TURBONEGRO @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (5/25/13)

The Turbojugend were out in full force for the LA stop of TURBONEGRO‘s first proper U.S. tour in support of Sexual Harassment. The late arriving crowd salvaged what would have been a disappointing turn out by TURBONEGRO standards.  So after so many semi-legendary shows throughout the years in LA, what would the band bring with their new vocalist Duke of Nothing AKA Tony Silvestri?  Another awesome, special performance.

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TURBONEGRO – Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment marks the beginning of a new era for TURBONEGRO with new vocalist, Tony Sylvester AKA Duke of Nothing.  Replacing a long time frontman is never an easy task, especially a charismatic one like Hank von Helvete.  The band made a wise decision in recruiting a vocalist that is fresh and different as opposed to a Hank clone.  Having said all that, the Duke of Nothing‘s rougher, rawer vocals gives TURBONEGRO a different feel and a bit of an edge.

Also important to mention is the recording debut for drummer Tommy Manboy, who arguably gives the best drumming performance on any TURBONEGRO album thus far on Sexual Harassment.  His style is subtle yet very musical as he fills the songs with plenty of great fills and unassuming embellishments.

Fans will be happy to know that Sexual Harassment is just solid. The focus, execution, and balls out enthusiasm that we expect from TURBONEGRO are all there.  Great riffs, clever lyrics, catchy vocal lines, and an excellent production also help make it a winner.  Stylistically, the album focuses mainly on the band’s 60’s/70’s rock influences (i.e. the STONES) and TURBONEGRO‘s raw and uglier deathpunk sound.

There are plenty of highlights on Sexual Harassment. The band come out with lots of energy with driving opener, “I Got a Knife,” and “Hello Darkness.”  By the time third track, “Shake Your Shit Machine,” comes on, longtime fans will feel more than comfortable and in the groove.  The main verse riff and bridge section on “Dude Without a Face” are just so nice and dark.  The best song on the album is by far the dynamic and soulful “Rise Below.”

At the end of the day, TURBONEGRO prove that they are still going strong and are as relevant as they always were.  The train keeps rolling.  (Volcom Entertainment)

TURBONEGRO Debut Video For “You Give Me Worms”

TURBONEGRO‘s men of denim are back. The Norwegian five-piece are bringing their ninth studio album, Sexual Harassment, released digitally through Volcom Entertainment on June 13.  LP’s and CD’s of the album will be available in August.  TURBONEGRO has released a Bold Productions and Olav Stubberud-directed video for the lead single “You Give Me Worms.


Tony Sylvester AKA Duke Of Nothing – vocals

Euroboy – lead guitar

Rune Rebellion – rhythm guitar

Happy-Tom – bass

Tommy Manboy – drums


When Hank von Helvete abruptly and quietly quit Norwegian death punk gods TURBONEGRO in 2010, it shocked and saddened fans. And with the same suddenness he is back with a new band, DOCTOR MIDNIGHT & THE MERCY CULT. This super group also features ex-members of APOPTYGMA BERZERK, CADAVER, EXTOL, KMFDM, and MARILYN MANSON. Their sound is straight up metal with a mean, dark, and brooding edge.

It doesn’t take much to discern that the theme of I Declare: Treason deals with very personal issues such as betrayal, disillusionment, revenge, misunderstandings, redemption, and broken relationships. There’s no doubting that Hank is singing from the heart.

I Declare: Treason is quite diverse in its metal riffing. It’s a seamless blend of classic and contemporary thrash, death metal, and black metal that doesn’t seek to blow the listener apart with speed or heaviness. I Declare: Treason is not necessarily about being hard hitting, immediately gratifying, or extreme either. Instead the band focuses on strong riffs, hooks, muscular grooves, and spacing. Credit must certainly be given to this veteran line-up.

Hank von Helvete lays down, perhaps, his most soulful and diverse vocal performance here (i.e. “Ok (We’re Just About to Die)“). His vocal lines fit in with whatever the song calls for instead of being a one trick pony. His hardcore punk background also helps to inject some attitude that is often missing from other bands.

Taken as a whole, the album hits its stride often with some less potent songs in the mix. Stylistically, it may take some time to adjust to the band’s unique style but it’s definitely worth it. If you can get the digipak version which contains two bonus songs, go for it. I Declare: Treason is a damn good debut album that may be one of the year’s best releases. They got the snarling attitude and the songs to back it up. (Season of Mist)

TURBONEGRO Guitarist Provides Positive Update on His Condition

TURBONEGRO guitarist, Euroboy (Knut Schreiner), has provided an update on his battle with lymphoma cancer:

“As the year 2008 is coming to an end, I’m happy to inform you all that I’ve undergone successful treatment for lymphoma cancer. Last month I shook hands with the doctors and hugged the nurses and signed off at Radiumhospitalet, hopefully once and for all. When it comes to cancer patients, they’re not willing to declare you completely cured until years have passed without further complications. But there are no signs of cancer in my system at least, and the chances of experiencing a fallback are rather small, and life has gone back to normal. I feel good and tell my friends that I’m cured.

