CANNIBAL CORPSE: Killing for a Living

Killing sprees, severed limbs, maggots, and zombies aren’t what eighteen year careers are typically made of. But death metal’s biggest and bloodiest band, CANNIBAL CORPSE, has done just that. They’ve stabbed, hacked, slashed, and killed their way to the brutal tune of hundreds of thousands of albums sold, while winning over legions of fans and upsetting a few parents and politicians along the way. The band’s latest album, Kill, ranks as arguably their best albums in years and sees them at the top of their game. APESHIT met up with talkative frontman, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, during the last date of the Sounds of the Underground Tour in Los Angeles this past summer. Holding nothing back, he revealed his thoughts on the current state of the CANNIBAL CORPSE camp, censorship, and the driving force behind the band.

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