DZSTRKRFT – Disaster Craft

DZSTRKRFT - Disaster CraftFollowing in the footsteps of extreme metallers who went on to explore the electronic-based side of the music universe (i.e. Justin Broadrick with TECHNO ANIMAL, ULVER, Tom G. Warrior with APOLLYON SUN, and Svein Egil Hatlevik (FLEURETY/ex-DODHEIMSGARD) with ZWEISS), roycifer (AKA Royce Hsu) of the defunct Los Angeles black metal band SANCTUS explores these realms with DZSTRKRFT.

Pulling from various electronic dimensions, such as breakbeats and dub, the Disaster Craft EP offers different looks in each song. The backbone is the (programmed) percussion, which fills both channels with the perfect array of ear candy. And of course, the black metal spirit tenet of atmosphere is omnipresent.

The title track sounds like something that would be blasted in a nightclub in the futuristic classic, Bladerunner. Second track, “Machines, Tapes, Electronics/Morrison Dub,” switches to a mellower but no less percussive gear. A sample of Jim Morrison describing the future of music graces the track as the main guitar riffs echoes in and out. “Craft Work (Contra Break)” gets heavy and darker with low end bass rumbling through its cyclical rhythms.

The absolute gem of the EP is closing track, “Audible.” Sleek in its darkness and absolutely emotive, the track glides through the night with a build and flow that is perfect. Have ULVER give it a listen and they’d wish they wrote it. Bloody great song.

With DZSTRKRFT‘s best release to date (three total within one year), the future only holds great things.

P.S. Disaster Craft is available for free download.

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SANCTUS Reunite for One-Off Session After Ten Year Hiatus

Sanctus (photo by Adam Murray)

On November 3rd, SANCTUS reunited for a one-off private rehearsal session. [Ed: I am a member of SANCTUS.] This was the band’s first activity in ten years.

While SANCTUS never officially “broke up”, the band endured a hiatus born of life “stuff” and geographic separation. After some online communication earlier this year, the idea to get back into a room and jam on old songs together became a reality.

Vocalist Jason McCrarey, drummer Michael Chi, bassist Brent Gibson, guitarist Mike O’Meara, keyboardist Adrian Ross, and myself (guitars) reconvened at Bedrock Studios in Echo Park for a five hour session. The time was spent jamming on (and re-learning) old songs followed by a short “performance” for close friends.

The set list included the three songs from the Fateshifter EP, “Fateshifter“, “Dream“, and “Turned Within“, and “November” and “If We Fall…” from the Aeon Sky album.

While there’s no guarantee the band will remain active in the traditional sense, the band isn’t “dead”. Infrequent live performances are not out of the question, and thanks to technology, the chance of new material is not unlikely.

Photos from the session were captured by Adam Murray. Check out the full gallery on the band’s Facebook page:

Visit the band’s official website to listen and download music from their discography:

SANCTUS Make Rarities Available for Free Download

Deactivated death/black metal band, SANCTUS, have made a pair of rare recordings available for free download on their new discography site at

Fateshifter, the band’s swansong EP released in 2003, and their original demo from 1998 (when the band was called PANTHEON) have been posted for download. Only 50 copies each the EP and the demo were ever made. The once band from Southern California encourage sharing and online distribution of the music.

SANCTUS, who’s only full-length release, Aeon Sky, was released on Metal Blade Records in 2000, disbanded in 2004. Though Aeon Sky is no longer in print, it is not currently available for download on the site.