Corrections House - Last City ZeroTo state that hyperbole and false statements of quality are hallmarks of the music industry would be stating the obvious.  Additionally, the term “super group” is often thrown around too haphazardly.  Just because a bunch of guys from bands that people dig form a side project doesn’t really mean a thing.

Well, the truth is that CORRECTIONS HOUSE have proven to be one of the best new bands in extreme music and their full length debut, Last City Zero, is an instant classic.  The band is indeed a collection of guys from bands that people have dug for a long time: Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD), Scott Kelly (NEUROSIS), Bruce Lamont (YAKUZA), Sanford Parker (MINSK) and Seward Fairbury.

Sonically, CORRECTIONS HOUSE is free form in the sense that the songs are not composed of a traditional band configuration (guitars, bass, drums) nor traditional song structures.  Instead, the band are unbound in their sound – using layers of cold mechanical electronics, different brooding guitar and saxophone sounds, various vocal styles, and various other sound effects.  The album explores experimental stylings and acoustic guitars in varying degrees. Some songs are sonically heavy like “Serve or Survive” and “Bullets and Graves” while others are stripped down like the title track.

Last City Zero is  more of an experience than anything else and a spiritual one at that.  The band’s atmospheric soundscape approach is absolutely potent.  The feelings of desolation, desperation, and nihilism cannot be understated.  What I’m trying to get at is that for many, Last City Zero will speak to them on a deeply profound level; a life changer if you will.

Bands like CORRECTIONS HOUSE don’t come along too often and the magic here is undeniable.  Awesome.  (Neurot Recordings)

CORRECTIONS HOUSE: Nihilistic Collective Announces Stateside Takeovers; March Through Europe Underway

Corrections House

Having just begun their march through Europe, the CORRECTIONS HOUSE legion — Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD), Scott Kelly (NEUROSIS), Bruce Lamont (YAKUZA), Sanford Parker (MINSK) and their minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury — announce a short run of Stateside takeovers to usher in 2014. Set to commence January 2nd in Seattle, CORRECTIONS HOUSE will pillage their way through Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

CORRECTIONS HOUSE are currently touring in support of their Last City Zero debut, issued via Neurot Recordings in late October. Produced by Parker at Electrical Audio, Soma Studios, 60 Psycho Hum and Nodferatu’s Lair, Last City Zero is an audio product of societal ruin and psychological decay. At once beautifully hideous, graceful and terrifying, the record travels far beyond the confines of any one specific genre and continues to reap the applause of exploratory fans and critics globally.

In related news, CORRECTIONS HOUSE recently unleashed a video for the track “Bullets And Graves“:

YAKUZA Recording New Album; Documentary in the Works

YAKUZA are currently at Engine Studios in Chicago to craft their sixth studio effort, which will be released later this year via Profound Lore Records.

Mainman Bruce Lamont comments, “There is one common thread in YAKUZA records – we thrive on VARIETY. We try to go to places we’ve never gone before and create open space – being experimental so to speak, but we still have a love for a good melody. Sanford [album producer]is a big help bringing the sounds together.  Lyrical themes focus on life and death, the light and the dark. Our last record was a reaction, somewhat of a warning call  for what has been happening globally and spiritually but not in a religious sense. This album is the aftermath, the balance between the light and the dark. And as dark as it gets, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

YAKUZA is also preparing a brand new visual offering. Director Justin Baron has filmed a documentary on the band’s history and unique sound. Be That As It May: Yakuza’s Seismic Consequence will be released later this year and features appearances by members of MASTODON, NACHTMYSTIUM, TRIPTYKON/CELTIC FROST‘s Tom G. Warrior and many more. Director Justin Baron is in need of funds to finish the project and has launched a Kickstarter in support of the film here.

YAKUZA Frontman to Release Debut Solo Album

YAKUZA frontman Bruce Lamont will release his debut solo album, Feral Songs for the Epic Decline, on January 25, 2011 via At A Loss Recordings. The art and layout for the album were crafted by Seldon Hunt and can be viewed here.

Earlier this month Chicago-based Alarm Press hosted the first track to be released from the album as well; the closing track “2 Then The Three” can still be streamed here.

YAKUZA – Transmutations

Never a band shy of experimentation and progression, Chicago’s YAKUZA continues on their unique path with their third album, Transmutations. At this point in their career, they’ve grown beyond simple taglines or descriptions of their sound. They are a full grown being that is as eclectic and atypical as they come. Transmutations is their most atmospheric and mood-driven work to date. Whether it is meditative, psychedelic or doom-like, YAKUZA make sure to set the tone. The songs are a bit longer and are spread out enough for the material to really breathe. The death metal/grindcore aspect of their sound is still there but the transition between heavier and lighter tones is as smooth as ever. “Congestive Art-Failure” starts off with a prog rock vibe and suddenly and subtly becomes a heavy song before you realize the change. It should be noted that there are some strictly heavy songs in “Praying for Asteroids” and “Steal the Fire.” YAKUZA also display growth in the way that they are able to create intensity without relying strictly on heavy and percussive song sections to do so. “The Blinding” sounds like a temple crumbling down in flames in slow motion. The more meditative and atmospheric song sections can be equally as intense and perhaps more stimulating. Vocalist/saxophonist Bruce Lamont continues to grow individually as a multi-faceted vocalist whose clean vocals are becoming stronger and more diverse. He also injects more of his sax playing at the right moments. YAKUZA have challenged themselves artistically and have extended a challenge to people to join them on their eclectic musical journey. If you’re ready for the outer limits, Transmutations will be happy to take you there. (Prosthetic Records)

Translation Loss Records to Release New INTRONAUT EP; West Coast Tour Announced

Translation Loss is proud to announce the release of INTRONAUT’s new EP, The Challenger. The Challenger will see a late 2007 release and consist of three new tracks, a handful of live tracks and an outstanding remix totaling over 40 minutes. It was recorded at Shiva Studios with John Haddad, who manned the helm for their previous efforts Void and Null. INTRONAUT has posted studio session pictures for The Challenger on their Myspace profile here.

