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APESHIT's Top Metal Albums of 2017

December 30, 2017

images/immolation.2017.jpg Dependability is crucial to any band’s fanbase and 2017 did not disappoint.  All of the bands that we’ve come to depend on for great music more or less delivered the goods.  One band stood out to us all were the death metal gods from Yonkers, New York, IMMOLATION.  They continue to stand as a pillar for metal with their unending well of creativity and longevity.  Atonement blew us away with its complexity, ominous atmosphere, and inventive brutality.

Enjoy our lists of our favorite albums of 2017. And remember: Buy or die!


images/ 1. GODFLESH - Post Self (Avalanche Recordings) There is really not much more you could ask of GODFLESH than what they’ve created with Post Self.  This masterpiece is absolutely cold, crushing, and ambient.  An amazing listening experience.

2. CRADLE OF FILTH - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay (Nuclear Blast) We are all guilty of taking CRADLE for granted. It’s universally acknowledged that their early released were groundbreaking and great. However, many fans can be guilty of not giving the “latter” era of the band their just due. Cryptoriana is a full on tour de force with CRADLE going for the jugular at every instance. Scorching riffs, balls out guitar solos, and just damn good songs make this an instant classic.

3. SÓLSTAFIR - Berdreyminn (Season of Mist) The metal gods of Iceland have done it again. SÓLSTAFIR create the perfect soundtracks for the monumental landscapes of their homeland; religious experiences put to tape.

4. IMMOLATION - Atonement (Nuclear Blast) It’s not crazy to say it but ten albums into their career, IMMOLATION can do no wrong. No other band in this world sound like them, and that is a testament to how unique and genius this band is. No limits.

5. IGORRR - Savage Sinusoid (Metal Blade Records) Don’t let IGORRR fly under your radar. Savage Sinusoid is a fantastic avant garde album which will fit perfectly into your collection of mid-era SIGH and MR. BUNGLE albums. If the genre bending and melding bother you, the problem lays solely with you.

6. POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord Records) POWER TRIP are leagues above the small crop of “retro” thrash bands as they are not just better than virtually all of them but more brutal. Nightmare Logic is a great mix of catchy Bay Area thrash and Beneath the Remains-era SEPULTURA. These guys are on their way up.

7. THE LURKING FEAR - Out of the Voiceless Grave (Century Media Records) Named after a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, this super group (AT THE GATES, THE CROWN, SKITSYSTEM, DISFEAR) have created raw and dark death metal in the glorious style of late 80’s/early 90’s Swedish death metal.  If you miss GROTESQUE, then THE LURKING FEAR is the perfect continuation.

8. LOCK UP - Demonization (Listenable Records) Perfect grindcore. Do it. [Read our review]

9. HELLO BLACK HOLE - In No Good Hand (Svart Records) The brutal truth is that when Johan “Goatspeed” Snell left BEASTMILK, he took all the riffs and atmosphere with him. HELLO BLACK HOLE’s debut EP is the next best thing to BEASTMILK’s Climax. Apologies to GRAVE PLEASURES.

10. LANA DEL REY - Lust for Life (Interscope Records) It’s not a coincidence that so many metalheads love LANA DEL REY. Those haunting vocals and often dark and somber themes appeal to any blackheart.

big johnson:

2017 was an insanely great year for metal with tons of quality releases. I could have easily put another 10 albums for honorable mentions. However, these were my favorite ones…which included almost all “old school” bands still killing it and showing new bands why their longevity is well deserved.

images/immolation.atonement-300x300.jpg 1. IMMOLATION - Atonement (Nuclear Blast) 2. BROKEN HOPE - Mutilated and Assimilated (Century Media Records) 3. THE CHASM - A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain (Lux Inframundis) 4. SUFFOCATION - …Of the Dark Light (Nuclear Blast) 5. MORTA SKULD - Wounds Deeper Than Time (Peaceville) 6. SINISTER - Syncretism (Massacre Records) 7. INCANTATION - Profane Nexus (Relapse Records) 8. THE LURKING FEAR - Out of the Voiceless Grave (Century Media Records) 9. ENTRAILS - World Inferno (Metal Blade Records) 10. MORBID ANGEL - Kingdoms Disdained (Silver Linings) [Read our review]

shady rajah:

images/ulver.theassasinationofjuliuscaesar.jpg 1. ULVER - The Assassination of Julius Caesar (Jester Records) 2. IMMOLATION - Atonement (Nuclear Blast) 3. ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard Bloody Wizard (Witchfinder/Spinefarm) 4. MONARCH - Never Forever (Profound Lore) 5. CHELSEA WOLFE - Hiss Spun (Sargent House) 6. HERESIARCH - Death Ordinance (Dark Descent Records) 7. BJÖRK - Utopia (One Little Indian Records) 8. UFOMAMMUT - 8 (Neurot Recordings) 9. LOSS - Horizonless (Profound Lore) 10. JOHN CARPENTER - Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 (Scared Bones Records)

Oscar Martinez (JSR Merchandising):

images/obituary.obituary.jpg 1. OBITUARY - Obituary (Relapse Records) 2. CAVALERA CONSPIRACY - Psychosis (Napalm Records) 3. POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord Records) 4. IMMOLATION - Atonement (Nuclear Blast) 5. ARCH ENEMY - Will to Power (Century Media Records) 6. LANA DEL REY - Lust for Life (Interscope Records) 7. GRAVE PLEASURES - Motherblood (Century Media Records) 8. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Slime and Punishment (Nuclear Blast) 9. VENOM INC. - Ave (Nuclear Blast) 10. THE CHARM THE FURY - The Sick, Dumb & Happy (Nuclear Blast)