DIR EN GREY DVD Delayed Due to “Manufacturing Error”

The North American release of DIR EN GREY‘s DVD, A Knot Of, has been delayed due to a “manufacturing error.”  The DVD has a new street date of February 24th via The End Records.

A Knot Of chronicles three years of the Japanese band’s touring adventures with a bevy of live peformances.  More info on the DVD here: http://www.apeshit.org/news/dir-en-grey-to-release-a-knot-of-their-first-ever-north-american-dvd-release/

One thought on “DIR EN GREY DVD Delayed Due to “Manufacturing Error”

  1. Does this “manufacturing error” have anything to do with the 3 extra unnecessary repeats of the song ‘Dead Tree?’ So many better songs could’ve filled up that time, like OBSCURE, The Pledge, and Namamekashiki Ansoku. Whoever did their tracklisting for the DVD should’ve paid more attention to what songs fans actually like. If they ever decided to do a full U.S. tour DVD (for The Rose Trims Again, or any tour in the future) the tracklist should look something like this (c’mon guys, the older DVD’s like Code Of Vulgarism had 28 songs, and all of them were FLAWLESSLY EXECUTED):

    1: Sa Bir (intro) + Audience Killer Loop
    2: OBSCURE
    3: The IIID Empire
    4: Merciless Cult
    5: C
    6: SAKU
    7: Jesus Christ R ‘n’ R
    8: KODOU
    9: THE FINAL
    10: Higeki wa Mabuta…
    11: The Pledge
    12: Namamekashiki Ansoku
    13: Ryoujoku no Ame
    16: RED SOIL
    17: Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro
    18: Ware, Yami Tote
    19: Toguro
    20: GLASS SKIN
    21: **Song From Next Album
    22: **Song From Next Album
    23: **Song From Next Album
    24: **Song From Next Album
    25: **Song From Next Album
    26: **Song From Next Album
    27: **Song From Next Album
    28: **Song From Next Album

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