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Ex-BIOMECHANICAL Members in New Band, SOLSIKK, Post Songs and Update

January 31, 2009

Former members of U.K. metallers, BIOMECHANICAL, Chris Webb (guitar) and Matt C. (drums), have unveiled songs from their new band, SOLSIKK, on their MySpace page. The band was formed in 2006 by Webb and Vykki Turner (vocals).

Here’s an update from Matt:

“It’s been a long time coming.

“It’s hard to believe that the demos we punched are nearly 2 years old and while we’re both grateful and surprised by how well these were received, they really needed playing in, so we thought it time enough to update these and give you fuckers the ‘real deal’.

“Speaking from a personal perspective, its really been a great, fun and rewarding process working, playing and recording with new (and old) bandmates, and more importantly, has helped re-affirm a lot of the passion previous efforts seemed to have depleted and undermined over the years.

“Having spent the last year and a half writing new songs, I can honestly say that we are all extremely happy with what we have put together. It has all been a very natural, organic and enjoyable affair, devoid of tension or subject to any precious egocentricities, and mostly fuelled by cheap imitation energy drinks, cold Ginster’s, ‘Happy shopper’ chilli snacks, the occasional few litres of Russian inspiration and jokes at either mine or Vykki’s expense!!!

“(thanks Mark, you ****!)

“We’ve done 8 tracks in total so far, and while we’d love to give you the lot, you’d have no reason to pick up an EP or check out these other stonkers at one of our forthcoming live shows now, would you?

“Recording seemed to take no time at all, and while I am sure Chris (who produced it) can testify to the contrary, in realistic terms, the tracks flowed beautifully and we were all amazed at how quickly everyone’s parts were laid; which I can only put down to the feeling everyone put into this. We hope you spot it too!

“So, metal, rock, pop, pop-metal, pop-rock, rocky-metal, heavy rock, soft metal…whatever hook you want to hang it on….here it is.

“Enjoy it. If not, just go listen to something else.”

Check out the songs: