VADER – Necropolis

VADER has always been a resilient band, and while various guitarists and bassists have come and gone, along with the unfortunate passing of drummer Doc, this has never affected the drive that mainman Peter has had to bring the band to the next level. After losing his entire lineup due to various factors, he has recruited new members to focus on the task at hand–touring and a new album. However, on Necropolis, Peter handles all vocals, guitar and bass duties, and drums were handled by the steady hands of newcomer Paul.

The core of VADER (Peter) is still in tact, and the opening track, “Devilizer” shows that the Polish war machine is standing strong as Paul gets things going, proving the band has not gone soft or in another direction. Classic VADER material evolves with “Rise of the Undead” as the intensity picks up with tasteful blast beats, unlike the over-the-top blasts of ex-drummer Daray, reminiscent of the Black to the Blind album. Things move along quickly as most of the tracks on Necropolis are in the two-to-three minute range, with “Never Say My Name” and “Blast” delivering the catchy and crunchy riffs that VADER is known for. The album’s mid-way point, though, gets a bit sluggish. “The Seal” is an “artistic” but unnecessary filler track, as its sole purpose is to provide a break between the blasts and chaos. “Impure” is a bit too mid-paced and once again segues into another unnecessary filler track, “Summoning The Futura.” The presence of filler tracks hints that the album is not as strong as their previous material. As “We are the Horde” rears its brutal ugly head, riffs from De Profundis come to mind, and the album closes with “When The Sun Drowns in Dark“–a rather catchy track which tries to get the listener interested. Overall though, something just doesn’t gel with this album.

While one cannot pinpoint any particular thing wrong with Necropolis, something is lacking. Perhaps VADER needs to branch out and add some needed depth. The songs on the last few albums are too similar, as the solos, song structure, and riffs are almost carbon copies of their previous work. Necropolis is not their best album, but Peter and VADER are still capable of producing solid death metal. (Nuclear Blast Records)

VADER: North American Tour; Support from DECREPIT BIRTH, WARBRINGER, More

Poland’s VADER have announced a North American tour in support of their forthcoming new album, Necropolis (out September 22nd in the U.S. and Canada). The 38-show Decibel Presents: Monsters Of Death Tour begins November 4th in Baltimore, Maryland, and also features DECREPIT BIRTH, WARBRINGER, THE AMENTA, S.W.W.A.A.T.S., and AUGURY.

VADER guitarist/vocalist, Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek, offered some words on the tour:
“Metal always was and still needs to be a brotherhood. All we were doing [in the past] to support the music and the scene was cooperating with other bands. Natural selection decides if a band is really dedicated or if it’s just an episode. Not much has changed today, actually. Even if the so-called ‘metal music business’ changed some rules, there will still be those who play with passion and those who want success. It is not us who wanna be ‘a judge,’ so we always try to tour with bands we have a good relationship with. A good time and a friendly atmosphere is important for all of us. I only hope that everybody will enjoy the tour and will come away with good lessons from it… like we in VADER always do. Deciding on a set list is always a problem. With every new album, the problem grows bigger and bigger. I decide the set list and I’m always confused. Usually, I try to mix some of old VADER hits with new stuff. The set might be different and depends on the conditions. For the upcoming tour through the USA and Canada, we’re gonna make the set slightly different from our shows in Poland and Western Europe. I also asked our fans about their favorite VADER songs. It may help me make a choice. I wish we could play all of our new songs, but it is not possible. I think we’ll do five pieces from Necropolis and mix them in with some old VADER. The veterans and also the new ‘in-VADERs’ will find something interesting for sure! After the maniacs learn the new album better, we can always add more songs.”

The Monsters of Death Tour will also mark the North American debut of VADER’s live line-up: Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek (guitars/vocals), DECAPITATED‘s Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka (guitars), Reyash (bass), and SOUL SNATCHER‘s Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums).

Pre-sale tickets for the Monsters Of Death Tour are available online at through July 17th. On July 18th, tickets go on sale through all normal ticketing outlets.

11/04/09 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
11/05/09 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
11/06/09 Webster Underground – Hartford, CT
11/07/09 The Blender Theater @ Gramercy – New York, NY
11/08/09 Fou Founes Electriques – Montreal, QC – CANADA
11/09/09 Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC – CANADA
11/10/09 Mod Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA
11/11/09 Penny Arcade – Rochester, NY
11/12/09 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
11/13/09 The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL
11/14/09 Rave – Milwaukee, WI
11/15/09 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
11/16/09 Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
11/17/09 The Exchange – Regina, SK – CANADA
11/18/09 The Underground – Calgary, AB – CANADA
11/19/09 Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
11/20/09 Roll-A-Dome – Prince George, BC – CANADA
11/21/09 Bourbon – Vancouver, BC – CANADA
11/22/09 Sugar – Victoria, BC – CANADA
11/23/09 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
11/24/09 Satyricon – Portland, OR
11/25/09 Regency Grand Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
11/27/09 Jumping Turtle – San Marcos, CA
11/28/09 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
11/29/09 The Key Club – Hollywood, CA
11/30/09 U.B’s – Mesa, AZ
12/01/09 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
12/02/09 Gator’s – Farmington, NM
12/03/09 Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT
12/04/09 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
12/05/09 Marquee – Tulsa, OK
12/06/09 Scout Bar – San Antonio, TX
12/07/09 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
12/09/09 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
12/10/09 Peppermint Beach Club – Virginia Beach, VA
12/11/09 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
12/12/09 Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
12/13/09 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA

Track Listing for VADER’s Necropolis Revealed

Polish death metallers VADER have announced the track listing for their new album, Necropolis (named after the first VADER song ever), tentatively due out on Nuclear Blast Records in late summer.

Necropolis track listing:
01. “Devilized
02. “Rise Of The Undead
03. “Never Say My Name
04. “Dark Heart
05. “Blast
06. “Impure
07. “We Are Horde
08. “Anger
09. “When The Sun Drowns In Dark
10. “The Sigil
11. “Dei Nostri
12. “Summoning The Futura

The upcoming release will mark the recording debut of the band’s new line up: Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek – Guitar, Vocals; Reyash – Bass; Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka (DECAPITATED) – Guitar; Pawel Jaroszewicz (SOUL SNATCHER) – Drums.

States guitarist/vocalist Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek: “Necropolis has its shape now. Today we finish recordings of main guitars and after a week break we coming back to the studio to make all leads, bass and vocal parts. We will show you the life in a studio, the process of creation and recording the new album. Gates To Necropolis, Part 2 is gonna be available in a week. STAY VADERIZED!!!”

Check out the first studio report here:

[youtube BgUo24y19zE]

Also check out the band’s MySpace page for demo versions of “Rise Of The Undead” and “Impure“.

VADER Sign to Nuclear Blast; Working on New Album

Poland’s VADER have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band issued the following statement on the signing:

“We are very glad that after so many years VADER finally joined one of the biggest metal labels in the world. We really believe in their potential, experience and famous German reliability. We are pretty confident that the cooperation will be successful both for the band and the record label. Now VADER is ready to explode! We have been waiting for such a solid record deal for sooo long so it’s safe to say that the new era in VADER‘s career has just begun!”

Guitarist/vocalist Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek added: “This is absolutely amazing, that VADER is now a part of Nuclear Blast family!!! Can’t find words how proud we are!!! Only great things may happen when traditions meet together… I so much believe, that VADER will give one more Blast to this Nuclear history of metal!!! Let start the fire — TOGETHER!!!”

Jaap Wagemaker, Nuclear Blast A&R, stated: “VADER have a history of almost 25 years of releasing death metal highlights and have built up a reputation of being one of the hardest touring bands in the scene! After many attempts both parties have finally come together and VADER have found a new home at Nuclear Blast! This summer VADER will release their new album Necropolis, which will not only be their debut for Nuclear Blast, but also another chapter in the history of the band with a totally renewed line up! Watch out for the new VADER as they will only return stronger than ever! VADER is still improving after all these years, so it is safe to say that the best of these death metal kings is still to come, so we, at Nuclear Blast are looking forward to start the propaganda machine!”

VADER recently entered Hertz studios in Bialystok, Poland with the Wieslawski Bros. to begin recording their next studio album, Necropolis, tentatively due in late August. Necropolis will mark the recording debut of VADER‘s new line up: Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek (guitar, vocals), Reyash (bass), Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka (DECAPITATED) (guitar), and Pawel Jaroszewicz (SOUL SNATCHER) (drums). Tue Madsen (MOONSPELL, THE HAUNTED) will mix the album at his Antfarm Studios in Denmark.

Some songs set to appear on Necropolis include:
Dark Heart
When We Arrive
We Are Horde
Rise Of The Undead

Peter comments on the new album: “The title of the album — which is the very first VADER song ever — is chosen not by chance. It will be connected with recordings like De Profundis or Litany with themes of forgotten worlds, mythos or ancient powers still living in humans subconsciousness.”