The Challenger EP tracklisting:
”The Challenger”
”Whittler Of Fortune”
”Deep Architecture”
”Gleamer” (live)
”Fault Lines” (live)
”Rise To The Midden” (live)
”Sores Will Weep” (live)
They (As In Them)” (live)
Burning These Days” (remix)

INTRONAUT will also doing a west coast tour starting July 19th:

7/19 Los Angeles, CA @ Tunnel w/ GIANT, BRUCE LAMONT (of YAKUZA)
7/20 Berkeley, CA @ Gilman St. w/ PHOBIA, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH
7/21 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, 100 SUNS
7/22 Sacramento, CA @ The Speakeasy w/ GIANT SQUID, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH
7/23 Chico, CA @ 1078 Gallery w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, THE MAKAI
7/24 Medford, OR @ Musichead w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH
7/25 Eugene, OR @ Samurai Duck w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH
7/26 Seattle, WA @ Comet Tavern w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, IAMTHETHORN
7/27 Seattle, WA @ Fried Chicken Barge w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, IAMTHETHORN
7/28 Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, IAMTHETHORN

YAKUZA Schedules Release Date for Transmutations

Chicago’s forward-thinking YAKUZA have confirmed the release date for the band’s recently completed full-length, Transmutations due out August 7 through Prosthetic Records. A listening party will take in the band’s hometown July 31 at The Liar’s Club, details will be confirmed shortly.

“Exploration, experimentation, riding the line between the familiar and the foreign; the essential elements for YAKUZA have already been established,” frontman Bruce Lamont says about the band’s sound. “We are not interested in creating music that’s not easily definable. Our roots are firmly planted in metal – yes, but like life, the sounds here are not cut and dry. At times this record can be uplifting, cruel, celebratory and just downright fuckin’ mean.”

Utilizing producer and established multi-instrumentalist Sanford Parker for the recording of Transmutations, YAKUZA couldn’t be happier with the album’s end sound: “Sanford was great to work with,” Lamont says. “We really feel he has refined his craft over the past half a dozen recordings he’s done. He’s known the band for a long time and helped with our last release, so he is already aware of our studio tendencies. With him the process felt almost effortless.”

YAKUZA on tour
6/16 Blue Island, IL – Kelly’s Irish Pub
7/31 Chicago, IL – The Liar’s Club (Transmutations listening party)

YAKUZA Offers In-Studio Update, New Video Footage

Chicago’s YAKUZA has offered an update from the studio online (, in addition to posting some new video footage on the band’s MySpace page ( featuring the video for “Chicago Typewriter,” as well as live footage.

“Alright, got the drums done over at Electrical Audio – the home of Steve Albini in Chicago,” frontman Bruce Lamont said. “Now we have moved into Volume Recording / Semaphore Studios for the duration of the recording for Transmutations. Sanford [Parker, producer] (MINSK, PELICAN, RWAKE) is killin it. Keep you posted.”

YAKUZA began demoing new material in the band’s hometown at Semifour Studios for Transmutations on Feb. 28 and is scheduled for a late 2007 release through Prosthetic Records. Transmutations will be the follow-up to last year’s critically-acclaimed Samsara, and the band will continue previewing new material live with GENGHIS TRON and labelmates KYLESA as well as supporting GOATWHORE. Frontman / saxophonist Bruce Lamont will also make appearances on March 15 for a SxSw showcase at room 710 at 8 pm in Austin, TX and will follow that up with a March 16 appearance at the Furniture Records showcase.

YAKUZA on tour:
4/08 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen (with GENGHIS TRON, KYLESA)
4/20 Milwaukee, WI – Vnuk’s (with GOATWHORE)

YAKUZA Begins Tracking New Material

Chicago’s YAKUZA have begun demoing new material in the band’s hometown at Semifour Studios for the band’s forthcoming new album, tentatively titled Transmutations and scheduled for a late 2007 release through Prosthetic Records. Sanford Parker (PELICAN, MINSK, RWAKE), who made a guest appearance on the band’s last release, Samsara, will be handling production duties when the band begins recording Feb. 28.

“This time it’s all about variety, each song has its own personality with the album covering a much broader spectrum,” frontman Bruce Lamont said. “The extremes are really drastic: super schizoid-brutal to almost reflective and minimal. Just like with Samsara, we’re looking at this album as a whole. I don’t want to say the album will be an ‘experience’ per-se because that sounds too hippie-ish, but it’s gonna be one of those things that you have to listen to start to finish.”

YAKUZA has been also been added to the Chicago date of the upcoming tour featuring GENGHIS TRON and labelmates, KYLESA, at the Beat Kitchen and the band will be previewing new material at the show.

Show date:
4/08 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen (with GENGHIS TRON, KYLESA)