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BIOMECHANICAL Complete Cannibalised; Advance Track Online Now

September 6, 2007

UK epic-thrash metallers BIOMECHANICAL have announced the completion of their upcoming release Cannibalised, mixed by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST). The band have posted an exclusive advance track entitled “Fallen in Fear” on their MySpace page for fans to get a taste of what to expect from the hotly anticipated release, currently streeting in February 2008.

To listen to the track and for an exclusive sneak peak of the cover go to

BIOMECHANICAL frontman John K, who recently recruited new members Jonno Lodge (drums) and Gus Drax and Chris Van Hayden on guitars, had this to say about the Cannibalised project which is the closing chapter of the story which began with their 2003 debut release 8 Moons.

“There are no compromises on this album. It’s Metal without boundaries and as much energy as we could possibly deliver. Cannibalised brings a dark closure to the debut and the Earache released album The Empires of the Worlds.

”All the elements of the other albums are there but with a much heavier sound and more aggression. The songwriting follows the emotional pull of each individual track, going from heavily orchestrated tracks to full-on Metal. It was a long journey getting this album done but now it’s completed with the help of Chris Tsangarides and Jon Ashley with whom we finally managed to deliver Cannibalised. From the Cover Art side of things Nat Jones has astonished us once again! Huge thanks go to these guys and looking forward taking this album on the road!!”