“The treatment went fine; I didn’t get too sick and was able to do a couple of shows this summer (the awesome Apocalypse Dudes concert at the Øya festival in Oslo stands out). Not to mention that my interest for music, the band and the guitar has gone through the roof! Now I’m really looking forward to make music again and get back in the saddle and play some cool shows for you all. It was an unexpected and weird time-out, but also a valuable time for many reasons. I won’t bore you with going into details about what I’ve been going through the last eight months, but I want to tell you that if the catastrophe ever hits you, I’ll be happy to share some experience and words of encouragement.

“Early next year I’m going away on a short trip with my buddy Happy-Tom to hang out and begin work on the next TURBONEGRO record. We’ll see what we come up with, but the plan is to start recording the new songs in the summer. The first festival gigs for next year have already been announced; The Slottsfjell Festival in Norway and Peace and Love in Borlange, Sweden. In April we’re heading out on a tour of the American west coast and Canada.

“So, I’m very happy about being myself again and once again want to thank friends, family, fans, partners and band members for their great, great share of love and support throughout the year.

“See you soon, best wishes for 2009!”

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TURBONEGRO to Premier New Song on MySpace Tomorrow

TURBONEGRO will be premiering a new song, “Destroy All Monsters,” on their MySpace page tomorrow. The band posted the following note regarding the song:

“Last month TURBONEGRO hit the studio in Oslo to record ‘Destroy All Monsters,’ a tribute to fellow apocalypse dude Conan The Barbarian and all other hard working people everywhere.

“The song will be released exclusively on the bonus CD included with the soundtrack for the online computer game Age Of Conan, due out June 30th in Norway and worldwide in August.

“Also take note that this is TURBO’s first recording ever with rookie drummer genius Tomas Dahl.

Visit their MySpace page here: http://www.myspace.com/turbonegro

TURBONEGRO Guitarist Provides Update on Treatment for Hodgkins Disease

TURBONEGRO guitarist, Euroboy, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease which has forced the band to cancel all touring plans for the immediate future. He has provided the following update regarding his health and treatment:


“I’m now two months into treatment and doing OK, so I thought the time was right to give you guys an update on what’s going on with me. Recent tests at the hospital show that things are going my way and I can expect to be completely cured in the fall.

“In March, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, which is a ‘lucky’ version of lymphoma cancer (90% percent get healed, according to Wikipedia and other and more reliable health information sources). Since then I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy every 14th day. That has kept me out of business for a while now, not being able to tour, but things have gone a lot better than feared. Last week they found out that my cure has so far been successful and my chances are as good as it gets.

“Receiving the news that I had cancer, but not knowing which type and how bad, was of course a rough one. The situation soon changed to the better once I learned what it really was and I headed into therapy. When staying alive is all you care about, then things really can only go upward. I don’t have that much experience with health institutions (maybe except from the occasional meeting with Dr. Rock while on tour…) but I must say that the way I’ve been taking care of by the people at Radiumhospitalet, has just been fantastic.

“I expected the treatment to be a bit hellish, but it’s actually not that bad. Ironically, I was the first one I knew of to be ‘googling for wigs,’ as we’re singing in ‘Hell Toupee‘. But fortunately for a rocking cat like meself, I haven’t lost my hair (yet). It also looks like I won’t be allowed into the handicapped area, rolling in on a wheelchair, at this summer’s stadium concerts in Oslo. Seriously, the treatment doesn’t wear me out. I’m basically able to carry on as normal, just staying at home and taking it a little easy.

“The last two months I’ve rediscovered my record collection, been through 3 seasons of The Wire, getting to spend more valuable time with Marie (10 months) and probably been playing more guitar than I have in last ten years. I was very happy to do a couple of shows in Norway earlier this month. As I wrote earlier, it sucked to cancel the tours, especially the Coachella festival in Palm Springs, which we’ve wanted to play for years. Now I’m all set to play the festivals this summer and deliver the goods.

“Not long ago, Tom and me sat down to write some new shit. (Now we finally have the chance to take use of the old turbo working album-title Tumors with certain credibility). One of the new songs, entitled “Destroy All Monsters“, was recorded this weekend. It’s our first recording to feature our new drummer Tomas Dahl. The song is a dark, almost industrial-sounding mid tempo rocker, with a great chorus, if you ask us. It’s going to be used on the soundtrack for the Age of Conan online game. Even though I’m better than the average Joe at swinging my axe, I’m not too crazy about Conan. Hank, on the other hand, loves that stuff.

“The amount of support and love from fans, friends and family has been overwhelming and very touching. I’m very thankful for it, cause it warms and really helps you getting through stuff like this with an uplifted head. Thanks a lot to everybody for the encouragement!

“See you soon and take care!

“The notorious K.N.U.T. aka Euroboy

“PS Before I got sick I had the pleasure of working with LA PUMA, a heavy and glamorous pop rock outfit from Stockholm, producing their debut album. It’s out in Scandinavia this week and I can recommend it. They write some fucking catchy songs. Their guitar player Torbjorn has a very cool style and is a bit of a sound visionary. His singing girlfriend Helena is both of HEART‘s Wilson sisters in one. So, if you always wanted Tina Turner backed by MONSTER MAGNET, you got it!”

TURBONEGRO Guitarist Falls Ill; Volcom Tour Postponed

The Volcom Tour originally featuring TURBONEGRO, VALIENT THORR, and YEAR LONG DISASTER has been postponed due to TURBONEGRO guitarist, Euroboy‘s illness. TURBONEGRO issued the following statement:

“Due to serious illness with Euroboy, TURBONEGRO will be unable to perform on the forthcoming European Volcom tour.

“We will work on rescheduling the dates to some point later in the year.

Euroboy has asked that we relay to you that he is very sorry that he’s unable to do the dates, and looks forward to seeing everyone later in the year, when he is well again.

“We’ll do our very best to keep everyone updated as to how he is doing, but would ask that his privacy is respected at this time.”

Euroboy issued a statement of his own about his situation:

“I just wanted to say a few words about how sorry I am about the whole situation. First of all, I’m doing alright now, staying at home with my family and feeling OK, but I’ll be going trough treatment in the near future. I was really looking forward to going on this tour and kicking ass night after night in true, classic TURBONEGRO style, together with two other great bands. I’m sure we’d all have had a real cool time. Now my life has suddenly almost turned upside down and I won’t be able to tour or perform for a while. I can still play guitar of course, so I’ll work on some new ‘hot licks’ and maybe write a couple of new songs (some top-of-the-mountain emotional power ballads that is, no just kidding!).

“Recently there’s been changes in the line up for the first time in 10 years. I don’t want you to see what’s going on now as another step in that direction. My heart is still pounding for the mighty TURBONEGRO and its fantastic Jugend, very much too. In the last month we’d been rehearsing and doing some one-off shows in Norway and Switzerland, where we blasted through some new songs and and some old ones that we haven’t played for ages. I hope to be back on stage and deliver again later in the year. I think the band in 2008 fucking rocks. I miss Rune [Rebellion] and Chris [Summers] of course, but we’re all still good friends; they visited me and showed great support yesterday. But I have to say it’s very, very nice to have my old mate and super drummer Tomas Dahl as part of the engine. I know you’re gonna like it too, next time we come by to rip your door.

“So, I hope to see you all again soon and have a rad rock ‘n’ roll night together. Thanks for your kind words on the message boards, I really appreciate it.

“I love you.”

Drummer Chris Summers Resigns from TURBONEGRO

TURBONEGO have announced the resignation of longtime drummer, Chris Summers. Here’s an official statement from the band:

“It is with our deepest regrets to inform you that after his 6 month hiatus due to a damaged foot, personal priorities and a focus on other projects, we have been forced to ask drummer Chris Summers to resign from TURBONEGO.

“Those of you who have seen the band during the last 60 shows have already been introduced to our new drummer, Tomas Dahl.

Tomas – a drummer from the age of 6 – is also known as Caddy, a veritable one-man songwriting and recording machine of international reknown (‘the son of Paul Stanley and Brian Wilson‘, according to a review of one of his two full-length albums) with two radio hits to his name and to quote Nick Oliveri (who scoped him out with intense interest nightly during our tour with MONDO GENERATOR) ‘one of the best rock’n’roll drummers I have ever seen’.

“The powerhouse that is Tomas has been part of the TURBO family ever since he at the tender age of 18 played drums on THE VIKINGS‘ original recording of ‘Good Head‘ (Knut and Tom actually wrote the song about him; ‘sweeping floors at the mill all day’, Tomas had recently dropped out of school to work as a janitor and driver at a local grain storage), contributing with backing vocals and vocal production on both Scandinavian Leather, Party Animals (during which an astonished producer Steve McDonald re-christened him ‘The Magic Truckdriver’) and Retox. For a sample of Tomas go to myspace.com/caddymusic.

“We wish Chris all the best in the future, and look forward to shifting gears into a new Deathpunk Era with Tomas behind the wheel!”