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DARK TRANQUILLITY Part Ways With Bassist

August 24, 2008

Swedish metal band, DARK TRANQUILLITY, have announced that they have parted ways with their longtime bassist, Michael Nicklasson. The band and Nicklasson, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year, maintain that the separation is amicable. Here’s a statement from Nicklasson:

“After almost 10 years and tons of tours and festivals, I chose to leave D.T. for personal reasons. It’s been so cool all this time to meet all the people and the tons of fans around the world, and all the friends that I got during this amazing journey - crew, fans and all the people I (we) worked with. I can’t name everyone, as the list would take up all the space on the web site, but I’m going to miss all of you that worked and supported us (me) during these years, but this is the right thing to do, I really need a break.

“There are no hard feelings in the band, it’s a thing that we all felt was the best for D.T. Now I’m going to kick back for a while, and then I’ll see what’s in the future for me. I wish the best for the rest off the boys in my old crew, and to all: I’m coming back in one way or another……thanx to all off you! Cheers!”

The band will continue to perform all shows as scheduled with an as-yet-unnamed session bassist.