppable. PENTAGRAM guitarist Anton Reisenegger pays homage to original axe grinder, Jesse Pintado (RIP), by writing a few angry and aggressive songs to say the least.

Upon pressing play, “Brethren of the Pentagram” blasts and grinds your face in immediately, and you can bet that Necropolis Transparent is going to be one hell of an album with no compromise whatsoever. The fury of Nick Barker’s (ex-DIMMU BORGIR) insane drumming, the chaotic guitars, and Tomas Lindberg’s (AT THE GATES) tortured soul all equate to a combination made perfectly from hell. Songs like “Anvil of Flesh,” “Rage Incarnate Reborn,” and “Vomiting Evil” are guitar driven, super catchy, and brutal, with a tinge of the European flavor.

Bringing in Jeff Walker (CARCASS) and ex-LOCK UP vocalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY) for a good chunk of the songs sure doesn’t hurt, either. Their vocal styles compliment Lindberg’s harsher style nicely, accenting some catchy lines in a few tracks, such as “Necropolis Transparent,” “Parasite Drama,” and “Through the Eyes of My Shadow Self.”

There are plenty of worthy grind albums these days, but LOCK UP is the closest band to rival the debut album from TERRORIZER. With short, blasting tracks that make sense, this is one of the few “supergroups” who are not overrated, so be sure to pick this one up for a dose of grind filled goodness. Wherever he is, Jesse Pintado is somewhere out there smiling and proud of this effort. (Nuclear Blast Records)

[youtube KAIwXOcqjn4]

[youtube e2BfQUz1GLE]

EYEHATEGOD, BLACK COBRA, BAPTISTS, More Added to Power of the Riff 2011

It has been announced that EYEHATEGOD will be co-headline the upcoming Power of the Riff festival in Los Angeles. In addition, BLACK COBRA, SKIN LIKE IRON, BAPTISTS, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, EARLY GRAVES, and SLAVE have all been added to the bill that already includes PENTAGRAM, WINTER, PELICAN, TRAP THEM, MASAKARI, ALPINST, ACEPHALIX, and ALL PIGS MUST DIE.

The Los Angeles edition of the Power of the Riff fest goes down August 13, 2011 at The Echo and Echoplex in Echo Park. Tickets are available here.

This year, Power of the Riff has expanded out  of Los Angeles. The fest will make its way San Francisco and Seattle as well. For more details on those shows, visit the official Power of the Riff website: http://thepoweroftheriff.com/

First Bands Announced for Power of the Riff 2011

PENTAGRAM, WINTER, PELICAN, TRAP THEM, MASAKARI, ALPINIST, ACEPHALIX, and ALL PIGS MUST DIE are the first confirmed bands for this year’s Power of the Riff fest in Los Angeles. The fest goes down Saturday, August 13, 2011 at both Echoplex and The Echo in Echo Park, with more bands to be announced.

Last year’s successful event featured the same two venues featured the participation of some killer bands like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY III, GOATSNAKE, REPULSION, BLACK BREATH, NIGHT HORSE, EAGLE TWIN, and many more. We can only expect the same fine selection of bands this year, and we’re already off to an excellent start!

Unlike last year however, this year’s edition of the all ages fest will not be a free, sponsored event. Tickets will cost $30 and can be purchased here.

Follow Power of the Riff on Twitter for all the latest info: http://twitter.com/TPOTR

PENTAGRAM Announce Two Live Shows

March 6th and 7th, 2009 will bear witness to return of the authentic, pioneering madman, Bobby Liebling and PENTAGRAM. This legendary US deity of dark rock and doom will cast its shadow for two nights only, March 6th and 7th, 2009 in NYC and Baltimore.

For the first time in 25 years, the “Godfather of US Doom,” Brooklyn-born Bobby Liebling returns to NYC. He and PENTAGRAM bring their relentless, revolutionary, buzz saw rock to Webster’s Hall on Friday, March 6th, 2009. The show will also be filmed for the 9.14 Pictures (Rock School, Two Days in April) documentary, Last Rites: The Fall & Rise of Bobby Liebling.

The burning rays will again ignite the very next night, March 7th, 2009, as a kindling fire is again prepared for the sign of the wolf! Sonar in Baltimore, MD is the sight of this second and final sonic séance.

On stage with Liebling will be ex-ram family member, Gary Isom (SPIRIT CARAVAN) on drums, who joins Liebling live again for the first time in nearly 15 years. These shows will introduce DC’s Russ Strahan on guitar and Mark Ammen (UNORTHODOX) on bass. Very special guests include Dutch doomrockers THE DEVIL’S BLOOD, Philadelphia’s heavily melodic instrumentalists SERPENT THRONE (Baltimore only) and more should be announced soon.

Bobby had the following to say about the shows:

“To all my fans and friends out there: I get a lot higher on music than getting high got me. Show up and wait and see. I promise you I will show ’em how. Thanks for your continued support. Hope all the rivetheads had a good holiday and I WILL see you soon.

“Alive and well,
Bobby Liebling

Last November, Season of Mist released the seminal Sub-Basement and Review Your Choices in limited edition digipaks. This officially marks the first time these release have been available in the US. The re-releases feature new photos, liner notes and bonus tracks.