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Listen to TURBONEGRO's New Album Retox!

June 9, 2007

TURBONEGRO’s forthcoming new album, Retox, has been posted for streaming in its entirety on the band’s official MySpace page:

The new album is scheduled for various released dates throughout the world–June 11, 2007 in Norway, June 13, 2007 in Sweden, June 15, 2007 in the rest of Europe (excluding the UK), June 23, 2007 in Australia, July 9, 2007 in UK, and finally August 14, 2007 in the U.S.

The full album tracklist is as follows: 1. “We’re Gonna Drop the Atom Bomb” 2. “Welcome to the Garbage Dump” 3. “Hell Toupée” 4. “Stroke the Shaft” 5. “No, I’m Alpha Male” 6. “Do You Do You Dig Destruction” 7. “I Wanna Come” 8. “You Must Bleed/All Night Long” 9. “Hot and Filthy” 10. “Boys From Nowhere” 11. “Everybody Loves a Chubby Dude” 12. “What Is Rock?!” 13. “Back In Denim” (Special Edition Digipak bonus track) 14. “Into The Void” (Special Edition Digipak bonus track)