Check out the following links for photos and videos of VADER in the studio:

In early September, VADER will kick off a tour of their home country in support of Necropolis. The Polish leg of the tour will consist of approximately 12-13 shows in some of the country’s biggest cities. Every concert will be preceded by a fan meet-and-greet at the EMPik chain of stores. The trek will be a continuation of VADER‘s Blitzkrieg tour formula from the previous years. At the end of September, VADER will invade the rest of the European continent as part of a two-month tour with Swedish black metallers MARDUK.

APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2008

We finally got off our asses and did it.  It’s already the year 2009, but we’ve complied a list of our top albums of 2008.  Compiling such a list is never easy, and 2008 was no exception.  Maybe it was a lack of albums that really stood out, or maybe we just weren’t paying enough attention.  Regardless, we took a quick look back on the metal albums we felt were notable in 2008.
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Former VADER Guitarist Mauser Moves on with UNSUN

Polish gothic metal newcomers UNSUN, which features ex-VADER guitarist Mauser, have just posted an in-depth, behind-the-scenes clip into their new video for the track “Whispers,” which is from their much anticipated debut offering, The End of Life. The album is set for an Oct. 14th release throughout North America. Check out the video at the link below.

UNSUN have also already posted several tracks from The End Of Life on their official MySpace profile, so visit and experience one of the most promising new acts in the field of atmospheric heavy music.

Mauser further comments on his recent departure from VADER: “I would like to confirm the news about my departure from VADER and I would also like to explain the reasons for my decision, so that I can clear out all misconceptions and misinterpretations about it. For the past six months I have been very busy with UNSUN and I haven’t been able to fulfil my duties in both of the bands at the same time. I knew this was coming and I knew I would end up in a situation where I would have to decide if I should leave VADERor not. The upcoming UNSUN release, as well as very intensive promotion of the album made me realize that the moment to leave has come.

“Therefore I decided to focus entirely on UNSUN and nothing else. I have also felt the need to create something entirely new musically, something different than what I have done in the past. I would like to thank all VADER fans for the support you gave me during our shows, because these were really wonderful moments full of indescribable energy. I hope you can all understand my decision for choosing my own path because it is a virtue that we all always strive for… No one can tell us what music to listen to, no one can keep us from playing the music that we love… This is what I will always fight for!”

Consolidated by the sheer passion to play intense music, Mauser and Aya (vocals) knew upon their first rehearsals that it was their destiny to create music together. Their melancholic, dark and catchy riffs led by Aya’s highly melodic vocals were soon rounded out by drummer Vaaver (INDUKTI) and bassist Heinrich (VESANIA). This quartet quickly hit it off and created the epic tracks that compose their debut album. The pioneers of the new wave of gothic metal have arrived and the future of the genre looks very promising.


To coincide with their 25th year as a band, VADER decided to treat us with re-recordings of their best material spanning their entire discography. While some may say that re-recording tracks loses some of the magic and original distinct sound, one can also say that this two-disc set is refreshing. Old tracks are updated with excellent production, and reworked with the current lineup. When Doc (RIP) left the band, huge shoes needed to be filled, and skeptics wondered if Daray could pull off Doc’s parts, who alone defined and made VADER a unique act. Fear not, as Daray not only pulls off Doc‘s parts, but adds his own touch to the old material.

Like many recent VADER releases, XXV starts off with an intro, which quickly crescendos and blasts our souls with what’s to come. The re-recorded old
tracks hold up very well to current standards – crisp production now allows the listener to appreciate every riff, bass line, and drums as it should have sounded years ago. The only drawback for this fine two-disc album is that some of the newer songs from Litany, Revelations and even The Beast simply did not need to be re-recorded. The newer songs sounded fine on their respective albums, and the re-recorded versions of songs from those albums do not add much, if anything. A few songs, such as “Silent Empire” and “Carnal” did not necessarily need newly added keyboard parts, as they sounded great before. Aside from these minor issues, this is an excellent release for both old and newer VADER fans alike. Old fans get to hear classic songs with clean, polished production, and newer fans get a taste of old songs they probably never would have heard before. Re-recorded songs off Black to the Blind are refreshing to hear, especially since the original had razor thin production.

