Marty Friedman - InfernoAs a fan of metal, you love Marty Friedman by default.  But since his move to Japan 10 years ago, can we all say that we’ve kept up with what he’s been up to?  Thankfully for everyone Marty has come to us with his best solo record to date.  Inferno is full on metal or said in another way, full on Marty Friedman.

The title track starts things off and he wastes no time in blowing up your mind with a roller coaster of guitar wizardry.  The song quickly re-reminds you that Marty can smoke any guitarist on the planet.  Inferno is about diversity of flavors as many of the songs are co-written with some of today’s most well-known artists.

Wicked Panacea” features RODRIGO Y GABRIELA doing what they do best mixed in with Marty‘s frenetic playing.  It makes for a very unique and excellent hybrid.  “Meathook” with SHINING (NO)’s Jorgen Munkeby on vocals and saxophone is a balls out, off the wall number not unlike SHINING‘s work.  Hearing Marty and Jorgen trade leads is a thing of beauty.  “Hyperdoom” is a mere 1:55 and takes a little less than a minute to build up before Marty just goes off (pun intended).  While the vast majority of Inferno is pretty damn heavy, REVOCATION‘s Dave Davidson and Marty take it more extreme places with “Sociopaths.”

The beauty of the album lies in not only its diversity but also running order.  Just the listener may need a change up from all the full-out metal, the slower, mellower “Undertow” comes in.  Huge, melting melodies say so much with way less notes than are found on the previous songs.

The biggest deal surrounding Inferno has to be “Horrors,” which was co-written with still guitar god, Jason Becker.  This epic has it all – the peaks and valleys, acoustic guitars, and mind bending leads.  Simply awesome.

Inferno is an immediate and overwhelmingly clear reminder that we have indeed been pining to hear from Marty Friedman.  (Prosthetic Records)

First Track from New MARTY FRIEDMAN Solo Album Online

The track, “Steroidhead,” off of MARTY FRIEDMAN‘s upcoming solo album, Inferno, is now up.  Check it out below:

It sounds unmistakenly like Marty.  “Steroidhead” sees FRIEDMAN backed by Keshav Dhar and Anup Sastry (SKYHARBOR). Says Friedman, “I love working with innovative, risky and borderline crazy musicians, and the guys on ‘Steroidhead‘ certainly fit that description. Each track on the album has a separate dream team on it, so it feels like a constant barrage of fresh interpretations of my music.”

Due in May,Inferno is Marty‘s first solo album of original material in four years, and his first recording in more than a decade that will be released worldwide simultaneously. Featuring what he describes as the heaviest, most intense playing of his career, the album will feature guest appearances by several artists influenced by Marty, including Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), RODRIGO Y GABRIELA and REVOCATION‘s David Davidson. In addition, Inferno includes FRIEDMAN’s first songwriting collaboration with Jason Becker since the pair played together in CACOPHONY.

REVOCATION – Revocation

Revocation - RevocationWith their popularity at an all time high, how does REVOCATION‘s self titled fourth album fair?  Basically, they deliver the kind of album that fans will be happy with.  Revocation is extreme metal that incorporates all different shades such as 80’s thrash, prog metal/rock, as well as modern influences such as NEVERMORE.  With the band’s undeniable musical talents, they run through it all with such ease.

REVOCATION‘s diversity is what prevents them from being pigeonholed as this or that.  Every song on the album is a different look and keeps one off kilter in terms of accurately guessing what “the REVOCATION sound” is.  Surely, metal warriors could name the band that served as influences for many of the songs.  Tasty instrumental sections are all over the place.  The action is always flowing with plenty of energy, which keeps Revocation from stagnation.

So if a diverse, burst of energy delivered with dazzling playing is what turns you on, REVOCATION has your fix.

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