CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH Split 7″EP Coming Soon

Legendary bands CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH have come together for a split release on Deathwish Inc.

Recorded as part of their new album sessions, CONVERGE offer up the blazing new song “No Light Escapes.” Also on the release, CONVERGE offer a “We Are the World” styled rendition of the influential ENTOMBED classic “Wolverine Blues.” Joining them in tribute is a number of friends including Tomas Lindberg (DISFEAR, AT THE GATES, LOCK UP), Aaron Turner (ISIS, OLD MAN GLOOM, SPLIT CRANIUM), Kevin Baker (APMD, THE HOPE CONSPIRACY), Brian Izzi (TRAP THEM), and more. A new CONVERGE album will surface later in 2012 on Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.

On the flip side, metal pioneers NAPALM DEATH offer up two new aural monsters. First, “Will By Mouth” erupts in classic grind fashion. Also on the release, NAPALM DEATH offer the slower and textural new song “No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)“. A deeply resonant number that lyrically sheds light on the horrific Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.

EYEHATEGOD, BLACK COBRA, BAPTISTS, More Added to Power of the Riff 2011

It has been announced that EYEHATEGOD will be co-headline the upcoming Power of the Riff festival in Los Angeles. In addition, BLACK COBRA, SKIN LIKE IRON, BAPTISTS, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, EARLY GRAVES, and SLAVE have all been added to the bill that already includes PENTAGRAM, WINTER, PELICAN, TRAP THEM, MASAKARI, ALPINST, ACEPHALIX, and ALL PIGS MUST DIE.

The Los Angeles edition of the Power of the Riff fest goes down August 13, 2011 at The Echo and Echoplex in Echo Park. Tickets are available here.

This year, Power of the Riff has expanded out  of Los Angeles. The fest will make its way San Francisco and Seattle as well. For more details on those shows, visit the official Power of the Riff website:

First Bands Announced for Power of the Riff 2011

PENTAGRAM, WINTER, PELICAN, TRAP THEM, MASAKARI, ALPINIST, ACEPHALIX, and ALL PIGS MUST DIE are the first confirmed bands for this year’s Power of the Riff fest in Los Angeles. The fest goes down Saturday, August 13, 2011 at both Echoplex and The Echo in Echo Park, with more bands to be announced.

Last year’s successful event featured the same two venues featured the participation of some killer bands like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY III, GOATSNAKE, REPULSION, BLACK BREATH, NIGHT HORSE, EAGLE TWIN, and many more. We can only expect the same fine selection of bands this year, and we’re already off to an excellent start!

Unlike last year however, this year’s edition of the all ages fest will not be a free, sponsored event. Tickets will cost $30 and can be purchased here.

Follow Power of the Riff on Twitter for all the latest info:

TRAP THEM – Darker Handcraft

It’s easy to play loud and fast with a few strokes and pounds of instruments but it’s not so easy to be intense, heart pounding, and extreme. The second TRAP THEM‘s Darker Handcraft starts, the fury and intensity smash through the speakers. The record is indeed an explosion of raging energy.

The band arms itself with down tuned ENTOMBED/DISMEMBER-style buzzsaw guitars/bass for their style of crust/hardcore/grind. CONVERGE fans will be able to spot the CONVERGE-isms. It may be cliche to say but it’s true…Darker Handcraft is the sound of an out of control train flying off the tracks. TRAP THEM make sure to sonically crash and bash in a variety of ways to keep things dynamic.

The songs may not be long but they don’t feel short either. There is plenty of variety in the quality riffing and the band break up madness with some different tempos/feels. Songs like “Sordid Earnings” and “Drag the Wounds Eternal” are slow and pull back the throttle to focus more on the effect of simplicity and a dragging pace. Ending track, “Scars Align,” has a darker feel with its near black metal chords and slow groove.

Darker Handcraft is not about reinventing extreme music. TRAP THEM are out to rage and that’s exactly what they do. (Prosthetic Records)

Stream TRAP THEM’s New “Darker Handcraft” Album

TRAP THEM‘s new album Darker Handcraft, which was recorded with Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, DISFEAR, BLACK BREATH) at Godcity Studio, drops on March 15th in CD and digital formats (preorder).