A few other nice touches included on this release are the guest appearances from the DEAD INFECTION guys helping out on TERRORIZER‘s classic “Fear of Napalm,” and Seth from SEVERE TORTURE providing vocals on “Reborn in Flames.” One last bonus for this release is the previously unreleased tracks “Wyrocznia” and “Tyrani Piekiel.” In this era where file sharing and downloading are the norm, this album is definitely a worthy purchase to add to your collection. (Regain Records)

VADER – And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw

As the godfathers of Polish death metal, VADER should need no introduction. Forging their own path throughout the years with both a relentless touring and release schedule, VADER paved the way for bands such as BEHEMOTH and DECAPITATED to follow. And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw, their third official DVD release, offers a fine document of the masters at work with pro-shot concert filmed in the band’s own backyard. Balancing a set list from VADER‘s extensive catalog is no easy task (classics such as “The Crucified Ones,” “The Final Massacre,” and “Reborn in Flames” are conspicuously absent) but the band manages to mix “the hits” – “Silent Empire,” “Black to the Blind” and “Sothis” with newer material from Impressions in Blood such as “Shadowfear” and the anthem “Helleluyah (God is Dead)” with relative ease. The production values of the show are top-notch, from the sound to the lighting particularly during the intro track of the second half of the concert “Parabellum” through the band’s performance of the three tracks of their excellent The Art of War EP. Musically, the band is on fire executing each song with razor sharp precision and efficiency. Reflecting the band’s no-bull approach and attitude, frontman Peter keeps the in between song chit-chat to a minimum, focusing instead on delivering the calculating, punishing performances the band is known for. Although the sluggish “Predator” detracts from the band’s momentum somewhat, things are quickly back on track for the finale of “Wings” and the band’s cover of Polish thrash band KAT‘s “Wyrocznia.” And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw also features several extras: An extensive band biography and discography for the uninitiated, photos, and two video clips. One of which features our heroes enter a world of fantasy with the rock oriented videogame soundtrack offering, “Sword of the Witcher.” There’s also a detailed interview with mainman Peter who candidly discusses the band’s changes throughout the years, musical influences, the departure and untimely passing of original drummer Docent, to the band’s future and the world through the internet. And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw is a must for all diehard VADER fans and is an excellent introduction for those interested in the roots of one of death metal’s forefathers. (MVD Entertainment Group)

Death by Decibels Tour: VADER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, More

VADER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, and CATTLE DECAPITATION will embark on the The Death By Decibels Tour this November. The tour will also feature LIGHT THIS CITY, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, and VEIL OF MAYA.

Tour dates:

11/17/07 The Mainstage – Pompton Lakes, NJ
11/20/07 L’Anti – Quebec City, QC
11/21/07 Foufounes – Montreal, QC
11/22/07 Opera House – Toronto, ON
11/24/07 The Hayloft – Detroit, MI
11/25/07 Logan Square – Chicago, IL
11/26/07 Pop’s – St. Louis, MO
11/27/07 Static Bar – Kansas City, MO
11/28/07 Cervantes Ballroom – Denver, CO
11/30/07 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
12/01/07 Rock N Roll Pizza – Portland, OR
12/02/07 Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
12/03/07 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
12/05/07 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
12/06/07 Gator’s – Farmington, NM
12/07/07 Chic’s – El Paso, TX
12/08/07 White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
12/09/07 Ridglea Theater – Dallas, TX
12/10/07 Java Jazz – Houston, TX
12/11/07 Club Metro – McAllen, TX
12/15/07 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
12/16/07 Jaxx – Springfield, VA
12/17/07 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
12/18/07 Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY

VADER – Impressions in Blood

First things first…if you love death metal, then you love VADER. It’s a simple correlation. So with the release of every VADER release comes the interest and curiosity of every death head out there. To the relief and happiness of many fans, Impressions in Blood is better than its predecessor, The Beast. After a symphonic keyboard intro, that familiar blasting, grinding fury of VADER comes out immediately. However, it’s not until the third track, “As Heavens Collide,” that the band really get things going. The track has a great slamming riff that comes in the middle section. The following track is undoubtedly VADER at their catchiest as they proclaim that “God is Dead/Dead/Helleluyah!!!” There is an absolutely devastating riff that also kicks in the mid section of the song. “Field of Deads” has a cool drum outro that segues into the mid-tempo, plodding “Predator.” These veterans pull everything off with total ease and mastery. The fury, blasting speed, wailing guitar solos, and abundance of killer VADER riffs continue for the rest of Impressions in Blood. The handful of symphonic intros add some spice to the tried and true VADER mix. However, there’s just seems to be something missing overall. The material, as a whole, doesn’t quite match up pound for pound with their best work such as Litany. Fear not though for Impressions in Blood is still a good album with plenty of fire to offer. (Candlelight USA/Regain Records)