MUNICIPAL WASTE to Hit the Studio in March

Party-thrashers, MUNICIPAL WASTE, are scheduled to enter the studio in March to commence recording of their fourth album.  The recording will take place at Red Planet Studios in their hometown of Richmond, VA., once again with producer Zeuss (who produced the band’s last album, The Art of Partying). Songwriting for the as-yet-untitled album is almost complete.

Frontman Tony Foresta comments: “So far the song writing is coming off a lot more aggressive than our previous efforts.”

Drummer Dave Witte agrees: “This set of new songs are challenging and super fun to play, we turned up the aggressive and speed knobs while keeping the good time intact.”

Foresta continues: “I think it is a definite change from our last 2 albums. Nothing super drastic, but a positive change. The WASTE is still all about having a good time. But I think we all agreed on writing something a bit more pissed off and different with this album, Instead of going ahead and writing the same album all over again. But don’t fear were not getting “artistic” or any bullshit like that. We’ve just been listening to a lot more POISON IDEA and NWOBHM and I feel it might show a bit with this next album.”

The band have announced three song titles from the new album: “Massive Aggressive,” “Shredded Offering,” and “The Divine Blasphemer.”

MUNICIPAL WASTE will be heading out on the LAMB OF GOD Wrath tour this April.  More on the tour here:

MUNICIPAL WASTE: The Art of Thrashing

If there’s one band’s success that has forced labels scrambling to sign retro-thrash bands, it’s Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE. Taking the best of the worlds of classic punk, hardcore, and thrash, the band add their own attitude and style to create some of the best crossover music in decades. The WASTE‘s new album, The Art of Partying, does just that while continuing where 2005’s excellent Hazardous Mutation left off but with added thrashing fury. APESHIT hung out with vocalist, Tony Foresta and drumgod Dave Witte during one of the stops on their recent tour with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. What we learned was that despite their comedy-induced image, MUNICIPAL WASTE are dead serious about their music.

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