Germany’s Prophecy Productions Make Back Catalogue Available on Youtube

German record label, Prophecy Productions, have posted the majority of their back catalogue on youtube for fans to enjoy.  Famous for their niche of eclectic folk, progressive, and dark metal, the label has released many classic albums, including releases by IN THE WOODS…, EMPYRIUM, GREEN CARNATION, TENHI, DRAWN, and BLAZING ETERNITY.

Check out their youtube channel, Prophecy Broadcast:

TENHI – Saivo

It’s been a long time since TENHI released a full-length of all new material and as expected, the band do no disappoint. The band further defines and expands upon their unique style of neo progressive Finnish folk music with an ever improving command of dynamics and creativity.

Saivo starts off very serenely and gradually works it way to full volume like the break of dawn over a vast landscape. Second track, “Pojan Kiiski,” makes its subtle entrance with TENHI‘s trademark acoustic guitars, trickling water like-piano, soothing vocals, and soulful cello and viola. As the album progresses, it’s clear that the band have worked hard in writing the string arrangements and made them an integral part of Saivo (i.e. (“Sateen Soutu“). And while there are other instruments, such as flute and contrabass, that add textures and character to the songs, the acoustic guitars remain the foundation for TENHI‘s sound, as evidenced on songs such as “Pienet Purot” and “Surunoatta.”

The feelings of melancholy, reverie, and solitude form this compelling atmosphere that is undeniable. It often seems as if TENHI are actually manipulating the listener rather than their instruments. It’s not a stretch to say that it’s easy to picture oneself in the middle of Finland’s breathtaking landscapes.

The centerpiece of Saivo has got to be the nine minute plus, “Haaksi.” The song has such strong phrasing and the emotional stringed instrument parts really help to add this natural ebb and flow as well as a type of unique, raw energy. Closing track, “Savoie,” is a beautiful and soothing farewell. TENHI convey this strong feeling of resolution, which makes it perfect as the last song.

The four years of work that the band put into making Saivo certainly shows. The solid songwriting and pure soulfulness are much for TENHI to be proud of. Bravo. (Prophecy Productions)

APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2011

2011 was a very productive and enjoyable year for extreme music, perhaps the best in years. Thus, it was not an easy task choosing what we enjoyed best since they were just so many. 2011 also gave us unforgettably bad albums by LOU REED and METALLICA, flops by THE HAUNTED as well as controversial ones by MORBID ANGEL.

We look forward to another strong year in 2012 in which we will celebrate our 10 years online. Cheers for all of your support in 2011! Radikult!!
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TENHI Announce New Album Update; Ilkka Salminen Announces Departure

Finland’s TENHI are currently working on their new album, Saivo. Here is word from the band:

“The new songs for the coming album Saivo are evolving nicely. We however stand now in a rather unorthodox situation as we never have had so much new material waiting to be recorded.

“Here are some working titles for the songs.

-“rinta maan
-“kuolleet lehdet
-“vapaus saimaa
-“pojan kiiski
-“laulu kuolevalla
-“maa ja veri
-“paluu joelle
-“polku rantaan
-“pienet purot

In other news, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ilkka Salminen is no longer in TENHI. Here is the band’s official statement:

Ilkka Salminen has now officially left the band. We decided to announce this as there has been some speculation around the matter.

“This isn’t a dramatic change in the band at all but rather awaited decision. His contribution has decreased along the years and his personal interests lie elsewhere, while for us the band has become even more crucial part of our lives.

“Despite this he will still be around as a friend for sure…

“So thanks for the past years –rock on!”

Here are Ilkka’s own words:

“Dear fans,

“I have now officially left TENHI.

“This is my own decision and I want you to know that it happens in the best spirit between all of us. It might not be a surprise for you, as my contribution in TENHI has decreased ever since we released Maaäet. For the time being I haven’t got the possibility to devote myself to TENHI anymore with the same intensity as Tyko and Ilmari.

“I’m extremely proud and happy for everything we achieved in TENHI and it all means an awful lot to me. I feel privileged that for the past decade I was given the possibility to create music with such talents as Tyko and Ilmari. I think TENHI is doing very well in their care, and I encourage them to carry on the TENHI saga for a long time.

“On my behalf I’d like to thank all of you TENHI fans for the fantastic support you’ve given throughout the years. I wish you all the best, keep TENHI flame burning!

“Ilkka Salminen”

TENHI – Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

Unlike most compilations albums, TENHI’s Folk Aesthetic is every bit as interesting and valuable as one of their studio albums, if not grossly more so. This three disc collection is quite a monster in the variety of material, which includes the band’s first demo, two EP’s, alternate and unreleased tracks, as well as a brand new album of music. The best feature of this collection is the fact that the quality remains constantly very high with no throwaway tracks or filler. “Havuisissa Saleissa” from the band’s Kertomuksia demo is easily their most haunting and dark song clocking in at an epic 9:18. For those who have never heard TENHI’s two EP’s, Hallavedet and Airut: Ciwi, the music speaks for itself and easily stands as worthy releases with top-notch songs to offer. Disc 2 features a nice mix of unreleased tracks and alternate versions of tracks with each song offering something interesting to the mix. Disc 3 features a whole new album of songs in Kaski, which the band decided to finish exclusively for this release. Kaski has enough memorable phrases, themes, and riffs to bring it to the level of an official TENHI album. As far as packaging goes, Folk Aesthetic gets a perfect score for content and presentation. The collection comes in a beautiful digi-book featuring plenty of insightful liner notes, English translations for every song, band photos, and fantastic artwork by band leader Tyko Saarikko. All in all, Folk Aesthetic is a crowning collection of music that caps off TENHI’s first 10 years of existence. Here’s hoping for another collection after the next decade. (Prophecy Productions)

TENHI to Release New 3-CD Collection, Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

Progressive neo-folk band, TENHI, will release a 3-CD collection of rare and unreleased material, Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006, on August 6, 2007 via Prophecy Productions. It will be packaged as a noble digibook with 76 page booklet, liner notes and special artwork and drawings by TENHI mainman Tyko Saarikko. Here is more from the band:

“We just finished mastering the music and completing the cover artwork of the 10th year celebration compilation album called Tenhi Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006. It includes over three hours of rare and unreleased material from the years 1996-2006. The idea is to make a ‘book-like’ format with some info about each song, lyrics and translations and more. I also drew the artwork specially for it. More news posted soon about the release date.”

Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 tracklisting:

CD 1:
Kertomuksia (demo 1997)
näkin laulu
havuisissa saleissa

Hallavedet (mcd 1998)
hiljaiseksi lampi jää

Airut:ciwi (mcd 2000)

CD 2:
kausienranta” (unreleased)
suortuva” (alternative version)
etäisyyksien taa” (from promo 1997)
linnuit” (unreleased)
tuulenkaato” (alternative version)
sydänvalkea” (unreleased)
kuoppa” (demo version)
korvenraivaajat” (jäljen demo version)
kielo” (bonus song from Kauan album 1999)
niin auer hiljaa vie” (bonus song from Kauan album 1999)

CD 3:
Unreleased album entity called Kaski. (Swidden).
luo varjo
koiranlainen peura
suruiksi soi
tuuli varista

TENHI: In the Woods

Deep in the heart in the land of a thousand lakes lies the country’s best kept secret. Founded in 1996, TENHI have masterfully carved out a niche with their unique style of neo progressive folk music. Drawing parallels between nature and the human soul, the band create compelling, introspective soundscapes that speak directly to the soul. APESHIT spoke with TENHI mainman Tyko Saarikko about their mystical world and their amazing new album, Maa�et.

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