DARK TRANQUILLITY: First Video “The Pitiless” Released; Bassist Officially Announced

On November 4th, 2016, DARK TRANQUILLITY will release their 11th album Atoma through Century Media Records. The band is proud to present the first single and video for the song “The Pitiless“:

The band comments: “Selecting the first single from an album as diverse as Atoma is always a hard task, but we felt that The Pitiless gives a good representation of the general vibe of the material. It’s fast, melodic and with a sense of urgency that permeates the whole album. Enjoy!”

The video was filmed during their stay at the German Turock Open Air Festival 2016 in Essen by the director Dirk Behlau. The next video will be filmed by Vesa Ranta (ex-SENTENCED drummer) in Northern Sweden and you can expect something very epic.

Additionally, the band have finally announced that Swedish death metal vet Anders Iwers is an official member:

“We’re happy to announce mr. Anders Iwers (known from his work withTiamat, Avatarium and Ceremonial Oath) as a full member of the band! As most of you know, he has been handling bass duties live for quite a while now, as well as doing a fantastic job playing on “Atoma”, so we’re very pleased to get rid of the “session” tag and officially welcome him to the fold. Follow him on Anders Iwers Official.

TIAMAT’s Johan Edlund Announces Resignation

TIAMAT mainman Johan Edlund (vocals/guitar) announced last night that he is quitting the band.  He cited health issues.  Check out his statement:

“I have decided to leave Tiamat. My health etc.. Doesn’t work anylonger. I say leave because I don’t claim anything Tiamat. If the other guys wanna continue, fine.. Go ahead. Get a great goodlooking vocalist, sign to Century Media & just do it. But I’m out & not even intrested apart from wishing all the best for the band. All contracts & such will be handed out to Anders, lars & Roger, if they’re into it. I want nothing from this, I was spoiled too much of being an adult. Give someone a better chance. I will do the four festivals we have booked for the summer. Face it, there are other bands, plus even Tiamat might get better! Love my brothers & thank YOU for your support! KISSES!”

So without the band’s songwriter, it looks like the band will have a hard time carrying on.  What a shame.

Old School Swedish Death Metal Band, CEREMONIAL OATH, Announce Return

CEREMONIAL OATH, featuring members that would later go on to IN FLAMES, HAMMERFALL, and TIAMAT, have recently announced their return. They are currently working on a new studio release.

The band has signed with Century Media Records, which will re-release 1993’s The Book of Truth.  The album will include no less than nine bonus tracks, including the Desecrator demos, Wake The Dead (1990) and Black Sermons (1990), as well as the 7″ The Lost Name Of God (1991).

CEREMONIAL OATH will reunite for a gig at the Gothenburg Sound Festival, on January 5-6, 2013, on stage together for the first time in 20 years.

Stream TIAMAT’s Upcoming Album, Amanethes

Sweden’s TIAMAT are currently streaming their entire new album, Amanethes, on the band’s MySpace page.

Due out on May 2 (Europe) and May 27 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD was produced by vocalist/guitarist Johan Edlund, recorded mainly at The Mansion in Greece, and additionally recorded at Studio Mega in Sweden and Cue in Greece. The album was mixed and mastered by Siggi Bemm in Woodhouse Studios, Germany in January 2008.

The digipack version of Amanethes will contain the exclusive bonus track “Thirst Snake.”

Amanethes track listing:
01. “The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
02. “Equinox Of The Gods
03. “Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
04. “Will They Come?
05. “Lucienne
06. “Summertime Is Gone
07. “Katarraktis Apo Aima
08. “Raining Dead Angels
09. “Misantropolis
10. “Amanitis
11. “Meliae
12. “Via Dolorosa
13. “Circles
14. “Amanes
15. “Thirst Snake” (digi bonus track)