THE 69 EYES – Back In Blood

For over twenty years now, Finland’s THE 69 EYES have kicked out the Goth ‘n Roll jams with pomp an’ panache, to a (mostly) rapturous audience. Sure, there’s a certain derision by some of the heavy metal faithful at the unabashed neo-glam rock of bands like THE 69 EYES, H.I.M. and THE RASMUS, but Back In Blood proves that–ten studio albums after their inception–this Lapland quintet have their Rock ‘n Roll balls in check.

The proof and pudding behind the band’s longevity has a lot to do with their rock-solid list of influences. A direct line in the sand could be drawn from THE 69 EYES sound to that of their big haired 80s counterparts in THE CULT. Both bands ride that thin line between romantic mysticism and sidewalk sleeze, and capture a certain sturm und drang with their unabashed and shameless sense of drama.

THE 69 EYES temper that gothic soul with more than a fair share of punk rock snarl, however, with Back In Blood owing just as much to a band like THE RAMONES as it does the SISTERS OF MERCY. If anything negative could be said about THE 69 EYES, it’s that the formula has become a tad too predictable at this point, with the band’s most recent triumvirate of albums–2004’s Devils, 2007’s Angels, and this one right here–relying a wee too much on the caricature of THE 69 EYES, rather than the actual blueprint which blew them up in the first place.

So if THE 69 EYES are the AC/DC of the goth ‘n roll world, does Back In Blood rival Back In Black with regards to its awesomeness? Not quite–that award should most likely go to 1999’s Wasting The Dawn–but this album still has the big riffs and big hooks to deliver just the fanged bite you need. (The End Records)

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THE 69 EYES Sign with The End Records; New Album Out September 15th

Helsinki’s THE 69 EYES have signed a deal with The End Records in North America. The band’s ninth studio album, Back in Blood, will be released on September 15th. The new album, produced by Matt Hyde (SLAYER, MONSTER MAGNET), promises a heavier bite.

Singer Jyrki 69 comments on Hyde‘s production: “He’s cleaned the table and dusted the skeletons! It’s like when Rick Rubin helped THE CULT discover them on Electric – we made a similar spiritual journey with Matt.”

Jyrki continues, “Unsurprisingly, the main inspiration for the album came from the vampire realm. We haven’t made a concept album but nearly all the songs have something to do with the undead or at least horror as a genre.”

The first single will be the cheeky “Dead Girls Are Easy.” The video will be directed by MTV/Jackass superstar and close friend Bam Margera.

Back in Blood track list:
1. “Back In Blood
2. “We Own The Night
3. “Dead N’ Gone
4. “The Good, The Bad & The Undead
5. “Kiss Me Undead
6. “Lips Of Blood
7. “Dead Girls Are Easy
8. “Night Watch
9. “Some Kind Of Magick
10. “Hunger
11. “Suspiria Snow White
12. “Eternal

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