Prosthetic Records Sign NEURAXIS

Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the addition of Canadian progressive death metal band NEURAXIS to the label’s roster. The band will tentatively release its Prosthetic debut in mid-2008. “The search for our new label is now over,” guitarist Rob Milley comments. “NEURAXIS is excited to be joining the Prosthetic Records family. We are working hard on finishing the new album and looking forward to touring like madmen next year!”

NEURAXIS recently released Live Progression, via Galy Records, the live follow-up to 2005’s Trilateral Progression, the band’s latest studio album.

Prosthetic Records Signs Japan’s GRIEF OF WAR

Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the addition of Japan’s GRIEF OF WAR to the label’s roster. Having formed – in their own words – for the purpose of being the true heir of real heavy metal, GRIEF OF WAR was started from humble beginnings in 2002 based out of Tokyo, and almost immediately after forming, the band quickly started rehearsing to develop and refine their sound through a series pre-productions recordings. Releasing their self-titled demo in 2003, the band began receiving positive reaction about the release from a handful of CD shops and fanzines inside their native Japan, prompting the quartet to being energetically playing live in June 2004. Through this, the band began gaining an increasing fan base throughout Tokyo through uncountable tours and live dates. GRIEF OF WAR finally unleashed the band’s debut full-length, A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Released, through hometown label Yggr Drasill Records in May 2005.

Self-described as “Samurai Crunch,” GRIEF OF WAR aims to capture the title as the heir of real traditional metal in the golden 80s, through a deal with Prosthetic Records set to begin with the release A Mounting Crisis… outside Japan on February 19, 2008. Music from the effort can be previewed at