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DARK TRANQUILLITY Announce Details About Where Death is Most Alive DVD

August 21, 2009

Gothenburg, Sweden’s DARK TRANQUILLITY have announced details about their upcoming DVD, Where Death is Most Alive. Here is official word from the band:

“After a lot of work, we’re proud to announce that the ‘Where Death Is Most Alive’ DVD will see the light of day on October 26th, 2009 in Europe and November 17th, 2009 in North America via Century Media Records. This little baby took quite some time to deliver, but when you’ll see the scope and quality of the material, you’ll understand why it wasn’t done over a fortnight.

“Our first official DVD, ‘Live damage’ (2002), was OK for its time, but hardly spectacular, so this time we wanted to make sure that we could offer people something more substantial that would live up to the high expectations. For the main feature, we had our headline show in Milano last October professionally documented by Finnish production company Vasara Films. As expected, they did a stellar job with both the filming and editing and really managed to capture the vibe of the evening. Italy is home to some of the most devoted and enthusiastic D.T. fans on earth, something which is very obvious from the footage. The show is the longest one in D.T. history (and one of the very last concerts held at the legendary Rolling Stone club), and features a guest performance by Nell Sigland on ‘The Mundane and the Magic’ and ‘Insanity’s crescendo’. For the mixing, we once again let Tue Madsen work his magic at his Antfarm Studios in Denmark, and the result is simply amazing.

“In addition to that, Village Road films have put together ‘Out Of Nothing’, a true stroll-down-memory-lane documentary about the band. All current members as well as Michael Nicklasson (ex-bass) and Fredrik Johansson (ex-guitar) are interviewed, and a host of people from the early Gothenburg scene share their anecdotes and memories. Among others, Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES, GROTESQUE etc), Anders Iwers (TIAMAT, CEREMONIAL OATH) and Fredrik Nordström (Studio Fredman) appear in the film, which spans for approx. 47 minutes.

“The DVD will also mark the premiere of the ‘Misery’s Crown’ promo video, shot earlier this year by Roger Johansson and Vasara Films. All our other promo clips from recent years are featured as well.

“Furthermore, we undertook some extensive detective research, raiding our old homes to dig up long forgotten VHS tapes from the archives. A surprisingly large amount of footage was found, most of which never even got spread through the tape trading network at the time. In total, the “Live Archive” portion of the DVD features 21 tracks with a strong emphasis on old (’Skydancer’ and earlier) material including some real rarities. Most of these songs were only performed live a handful of times, as shows weren’t that frequent back then. Two of them (’Soulbreed’ and ‘The Dying Fragment Of An Elderly Dream’) are actually the only D.T. songs that were 100% completed but never recorded properly in studio. Both were written in the autumn of 1991.

“To conclude - we’re damn proud of this release, and more than sure that it will satisfy the high expectations of both old and new fans alike. Here’s to the next 20 years!

“More news including full track listing to be posted shortly.