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BEHEMOTH Studio Report; New Video Now Available

January 5, 2007

Polish extreme metal titans, BEHEMOTH, are currently hard at work in the studio tracking their much-anticipated new album, The Apostasy, which is currently set for a summer release. The new effort is being recorded in the band’s hometown of Gdansk with Nergal (vocals, guitars) and longtime sound engineer Malta in the producers’ chairs. Nergal checks in with the following news: “We’ve never been in better shape as a band. We spent three months preparing to record this album with no breaks, rehearsing four to six hours a day. Inferno has just completed the drum tracks. I must say Inferno is really dedicated to the whole project. He’s doing the most intense physical work in this band, and he’s easily at the top of his game right now. “I remember Inferno trying to nail one song several times, and none of the versions seemed to be good enough. Then he took another take, and it sounded pretty amazing. I told him we could leave it as it is, as it was already pretty good. But the question was if we want it pretty good, or if we want it amazing. His answer was immediate: ‘Delete it. I can do it better; and he did just that.” Malta further states, “I’ve never seen this band that well-rehearsed and ready for the recording. Inferno finally is playing on his own drumkit (Spaun), which was tested live several times on the recent tour. He knows exactly what to get out of it.” Inferno also seems to be really happy with the results of his work. The whole drum session took about 10 days, in addition to a week of setting the right sounds and testing different microphones. Inferno says, “Before entering the studio, we pretty much had everything ready to go. There were no doubts whatsoever. I’m more than sure this is by far my best drum arrangements ever. This is my life’s work.” This week, BEHEMOTH starts laying down guitar tracks. Check out the the second video installment from The Apostasy recordings here.