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INTEGRITY: End Foreseen

January 16, 2004

Fans rejoiced last year as metalcore godfathers, INTEGRITY, made a smashing comeback with To Die For. The album received almost unanimous critical acclaim and the band were busy playing shows and had future tours lined up. Everything seemed poised for them to really take back the throne until it was suddenly announced that the band would once again split. While internal friction may have been the prime factor for cutting this comeback short, APESHIT caught band leader/frontman, Dwid, in a quickie e-mail interview during what was to be their final tour this past December. Perhaps brief, this interview may very well have spoke louder than words. images/integrity.040116.jpg APESHIT: First off, we want to say, “welcome back!” Needless to say, a lot of people are happy with INTEGRITY�s return especially because of the quality of the new album. How does it feel to be back in the saddle again?

Dwid: Great, thanks.

APESHIT: What was the songwriting process like for To Die For? Was it a group effort?

Dwid: Yeah, it was a group effort. I had a lot of fun.

APESHIT: You guys are on a new label, Deathwish Inc, now. How has that been going so far?

Dwid: Great. Deathwish are awesome.

APESHIT: Can you tell us about the events that led up to INTEGRITY coming back from the grave?

Dwid: We are vampires. Undead.

APESHIT: The band has always had an ever-changing line up with you being the constant. I can only imagine how difficult it was to keep things going. You were in the same position that Tony Iommi was in with BLACK SABBATH for years. How did you manage to keep the ship together?

Dwid: Don�t know. It’s just drive I suppose.

APESHIT: A lot of fans feel that your albums have changed their lives. What were the first albums that really changed your life when you were younger? How did you first started getting into heavy music?

Dwid: I was 13 and it was MÖTLEY CRÜE, Too Fast For Love.

APESHIT: Your lyrics have served as an inspiration for many people as well as serving as a standard for other bands to follow. What is your typical lyric-writing process? Do you do a lot of writing outside of INTEGRITY?

Dwid: Yes, I do a ton of writing. Lyrics usually evolve from a life experience.

APESHIT: Being a veteran of the scene, how would you say that things have changed from when you first started getting into it? How do you feel about hardcore reaching an all time high in terms of popularity and exposure in the mainstream?

Dwid: I think it’s cool.

APESHIT: You guys are about to hit the road with ON BROKEN WINGS and THE AGONY SCENE for a month-long U.S. tour. Are you guys planning on doing extensive touring in support of To Die For?

Dwid: Yes, we are on that tour right now.

APESHIT: What’s the lowdown on your active side project bands? What can fans expect from the upcoming SLEDGEHAMMER EP?

Dwid: It�s a really fun band to do. Steve at Martyr Records is awesome. I am finishing the record next month with SLEDGEHAMMER. We are doing an amazing video. It�s gonna be hilarious!

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