Stockholm Super Group FIRESPAWN Announce Debut Album

FIRESPAWN, the new Swedish super group featuring current and former members of ENTOMBED A.D., NECROPHOBIC, UNLEASHED, DARK FUNERAL, have announced that their debut album, Shadow Realms, comes out November 13, 2015. The music that has been released so far sound very promising.

Check out the track, “Ruination“:

Also, check out the official video for the title track of their 7″, Lucifer Has Spoken:

FIRESPAWN line-up:

Fredrik Folkare – guitar (NECROPHOBIC, UNLEASHED)
Victor Brandt – guitar (ENTOMBED A.D., SIX FEET UNDER (live))
A. Impaler – bass (NECROPHOBIC, NAGLFAR (live))

NECROPHOBIC Signs with Season of Mist Records

Season of Mist is thrilled to welcome Swedish death metal veterans, NECROPHOBIC, to the roster.

“We are very proud to sign with Season of Mist“, bassist Alex Friberg comments. “A unique label when it comes to sincere musical enthusiasm. Sprung from the endangered kind that will still sign a band because of their actual qualities. We believe in a long and strong relationship between NECROPHOBIC and Season of Mist!”

NECROPHOBIC was recently joined by guitarists Robert Sennebäck (DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED) and Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED) and is currently writing material for its seventh full-length, which should be released sometime next year.

In the meantime, the band will hit the European roads with fellow label mates MORBID ANGEL and BENIGHTED in November and December.

UNLEASHED – As Yggdrasil Trembles

Though the Viking-obsessed Swedish death metal of UNLEASHED can’t be denied in terms of the influence it’s possessed over the course of time, the output of UNLEASHED post-reunion has been questionable at best. Hell’s Unleashed in 2002 was an embarrassing false start for the band, a blemish which was only slightly redeemed with 2004’s mildly more aggressive Sworn Allegiance.

It wasn’t until 2006’s Midvinterblot where things finally started coming together for the troupe who recorded such genre-defining classics as Across the Open Sea and Where No Life Dwells. The band were starting to dust off the proverbial cobwebs, and decided to focus on what they do best: simplistic, pounding death metal the old school way. This is the sound echoed and perfected once again on As Yggdrasil Trembles, a twelve track effort which serves as a veritable and historical chronicling of UNLEASHED’s mighty Viking history.

Indeed, bassist/vocalist/ex-NIHILIST man Johnny Hedlund and Co. have their creative heads firmly in place this time around, delivering an album which rides on—workmanlike in the best possible way—into glory and devastation, focusing primarily on delivering The Riff to their waiting legions. The effect was a whole is almost AC/DC-like in its simplistic furor—the band have never quite been as musically involved as their peers in ENTOMBED or DISMEMBER—but oh so rewarding in the end.

Similar to the reunion path of their countrymen GRAVE, UNLEASHED have finally returned for good this time ‘round with As Yggdrasil Trembles, a righteous return to form, and proof that Swedish Death Metal still conquers all. (Nuclear Blast)

Listen to the Title Track from UNLEASHED’s As Yggdrasil Trembles

Swedish death metal veterans UNLEASHED have uploaded the title track for their upcoming release, As Yggdrasil Trembles, on their Myspace page: The new album continues on the same path that was forged by their previous two releases Midvinterblot and Hammer Battalion.

As Yggdrasil Trembles will be released on March 19th (Europe) and April 6th (North America).

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UNLEASHED – Hammer Battalion

While most of their counterparts from the early Swedish death metal scene have either disbanded or churned out some horrible albums, these guys are here to stay. With the opening scream, you know EXACTLY what band you’re listening to, and that is UNLEASHED. The latest offering by these underground warriors follows their battle cry – DEATH METAL, NO COMPROMISE!

After releasing classics in the early 90’s, the band put out a few mediocre albums, and bounced back to top form with their last couple of albums. This album continues in the same vein – both musically and lyrically. It’s no secret that UNLEASHED have made a point about their hatred toward Christianity, and are still talking about the cold winters, war, and the Viking spirit, but that’s also exactly why fans continue to support and appreciate this band.

Although there is nothing innovative or new here, this is true death metal! Johnny Hedlund‘s trademark scream begins this ferocious album with “The Greatest of All Lies.” There are a few hit or miss tracks towards the middle of the album, but the title track, “Hammer Battalion,” has the classic, old school feel to it. “Black Horizon” is another standout track, which chugs some memorable riffs and solos, and incidentally makes me want to go on voyage across the sea. “Home of the Brave” is a nice thrashy anthem that gets the head banging and blood flowing. Forget AMON AMARTH, these guys are the true Viking warriors!

While not as catchy as their last album, Midvinterblot or even Sworn Allegiance, Hammer Battalion has plenty of headbanging moments and tasty solos. The high quality that UNLEASHED continues to put forth is what separates these warriors from the flavor-of-the-month metal bands. Songwriting is top notch, as they vary the album from an all out assault on your cranium, to the mid-paced flow that they’re known for. UNLEASHED have come a long way and have progressed nicely without resorting to being the most brutal or most technical, just straight forward, well executed in-your-face death metal. The final track crushes your skull with “I Want You Dead!” Enough said. (SPV Records)


Swedish death metal veterans, UNLEASHED, will make their long awaited return to America next February on their Midvinterblot North American Tour 2007. Supporting the band will be KRISIUN, BELPHEGOR, and HATESPHERE.

Tour dates:
02/07 Mark’s Place, Bedford, NH
02/08 BB Kings Blues Club, New York, NY
02/09 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
02/10 Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
02/11 The Pearl Room, Molena, ILL
02/12 Station 4, St. Paul, MN
02/15 Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
02/16 Roseland Grill, Portland, OR
02/17 Oakland Metro, Oakland, CA
02/18 Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
02/19 The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
02/20 The Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ
02/21 Launch Pad, Albuquerque, NM
02/22 House of Rock and Roll, El Paso TX
02/23 Sanctuary, San Antonio. TX
02/24 Rigles Theater, Ft Worth, TX
02/25 Warehouse Live, Houston, TX
02/27 Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale, FL
02/28 The Haven, Winter Park, FL
03/01 The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
03/02 Jaxx, West Springfield, VA
03/03 The Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
03/04 Fou Founes Electriques, Montreal, QC
03/05 The Opera House, Toronto, ON

SPV Sign UNLEASHED to Worldwide Record Deal

SPV Records has announced the signing of Swedish death metal masters, UNLEASHED, to a worldwide deal.

Known for their skillfully penned, Viking-themed songs and explosive live performances, UNLEASHED are poised to make a major impact this fall with the release of their eighth full-length album, titled Midvinterblot.

“We have more qualified songs to choose from than ever before, and I am very confident that this will be the best UNLEASHED album ever,” frontman Johnny Hedlund had previously stated about the CD. “Our mission is to create one of the most memorable records in the history of death metal!!! This one will be slightly faster than Sworn Allegiance. The songs will be anthems in the true traditional UNLEASHED way and will have you screaming along with the choruses. The guitar sound will be taking a step towards brutality and grind. The drums are the closest we have ever come to recording a ‘live’ kind of intensity. The vocals? Well, not far away from Sworn Allegiance… just add a little harshness and a slightly deep aggression to that sound and you’ll get the picture right there. Expect nothing but one of the most memorable records in the history of death metal.”

UNLEASHED utilized the services of stand-in drummer Jonas Tyskhagen (INCARDINE, PELLE & THE POORBOYS) for their appearance at the Metalmania Festival in Katowice, Poland in early March after the group’s regular skinsman, Anders Schultz, was hospitalized following a lung-collapse.