New ABSU Album, Abzu, Coming October 2011

Candlelight Records has announced October 4th as the North American release date for ABSU’s new album titled Abzu. As previously announced, the album is part two of a planned trilogy of recordings from the Dallas-based mythological occult metal band. The album features the original works of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (WATAIN, BEHEMOTH, DESTROYER 666, VADER).

Recorded at Nomad Recording Studios in Carrollton, Texas, Abzu finds drummer/vocalist Proscriptor and bassist/vocalist Ezezu sharing equal vocal duties and debuts the skills of new guitarist Vis Crom. Proscriptor comments, “Abzu is the first studio release to feature a co-vocalist alongside myself since our third album, The Third Storm of Cythraul. Ezezu’s vocal presentation is beyond superlative and I am overly pleased with his execution and delivery. The songwriting undertakings were equally distributed between both Ezezu and Vis Crom and I must admit it brings an admirable multiplicity to the album as a whole. The last song on the album, ‘A Song For Ea,’ was composed in six movements, as it brought the entire band together as an equivalent songwriting team. Vis Crom has definitely proven to be ABSU’s most proficient guitarist in the history of the band.”

Writing began on Abzu last autumn as Proscriptor notes, “This album has not only been the most challenging in ABSU’s discography, but the quickest paced – composition and arrangement wise. The current line-up is scattered all across the United States, so the album was physically written utilizing internet file sharing. We even rehearsed, at times, while communicating via cell phones. Lyrically, the album descends deeper into Enki’s lower world as well Thelemic and Enochian Magic(k) Systems. My lyrical architecture is extremely convoluted, so I decided to create a generalized synopsis explaining the themes behind each song. I feel these are my best poems since 2001’s Tara.”

Abzu has benefited from the unity of the band despite limited face-to-face rehearsal time. In fact only two proper rehearsals were had; one preparing for the band’s dates with Immortal earlier this year. The six-date showcase tour was the first live American dates for the band since their headline tour in June of 2009. Proscriptor confirms, “We rehearsed one week prior to the tour supporting Immortal and exactly one week after in preparation for the studio experience. I can honestly say this is the first time ABSU has rehearsed for only one week, as an entire unit, before entering the studio.”

ABSU recently returned from Finland where they performed at the Hammer Open Air Festival. “For the first time in history, we presented a complete and unabridged version of ABSU’s second album, The Sun of Tiphareth,” shares Vis Crom of the performance. “Now, we prepare with eagerness to do the same at upcoming performances in Greece and The Netherlands. The crowds at Party San and Brutal Assault can expect a different, but unique live set. After that, our sights are set on North American abyss.”

Upcoming ABSU festival performances:
8/12/2011 Party San Open Air – Schlotheim , Germany
8/13/2011 Brutal Assault Open Air – Jaromer, Czech Republic
9/10/2011 An Club – Athens , Greece
10/29/2011 Aurora Infernalis Festival – Driel, Netherlands

ABSU – Absu

The term “U.S. Black Metal” is not taken very seriously, and rightfully so because of the weak bands that have spawned from the States. However, after a lengthy eight year hiatus, these occult veterans from Texas show that there is at least one USBM band that steps up to the plate.

ABSU simply shines on this release, as they bring the black metal/thrash attack to the forefront. Proscriptor returns to form with a whole new lineup, but the result will not disappoint ABSU fans. Production wise, the album is extremely clean, and the melodies are stronger than ever. This glossy new version of ABSU is perfected with the opening track, “Between the Absu of Eridu & Erich” – a simply fantastic, and catchy track, and a clear indication of what’s to come. There is a MELECHESH feel throughout Absu, and elements of thrash, black metal, and experimental ambiance are all prevalent. Some interesting chords and timing are displayed in “Night Fire Canonization,” thanks to a guest spot by ex-MAYHEM guitarist Blasphemer. “Amy” and “13 Globes” are the most straightforward songs with beautiful guitar work which lead to “…of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs…” – a magical track which entices the listener to some fancy keyboard wankery towards the end of the track. A dark and unique approach with these keyboard spots is what separates ABSU from a typical boring DIMMU BORGIR clone. Tons of riffs fly throughout Absu with no letdown in sight. A bizarre, ambient, experimental and interesting keyboard break is inserted in “Those of the Void Will Re-Enter” before breaking into climactic guitar shredding chaos. “Twix Yesterday, the Day & the Morrow” closes the chapter on Absu with a fitting keyboard outro, reminiscent of the instrumentals featured on MORBID ANGEL‘s Domination.

As a whole, Absu takes elements from old ABSU or MELECHESH and the end result is a fantastic 53 minute gem that makes sense of a mesh of different metal genres into one cohesive brilliant mess. This effort definitely gives you the best bang for your buck and should result in countless plays for quite a long time. (Candlelight Records)