Latest Developments in the “GORGOROTH” Band Name Dispute

Regain Records have made an official announcement recognizing founding member Infernus as the holder of the “GORGOROTH” band name. Infernus has been in dispute with other members Gaahl (vocals) and King ov Hell (bass) who claim ownership of the band name as well as the fact that they kicked Infernus out of the band.

Here is Regain‘s official statement:

Regain Records will continue the co-operation with the bands original member Infernus with a new line-up. This new line-up will be announced by Infernus through the new official website Regain Records recognizes Infernus as the rightful owner of the bands name, logo and trademark, and is prepared to take any legal steps necessary to prevent any 3rd part from exploiting it, artistically and commercially. A long time commitment between Infernus and Regain Records has been signed and GORGOROTH‘s next album entitled Quantos Possund Ad Satanitatem Trahunt – as well as the follow-up – will be released on Regain Records.”

In related news, Gaahl and King ov Hell have apparently changed their incarnation of GORGOROTH to “THE FORCE GORGOROTH.” They have also announced a headlining appearance at next year’s Wacken Festival on August 1st on the Black Stage. The band’s manager states, “Be prepared for a spectacular exclusive show at W:O:A. more blasphemic than the Krakow show. If you are a prude or sheepish person, this is your nightmare.”