Listen to the album in its entirety over at NPR:

The band are touring in support of the album, beginning today, which includes a stop South by Southwest. Go here for tour dates:

TRAP THEM Post New Song; to Play Free Shows This Weekend

TRAP THEM have posted a new song, “The Facts,” (courtesy of BrooklynVegan) from their upcoming full-length Darker Handcraft. The album drops March 1st on vinyl and March 15 on CD and digital formats in North America via Prosthetic Records. Listen to the track below:

BrooklynVegan Presents: Trap Them – The Facts by brooklynvegan

The band are also set to play a couple free shows this weekend with BLACK BREATH and MAMMOTH GRINDER as a part of Scion’s Metal Matinee. Saturday, they play at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago, IL and Sunday they play at The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA. To RSVP, go here:

The Power of the Riff Festival: Set Times Announced and Info

The set times for this Sunday’s The Power of the Riff Festival at The Echo and Echoplex in Los Angeles have been announced…

Echo Stage:
SPIDER FEVER: 1:00pm-1:30pm
RATS EYES: 1:45pm-2:15pm
SEMEN SUNDAE: 2:30pm-3:00pm
THE FUCKING WRATH: 3:15pm-3:45pm
LECHEROUS GAZE: 4:00pm-4:45pm
NAILS: 5:00pm-5:45pm
EAGLE TWIN: 6:00pm-6:45pm
NIGHT HORSE: 7:00pm-7:45pm

Echoplex Stage:
RIGHTEOUS FOOL: 3:30pm-4:15pm
BLACK BREATH: 4:30pm-5:15pm
COLISEUM: 5:30pm-6:15pm
TRAP THEM: 6:30pm-7:15pm
FROM ASHES RISE: 8:00pm-8:45pm
REPULSION: 9pm-9:45pm
GOATSNAKE: 10:00pm-10:45pm

Also, Converse, who are sponsoring the event, will be giving away a free pair of shoes to the first 30 people through the door. There will also be a treasure hunt for an additional 15 pairs of Converse shoes. Clues will be on the back of the event schedule, which will be handed out at the door.

Doors open at noon. Once capacity is reached, it will be one in, one out. Ins and outs will be allowed before 6pm only. And of course RSVP does not guarantee entry.

RSVP now if you haven’t already!

The Power of the Riff Festival Comes to Los Angeles on August 8th; Free with RSVP

On Sunday, August 8th, a host of loud, riff-heavy bands will descend upon Los Angeles for The Power of the Riff Festival. Curated by Greg Anderson (Southern Lord) and Sam James Velde (NIGHT HORSE), The Power of the Riff Festival was assembled with the intent to blur the lines between Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Rock music.

Festival lineup:
*DJ sets throughout the day curated by Pete Majors (HARASSOR/Vacation Vinyl)

A record swap meet of local stores such as Vacation Vinyl, Origami Vinyl, and will also feature popup stores by Tee Pee Records, Southern Lord Recordings, and more.

Lastly, the fest will feature food trucks including Sweet Vindication, Grill Em All, Canters Deli, and more.

The all day, all ages event will take place at neighboring venues in Echo Park, The Echo and Echoplex, from 12pm-12am. Admission is free with RSVP!


Fine print:

  • RSVP is strictly required
  • Entry is not guaranteed
  • Lineup subject to change
  • No ins and outs after 5pm
  • Set times announced day of the show at Echoplex

(via City of Devils)

MUNICIPAL WASTE Reveal Cover Art for Massive Aggressive; Preview Three Tracks on Thursday

Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE have unveiled the cover art for their much anticipated new album, Massive Aggressive, which is scheduled to drop August 24th through Earache Records. According to MUNICIPAL WASTE vocalist, Tony Foresta, the only man who could get that imagery just right was Andrei Bouzikov, who was also responsible for the cover to 2007’s The Art of Partying.

Foresta explains: “We wanted to work with Andrei Bouzikov again because he is like a brother to us. He is one of the few people that can tolerate me and Ryan‘s insane pickiness and attention to detail. Not only that but he is multi-talented and can do many different styles of art and understands exactly where we are coming from.

“We knew we wanted to stray away from the traditional painted covers that so many new ‘Thrash’ bands seem to be doing since Hazardous Mutation came out. We wanted the artwork to go a different direction the same way that our music has. I think we have achieved it.”

MUNICIPAL WASTE are set to preview three tracks from the new album in the early hours of Tuesday morning on Mike Davies‘ “The Lock Up” on BBC Radio 1. The songs set to be included on the show are “Wrong Answer“, “Wolves Of Chernobyl” and “Acid Sentence,” and Foresta will be participating in an interview on the show.

Tune in to the Mike Davies show on Tuesday, 9th June at 2:00am UK time on FM radio 97-99FM (also on DAB digital radio) or listen to the show online at

Lastly, the band will be playing a free show in Hollywood on June 10th at The Knitting Factory with TRAP THEM. The show is a part of the Scion Metal Show series, sponsored by Scion and Vice. Admission is free but RSVP is required. Space is limited and entry is not guaranteed.

RSVP here: