Stream the New CADAVER EP, D.G.A.F.

Photo credit: Hannah Verbeuren

Old school Norwegian death metal band, CADAVER, have unleashed their new EP, D.G.A.F., via their new label, Nuclear Blast. The band features founding member, Anders Odden (vocals/guitar/bass), and Dirk Verbeuren (drums).

D.G.A.F. can be streamed on various platforms. Check out the title track, which features CARCASSJeff Walker on guest vocals:

In upcoming events, the band will be hosting a live Q&A with fans on Instagram on Thursday, April 23rd at 11 am PST/8 pm CET.

APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2015

motorheadWhen looking back at 2015, the only thing that seems to matter is the passing of Lemmy Kilmister. Of course losing Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor in November was sad but Lemmy was on another level – one of the pillars of the entire rock ‘n roll universe. Thankfully, he left a voluminous legacy for us to enjoy for eternity, including some of music’s best interviews and quotes possible. Cheers, Lemmy.

Other than that, 2015 was a remarkably strong year for the pioneering, long-running bands in the metal scene.  Everyone from KILLING JOKE, MY DYING BRIDE, FEAR FACTORY to AMORPHIS put out fantastic records. This past year also saw some very good super groups in TAU CROSS and FIRESPAWN make their debuts.  You’ll find that many of them made it to our respective lists.

Additionally, we’ve recruited some fresh blood in Charles Elliott, Andrew Sample, and Jeff Wagner. These industry vets have been in the trenches with us for years and years, and have helped bring you many of the greatest records ever released for the past 20+ years.
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Tickets for Extreme Metal Cruise, Barge to Hell, on Sale Now

The world’s first extreme metal cruise, Barge to Hell, featuring 40 bands of extreme metal’s best bands is set to depart from Miami, Florida on December 3, 2012 for Nassau, Bahamas and back on December 7, 2012.  Tickets are now on sale.  The luxury cruise will feature two performances from each band on three different stages, karaoke, and more.

So far 21 out of a total of 40 bands on board are known:


Industry Profile: Ula Gehret

While the artists are the centerpieces of the music industry, the people behind the scenes are often just as important. It takes as much blood, sweat, and sacrifice to create and maintain success for those who work off-stage. We are taking an opportunity to spotlight one of these unsung heroes, metal industry veteran, Ula Gehret. He was a pivotal figure in Century Media‘s rise in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. He now runs his own consulting firm with fellow industry vet, Leif Jensen (vocalist for DEW-SCENTED). We reached out to Ula in his homebase of the Netherlands, who was happy to share his journey through the metal scene.
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SOILWORK to Commence Recording New Album, The Panic Broadcast

Sweden’s SOILWORK have completed writing songs for their next album, which has been given the title, The Panic Broadcast. The band will begin recording this weekend. Here’s an update from singer Bjorn “Speed” Strid

“After a long but intense absence, I’m back giving you a little report on what’s going on in the SOILWORK camp. We have just wrapped up the last songs on the new record and I have a constant smile on my face. The title of the new album will be, The Panic Broadcast.

“I’m so stoked to record this new album and I feel it’s gonna be quite a challenge for everybody in the band. So how’s it sounding? Here’s my personal take: I feel it’s bigger than life to use an old cliché, but seriously, if any of you for some reason have missed some of that intricate riffing that made SOILWORK unique, then you won’t be dissapointed.

“I feel this record is very playful and we’re not cutting down on anything, no ‘is this too much information’ -consideration, no ‘less is more,’ just pure musical joy with no boundaries, THAT to me is what it’s all about. Obviously there’s gonna be some surprises like always but giving every member of this band the freedom to go apeshit, will make this record a heavy and naturally catchy one.

“More solos? Check. Insane riffing? Check. Melodic vocals? Check. Screamy vocals? Check. Progressive keyboards? Check. Best metal drummer in the world? Check. Flink dance while recording his bass tracks, like they were nothing? Check.

“Drums will be recorded in Asheville, NC starting this Saturday. Keep your eyes open for an online studio and video reports, join us and watch every step of the new album taking form!”

DISHARMONIA MUNDI Complete Work on The Isolation Game

Italian melodic-death metallers DISHARMONIA MUNDI have finally completed their new record entitled The Isolation Game. The album has been recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at The Metal House Studio by Ettore Rigotti and contains 13 tracks. It also features guest appearances by Björn “Speed” Strid (SOILWORK) on vocals, and guitarist Olof Morck (NIGHTRAGE) on solos on some tracks. The album will be released in December by Coroner Records.

The new single “Perdition Haze” from The Isolation Game will be available in full streaming and digital download at the DISHARMONIA MUNDI MySpace, at Coroner Records MySpace, and at Coroner Records official website the 31st of October at midnight.

NEVERMORE Complete Songwriting Process For The Obsidian Conspiracy; Set for the Studio in Late Summer

Seattle’s NEVERMORE have recently completed the songwriting process for the follow up to 2005’s This Godless Endeavor entitled The Obsidian Conspiracy.

The band will commence recording in August with producer/SOILWORK guitarist Peter Wichers (who previously worked with NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane on his solo debut Praises to the War Machine). Longtime friend and collaborator Andy Sneap will once again be handling mixing duties. The album is currently set for an early 2010 release. Fans can also follow Dane on Twitter at for updates as to the progress of the new album.

Dane comments: “These songs are full of newfound rage, lyrically and musically. Jeff Loomis has come up with some amazing new riffs that will no doubt please old and new fans alike. Also, I think the combination of Peter and Andy will result in something very, very special.”

SOILWORK Vocalist, Speed Strid, Reveals Solo Project

SOILWORK vocalist, Bjorn “Speed” Strid, has revealed that he is working on a solo project of diverse proportions. Read his announcement below:

“The tropical heat has just arrived to Sweden and things are starting to shape up. Two festivals coming up real soon, looking forward to that.

“Songwriting mania has just begun for both SOILWORK and another act I would like to introduce you to. I have just launched my solo project that so far remain nameless. I have somewhat of a clear picture in my head of how the music will sound like. This might come as a shock to some of you but think Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper, Destroyer with KISS, early AEROSMITH, a dose of Born to Run with Bruce Springsteen, a rocked out Elvis, some Motown, first BOSTON album and some early STEELY DAN etc…

“How about it folks? The sound is gonna be dirty retro classic rock with horns, strings and some spaced out percussion. I always wanted to do a real atmospheric rock album which has a pretentious, yet dirty dirty feel to it.. it’s gonna be one hell of a project to make this all happen but I will give it the pace it deserves, just wanted to introduce you to it.

“The line up so far features Sharlee D’Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, ex-MERCYFUL FATE) on bass and David Andersson (session guitar SOILWORK) and will be completed within a near future. In today’s scene I guess it will be hard to find the right label for this, not really metal label material I suppose…interested labels can shoot an email to the following address: [email protected].

“In other personal news I’m still doing vocal coaching in my hometown of Helsingborg in Sweden and will also be able to do vocal coaching when I head for Phoenix, AZ in the end of July. I’m also able to produce vocals in studio. If you want me to produce your vocals on your recording, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

“Interested people can reach me at [email protected].
Please only serious offers!”