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Los Angeles MARDUK Show Moved to New Venue

November 24, 2009

As we tweeted a couple weeks ago, the Los Angeles area U.S. Plague Tour with MARDUK, NACHTMYSTIUM, BLACK ANVIL, MANTIC RITUAL, and MERRIMACK has been moved from the Key Club in West Hollywood to Salon Royal (Royal Hall) in downtown. The show is still scheduled for Friday, December 4th. Here’s an official statement from promoter, Church of the 8th Day’s spokesperson, Jordan:

“Since everyone has been asking, what and where the Royal Hall is, I wanted to explain, and send something out to clear things up. The Key Club canceled the show, about two weeks ago, leaving us just a few weeks to move it. Since we had two stages worth of bands booked, it was near impossible to move the show to anywhere in Hollywood, at a reputable club, as everything was already booked. We found a place in downtown, which is a banquet hall, and we are going to build it into a venue from the ground up, with two full stages and great sound, full bar, and a BBQ. There have been numerous events held there, including the Bestial Legion Fest. If you purchased tickets through one of the local bands, your tickets will still be valid at the new venue. If you purchased your tickets through TicketMaster, you should be receiving your refund any day. The Key Club said they will be issuing refunds, but they haven’t been responding to us about the progress of it, so if you’d like to call and find out, go ahead. You can now purchase tickets exclusively through our new ticketing website, We’re sorry about the confusion, and hope to see everyone there. More information can be found at”

The new location for the show, is the Salon Royal (Royal Hall) in downtown, located at 8637 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002 (Google maps). Parking is provided, with an entrance through the “Steel and Lube” entrance.